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How do milk meters help in effective monitoring and measuring of milk production?

Do you know how and why dairy farms are at ease? How are they able to manage the dairy plant?

Well! That is all because of the modern dairy farms which use advanced technology to boost effectiveness and productivity. Technological use stepped into the dairy sector through the milking parlors. The focus was on implementing consistent and proper milking methods to boost comfort, safety, and work productivity. Moreover, the milking machine price is fairly economical in India, and that too of the best quality. In addition, multiple cows can be milked simultaneously which helps in boosting dairy farm production.

What are milk meters?

Just imagine the scenario, where milking of multiple cows is done at one time. In such cases, it is important to measure milk production. Indeed it is essential to measure the total milk production of the entire farm and also calculating the yield per cow. To manage all this, milk meters were introduced in the milking parlors.

How do milk meters work?

Milk meters have sensors that help to understand the milk production per cow and for the entire unit. It is up to you whether you want to use it as a standalone tool or want to get it included in the larger herd & dairy management system.

NK Dairy manufactures the best type of AI-Based Milk meters which helps in checking the milk production by the yield indicators and flow sensors. Their installation is done outside so there is no way that these can affect the milk flow or block it.

Do milk meters affect the milking rate?

Their installation will not make any change to the milking rate. Their installation is easier on the milk lines and you can easily wash them. You can dismantle them from their place and you will be good to go.

Milk meters provide optimum data

With the milk meter, you will be able to get an accurate idea of the optimum milk production and also understand the profitability linked to it. Basically, with the smart milk meter it will be easier to check the following:

  • Assess the milk quality

  • Cow health because of the integrated milk sampler

Accurate information, Better work

There is no denying the fact that common dairy personnel cannot understand the data which the sensors have collected. Through AI machines, better decisions will be made.

Even in the case of less milk production by a particular cow, the alert will be triggered. This helps the dairy farmer to see what is wrong. The milk meters have the entire history of the average yield of the cow which makes it easier to compare whether the milk production is right or not.

Maintain the Milk Production

The dairy farmer will check the cow to make sure there is no problem. This way you will be managing the dairy farm productivity as all the time you can ensure that the herd health is right.

All in all, AI-based milk meters are advanced and their use can drastically change milk production to a great extent.

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