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Understanding Dairy Milk machinery

The milking process has evolved a lot in the past years. One of the changes which improved the dairy farming business is automated milking machines. These milking machines first came into the market in the 20th century. In this guide, we have shared information about the dairy machinery.

History behind milking machines

Dairy farming has changed a lot and for the better. Well, a lot of factors need to consider to choose the right kind of dairy machinery so that milk of good quality is produced. With technological advancement, many things came into existence which proved very beneficial. The milking tubes were very helpful for dairy farming. The machines proved very helpful in drawing milk from the cows.

Process of Automation

Until the 20th century, a lot of labor was there to use the milking machines. But once the automatic and semi-automated machines came into existence it helped the dairy owners a lot. This advancement included the introduction of teat spraying, cleaning, clutter removal, and milk extraction.

What are the various types of milking?

Different farms have different milk machines, according to the animal they have the machines are kept. Some of the machines are manual and some of them are automated. The machines are specially designed to milk sheep and goats. The machines include:

  • Dairy machines with a bucket system
  • In milking parlor, there is a dairy cow milking machine with pipe
  • Barrow type
  • Mobile milking machine

Milking Machine With Bucket System

This is the most used system from last many years. The farmer who has 100 to 150 animals use this system. In this case, the investment is very low and if you have a low number of animals then this option is best. The machine has:

  • Trap protection
  • Vacuum regulator
  • The bucket
  • Vacuum pipeline
  • The Vacuum pump

Barrow Type

The machine sits on the frame which has 2 to 4 wheels but it does not have a vacuum pipe. This type of machines can milk around 80 animals and this performance is better in comparison to bucket milking. In this, there is no need to get fixed equipment which makes it a great choice for extensive and semi-extensive farming.

Milking Parlor: Dairy Milking Machine With Pipe

With these types of machines, several cows can be milked which are from the specific parlor. Normally, their classification is according to the position of milker or into the parlor what is the method of entrance.

Mobile Dairy Cow Milking Machines

Mobility feature is very important which fixed machines cannot fulfill at some point. With this, the need for mobile equipment triggered which means it becomes easy to attend flocks in different parts.

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