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Things To Keep In Mind While Setting Up A Milking Parlour

Good health helps to keep the spirit, mind, and body in a state of harmony. You will look good, feel better and live a better life by having a healthy lifestyle which is not at all a difficult task. Dairy products are also one of the keys of a healthy lifestyle. The danger of developing diseases can be reduced by consuming a healthy and balanced diet. Dairy products basically comprise of milk, yogurt, and cheese. These products are very healthy and full of nutrients. Apart from calcium and protein, they provide us phosphorous, potassium, vitamin A, B12, and magnesium.

Nowadays people are more conscious about fat content but you can very well use low-fat dairy items. There are many dairy product suppliers who supply low-fat products in the market. If you are planning to start a dairy farm there are many things that you should take into consideration. Dairy farms usually take a lot of money and capital to start up. Below are a few points that you should keep in mind while setting up a dairy farm -:

Research for species and breed – The most common dairy animals are cows, goats or water buffaloes and each one has many dairy breeds. Choose the breed and species you want depending upon the following aspects -:

  • Don’t choose that breed that can’t thrive in your climate
  • Check whether there is any local demand for that breed’s milk or not
  • Check how much money and time does it take to raise a calf to milk-producing age

Deciding a good source – Concentrated feed requires less labor but more money. Save on costs by supplementing the new farms with Management Intensive Rotational Grazing. Renting land is better than purchasing a new farm. Only you have to Wait until your farm is well-established and you no longer need the financial flexibility.

Creating a Breeding plan – Dairy bulls have a reputation for dangerous behavior. The safer option is paying bull’s service at a breeding time.

Study farming practices – If you don’t have dairy farm experience, then take some time to learn about breeding, manure management, calving, milking cows and crop management. Farming requires a great deal of time, work and knowledge, so walk into it with open eyes.

Capital investment – A farm requires a large one-time expenditure to get started. If you are buying an existing dairy farm, then it makes the task simpler and can save money if you’re willing to do some repairs yourself. Whether you are planning to buy or start it all yourself, then make sure you must have the following facilities -:

  • Milking parlor with stanchions
  • Feed and manure storage
  • Separate living space for calves
  • Equipment and equipment storage
  • Irrigation system for pasture
  • A sterile facility for storing milk, and for pasteurizing if required in your area

Finding a good source for animals – It’s important to inspect all dairy animals before buying, including several milk tests. The animal should be healthy and vaccinated against the diseases.

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milking machine

Milking Cows Manually Is An Old Culture Now Milking Machine Holds The Culture

In previous years, farmers milking the cows manually which took more time as compared to today’s system. That was a too difficult task because it was not easy to milking every single cow by hands. In the modern era, dairy farmers use robotic or automatic milking machine which gives them instant results.

These machines are too effective because you can simple milk the various cows at one without any pressure and without human labor. The automatic milking system is known as a robotic system which is useful for the milking process. In addition, these systems are useful to reduce manual labor because of these works automatically. This is the technique which is useful to save your time because you can simply be involved in any other work at the same time because these machines do not need any human force.

What is the working of automatic or robotic milking machine?

These automatic machines are worked with the help of detectors in which the machines attach the cups to the cow’s teats. Make sure all the cups are properly attached to the teats, if a cup is detached then, it will give you a warning and you should correct them immediately. After then this robotic machine strat its working.

These machines are useful because these give you effective functionality and also checks the shade and quality of the milk. In addition, if this machine finds anything wrong then it will immediately detect it and warned you to check the condition.

Advantages of robotic machines for milking process

These robotic machines offer you many benefits such as these are useful to improve the quality of life because of reduced manual labor demand.

Secondly, this will offer you the benefit of other subtasks, for example, detecting the errors in the containers as well, and milk quality. These systems are useful to increase the frequency of milk because it is useful to reduce the interaction of a dairy animal and human. Some times some of the dairy animals are afraid of human that’s why they do not give proper milk.

