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Different facts to know about cows.

Dairy farming is a type of agriculture dedicated to producing milk, Paneer, ghee and other dairy products from the care and feeding of the cattle, mainly dairy cows. The main focus of dairy farmers is managing the animals’ health, welfare and milk production to obtain the highest possible quantity and quality of the milk. For the preparation of ghee, planting of ghee plant can be beneficial.                                                       


What is the definition of Dairy farming? 

Dairy farming is a branch of agriculture encompassing the breeding, raising, and utilization of dairy animals, primarily cows, to produce milk and various processed dairy products. Milk for human consumption is produced primarily by the cows and the buffalo. The goat is a vital milk producer in China, India, and other Asian countries, as well as in Egypt. Goat’s milk is also produced in Europe and North America, but goat’s milk is relatively unimportant compared to cow’s milk. A khoya machine is beneficial to get good quality dairy products like khoya.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Facts about the cows. 

The following are some fascinating cow-related facts:

  • Social animals: Cows are gregarious and develop strong relationships with other cow herders. When separated from their companions, they frequently exhibit distressing behaviors.
  • Communication: Cows use a sophisticated system of vocalizations, body language, and even facial expressions to communicate with one another. They can express feelings of joy, satisfaction, or anxiety.
  • Grazers: Cows are herbivores that mostly eat grass and other plants. This makes them known as grazers. Their four-compartmented specialized stomachs allow them to break down complex plant material efficiently.
  • Ruminants: Since cows have a unique digestive system that enables them to ferment and break down cellulose in their diet, they are considered ruminants. Their specialized stomach compartments, the reticulum and rumen, are where this process occurs.
  • Production of Milk: The primary purpose of cow breeding is to produce milk. A dairy cow can yield between 6 and 7 gallons of milk on average per day, though this might vary based on the breed and the individual cow’s health.
  • Breeds: Cows come in various breeds, each having distinctive qualities. 
  • Intelligent Animals: Cows are incredibly wise and capable of solving complex puzzles. They can pick up duties and distinguish between different people and animals.
  • Calm Temperament: Cow cows are often quiet and kind despite their massive stature. On the other hand, if they perceive a threat or their calves are in danger, they may turn hostile.
  • Environmental influence: Because cows graze on the ground and emit methane during their digestive processes, they can negatively influence the environment. Efforts are being made to create sustainable farming methods to lessen these effects.
  • Symbolism: In many communities worldwide, cows are associated with culture. Some cultures view them as sacred or holy animals, while others view them as symbols of fertility, abundance, and sustenance.

Nowadays, advanced technology is used for dairy farming. If you are looking for dairy equipment in Ludhiana, then contact NK Dairy Equipments.

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Empowering Micro Food Processing Enterprises in India through PMFME

Micro food processing businesses (MFPEs) are crucial to India’s food sector since they support millions of people’s livelihoods and the nation’s economic development.

However, many of these businesses confront a number of difficulties, including a lack of access to cutting-edge technology and equipment, poor infrastructure, and a lack of funding.The Indian government introduced the PMFME scheme in 2020 to assist and empower MFPEs around the nation in order to address these concerns.

In this article, we will discuss how the PMFME scheme is empowering micro food processing enterprises in India, with a specific spotlight on the dairy sector and the role of dairy equipment manufacturers in India in this process, including the production of Khoya machines and Ghee plants.

What is the PMFME Scheme?

The PMFME (Pradhan Mantri Formalization of Micro Food Processing Enterprises) Scheme is a lead plan of the Service of Food Processing Ventures (MoFPI) sent off in 2020 with an all out expense of Rs. 10,000 crore.

The essential target of the plan is to formalize and modernize the sloppy micro food processing area in India by furnishing them with monetary help, specialized help, and admittance to business sectors. The plan expects to upgrade the seriousness of MFPEs and advance their development and extension, accordingly setting out business open doors and expanding ranchers’ pay.

