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What all do you have to know about the steam-heated mawa making machine?

The dairy business sector is getting huge attention and more business owners are planning to extend their milk processing plant. In India, people’s love for dairy food items is like having a bowl of cherries which makes their time even better. It would be right to say that trying your hands on the ghee plant is worth having additional benefits in a way that no one expected. One thing which has grabbed the attention of the dairy business owner is the Mawa making machine. The use of mawa is an important part of making Indian sweets and it is mostly used in everything.

Steam mawa making machine

With the steam mawa making machine it will include the triple wall and the innermost shell is made from the stainless steel plate which has a thickness of around 5mm and then the conical shell has milk, adjusting the spring pressure on the stirrer along with the spring cup.

With the T-3 phase electric motor there is a set rating of around Hp/440 V which is an effective choice for the stirrer cladding and it allows the covering for insulation material.

Modern and updated technology

At present, it is all about the use of the latest and best technology which changes the way work is done. In addition, the steam-heated mawa making machine is the best choice in the commercial area. Moreover, the latest machines provide with the exceptional facility which helps to save a lot of money on fuel and it can be a great choice for manpower. If we talk about the conventional method of making mawa then it was done in the Kadai (Bhatti) which takes a lot of time. It would be right to say that extra labor is needed to operate the same.

What is the need for modern mawa making machines?

In the present time, the steam-heated tilting type bottom comes along with khoya or mawa making machines. Primarily, the goal was to address the problem which came along with the conventional male-making machine.

The modern approach of mawa making machines is to come up with a method that has a non-tilting vessel and a top-driven stirrer. The modern approach has made the finished product removal much easier. To do this, the vessel has to be tilted and then a turning union is used. In addition, there is a need of something:

  • Fine features

  • Quick working

  • Easy to control

With the use of the modern mawa making machine, this choice is the ideal approach. To add to that:

  • Present machine for mawa making can help to save the fuel by around 40% to 50%

  • In addition, the machine is much better in terms of speed because of the fast-speed motor.

  • That’s not all, it is a great choice in terms of health and hygiene.

Final word!

With the latest approach, it is going to make it easier for the dairy farmer to have better control over the quality. If you would like to get your hands on the best and affordable mawa making machine, then get in touch with the NK Dairy team.

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