These milking machines also improve your work quality as well because these require very less time to milking as compared to previous days. Moreover, you can simply engage yourself in some other works, which will additionally save your time and extra efforts. Every dairy farmer appreciates this milking machines due to its functionality and working.

milking machine

Benefits of Milk Processing Plants

Milk is one of the most consumed product by people all over the world. For this, milk processing plant have been set up to fulfill the need of the customers. Even in the past few years, dairy equipment‘s have been developed a lot in our country. The researchers have worked really hard to make the quality as well as quantity of milk production even better in India. This is the reason why the need for the processing plant is increasing as it provides many benefits to the dairy farm owners.

  • Increase the opportunities

First of all, installing the milking machine on the farm which surely increases the productivity level. If your business is on a large scale the total number of activities which are needed to be performed are more. Additionally, if your business is on a small scale it will you can shift to large scale as it will provide your various opportunities.

  • 24*7 work

It is obvious that the worker will feel tired after working for some hours and they need rest. But if you have installed processing plant than the work will not get affected as the machines can be used anytime. So it means when it is peak hours the productivity will not get affected.

  • Faster results

Installation of processing plant means the results will be faster as well as on time. As the machines can be operated all the time so if there is an urgent need for the product than it will really benefit you. Moreover, the machines are installed with the best quality material and they are integrated with the latest technology.

  • Quality product

The milk which is sold in bottle and packets have to go through several before it is delivered to the customers for the final use. All the steps are carefully performed and evaluated with the help of processing plant on the dairy farm. These machines make sure that all the harmful bacteria and unwanted microbes are separated so that it is perfect for consumption.

  • Easy to clean

This also reduces the time to clean the machine which means less physical effort is required and you can focus more on increasing the productivity of the business.

  • Low-cost product

The machines are really advanced and all the latest features are combined in them. This is the reason it helps in making a good quality product at a low cost so that it is easily available to everyone.

  • Standards are followed

It is necessary that the milk’s nutritional value should be preserved in the post-handling process. Additionally, the milk should not be deteriorated by any biological or physical factor. For this, it is always kept in mind that to uphold the milk safety all the government and industry standards are followed.

milking machine

Proper Way to Milk A Cow With Machine

In the past years, dairy farmers usually milk the cow with hands but these days this is done by milking machines. Here, in this content, we are going to guide you on how to milk the cow and buffaloes in the proper way with milking parlour, dairy equipment, and machines.

In this modern era, the majority of farmers use advanced technology in order to milk the cattle. Due to milking machines, they are able to milk the cows easily. But in the previous years, farmers did all the dairy works with their hands. Which actually took more time and effort, whereas these days dairy machinery is useful to save time and effort as well.

If you are not aware of these machines you just meet us once and we will guide you about the milking parlour. Because we know the best techniques and proper way to milk a cow without much effort. Moreover, don’t rush to buy a milking machine or dairy machinery because the shape and size of these advanced techniques vary according to the size of the dairy farm.

How to Milk a Cow by Milking machine?

There are several ways to milk a cow with the help of a milking machine.

Check the milking machine prior to use

This is necessary to check your requirements and needs before buying the milking machine. You should only go with those machines which are durable and give you the long term benefits. After buying the machine, you need to check it prior to use. In addition to this, the milking machine requires proper maintenance and care as well. If you want to use it for a long time then it is necessary to maintain it properly.

Gently clean the udders and teats of the cow.

This is mandatory to clean the udder and teats of cows similarly as previous times. It means similarly as those persons who milk the cow with hands. This is necessary for quality milk and you can able to secure the milk of cows from the infections and germs.

Here are some other tips to milk the cow with machines.

Turn On The Machine

After cleaning you must turn on the machine for the milking process. You just check the pressure first before milking the cow.

Fix The Machine At Cow Teats

You should fix the machine at cow teats for the milking process. And start the machine for milking. You should also leave the machine for 5 minutes until the udder is full.

Turn off The Machine

After the milking process, it is necessary to turn off the machine. And then again clean the teats of cows in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Transfer The Milk Into Storage Units.

You should transfer the milk into storage units for the delivery process.