Role of Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India

Dairy is an essential area in the Indian food industry, and it assumes a huge part in the nation’s economy. With the ascent sought after for dairy items in India and around the world, the requirement for current and proficient dairy equipment has become critical.

NK Dairy Equipments is one of the main dairy equipment manufacturers in India that works in the creation of Khoya machines, Ghee plants, and other dairy equipment.

The organization has been at the very front of giving imaginative and high-level dairy equipment to the Indian market and has been taking care of the necessities of little and medium-sized dairy homesteads and processors.

How PMFME Scheme Empowers Micro Food Processing Enterprises in India

Under the PMFME Scheme, micro food processing enterprises can profit from different advantages, including credit-connected sponsorship, awards for reverse and forward linkages, and normal offices like testing, bundling, and advertising.

The plan gives monetary help of up to Rs. 10 lakh to qualified MFPEs to set up their units and modernize their tasks. This help empowers MFPEs to gain new machinery and equipment, including dairy equipment, and overhaul their creation processes, subsequently upgrading their efficiency and proficiency.

Role of Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in Empowering MFPEs

Dairy equipment manufacturers like NK Dairy Equipments assume a significant part in empowering MFPEs under the PMFME Scheme. NK Dairy Equipments gives a scope of dairy equipment, including Khoya machines, Ghee plants, milk processing plants, and milk stockpiling tanks, among others, to MFPEs under the PMFME conspire.

The organization likewise gives specialized help and after-deal backing to MFPEs to guarantee the smooth working of their dairy equipment.


The PMFME Scheme has been instrumental in empowering micro-food processing enterprises in India by giving them fundamental monetary help and specialized help to modernize and formalize their tasks.

Dairy equipment manufacturers like NK Dairy Equipments play had an urgent impact in this cycle by giving excellent and effective dairy equipment to MFPEs and helping them in redesigning their creation processes.

With the PMFME plans proceeding with execution and backing from dairy equipment manufacturers, MFPEs in India can continue to develop and add to the country’s economic development.

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Be The Best Organic Milk Startup With NK Dairy Equipment

Did you know that India is the largest producer of milk in the world? We have almost 22 % share of global milk production. But nearly 68.7 % of the milk products they sell in the country do not match the standards that the Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI) laid down.

Besides that, adulteration is also an old age ongoing issue in India. In fact, in recent times, we have noticed new startups that have come across to solve the problem of quality with milk. They focus on quality over quantity and purchase the machines from reputable Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India, ensuring better production value. In Fact, many of those start-ups not only stress about the adulteration of free milk but also focus on what to feed the cattle for better milk production.

In this blog, we will focus on some of the organic Milk Startups.

You can also join the list by purchasing top-notch equipment for milk production and other products making machines such as Khoya Making Machine.

List Of Organic Milk Production Startups

     Happy Milk

Mehal Kejriwal, in December 2017, co-founded Happy Milk. Starting from scratch, now the team has its own farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru. This milk production company has around 400 cows. Currently, Happy Milk has been serving individual buyers. Some of the buyers include Foodhall, Nature Basket, and some others. They take orders in bulk hence the mass production. You can also take a monthly subscription through apps such as Daily Ninja, Amazon Prime, And Doodhwala.

Happy milk has partnered with the German Technology company – Gea. They help them to design its farm aspects such as where they should install the milking parlor or Ghee Plant, the location of the calves, pasteurization and homogenization expertise, the packaging process, and many other processes. Besides that, they have also helped Happy Milk install a Monitoring device, which is somewhat equal to a Fitbit wearable for the cows at the farm. At Happy Milk, the team grows the fodder organically (which is free from any insecticides and pesticides). They have also provided Happy Milk with a detailed diet chart for the cows, including the 11-odd food nutrients. It results in a healthy, complete diet for better and larger quality milk.

     The Milk India Company

Shilpi Sinha Founded The Milk India Company in 2018. It focuses on delivering raw and unpasteurized cow Milk. They are currently delivering to almost 600 families in Bengaluru. The Milk India Company mainly boosts the production of pure milk. They produce raw, unpasteurized, with zero processing and adulteration involved. On top of that, the National Dairy Research Institute Of India has certified it.

The Milk India Company focuses on delivering cow milk every morning to the customer’s doorstep in the glass bottle. They started the production with an initial investment of Rs. 11,000, and now they have clocked an annual revenue of Rs. 27,00,000 and Rs. 70,00,000 in the first two years of operations, respectively.  


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Milk Processing Equipment For Small Scale Dairy Farming Business

The best part about milk is that you can turn it into many different other products with the help of a processing unit. It is an excellent opportunity for those small dairy farming businesses that initially just used to offer milk to their customers. Now with better technology that you can get from the Dairy Equipment Manufacturers, you will be able to provide a broader range of options.

If you are a newcomer, you might be very confused about what kind of processing unit you require. It is a significant investment; you should definitely be cautious of all aspects. Fortunately for you, there is no need for a whole milk processing factory in order to serve different dairy products.

In this blog, we will talk about what you are required to do to build your own small-scale dairy processing unit.

After the processing equipment, you can also enhance your business by planting a khoya making machine in your dairy business and extending the profit.

Types Of Products Through Milk Processing Unit

These are some of the items that you can manufacture with the help of a milk processing unit.

  1. Cream
  2. Butter
  3. Pasteurized milk
  4. Yogurt
  5. Cheese
  6. Ice cream
  7. Fluid milk
  8. Buttermilk
  9. And other products

Importance Of Pasteurization

Most small farm processing units have to make their milk pasteurized as the authorities do not allow them to sell raw milk in the market. In order to obtain that outcome, the dairy farmers heat the milk in the pasteurizers (a special device for pasteurization) and then let it cool. With the help of this procedure, you will be able to cut off the diseases-causing microorganisms making the milk safer. Apart from that, with pasteurization, the shelf life of dairy products is also increased. This is the reason why the government wants both small-scale and large-scale dairy farmers to make their milk pasteurized.

However, pasteurization is not a compulsory thing to do in all countries; dairy farmers still continue to do so in order to increase their shelf life.

Milk Processing Unit For Small Dairy Farm

Let us take a look at the milk processing unit.

  • Milk tanks

The dairy farmer uses milk tanks, pre-stack tanks, interim tanks, and mixing tanks in order to store liquid dairy products. This process allows the products to stay fresh for as long as possible. This is the reason why they are a crucial piece of equipment for milk processing, as it will give you the possibility to produce fresh, high-quality, and safe products without any complications.

  • Pasteurizers

As we have already established, pasteurization is the core of the milk processing unit. They are basically equipment that will help you simplify the step for you. With a milk pasteurization machine, you will be able to heat the milk and keep it at a set temperature for a period of time. The unit also stirs the milk continuously and then lets it cool down to prepare it for further processing.

Final Comments

Contact NK Dairy Equipment for a high-quality milk processing unit for your dairy farm business. Extend your profit with new techniques.

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What is the need for dairy and food processing equipment machinery?


The dairy and food processing equipment & machinery are the important reason for the business success. The top-rated Dairy Equipment Manufacturers are coming up with the latest machinery and operating techniques for machinery to ensure the dairy business gets to work the best way possible. That’s why ensuring hygienic standards are top-notch for all dairy equipment and machinery.

Innovative methods of dairy machinery and equipment improve functionality

For the maximum efficiency and better production, the business is in a better state. Most importantly, that’s the possible reason for better consistency and optimum results. Innovative methods bring a lot of difference for a reliable solution and accurate product delivery. The Paneer Press Machine is known for producing it’s features like:

  • High efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ultra-hygienic standards
  • Lower operating costs
  • Operation for diverse workflow

Of course, this comes with the right choice to help in terms of upfront choice, and the investment goes the right way. With long-term investment, seeking something with the right price and the best possible consideration is essential.

Maintenance with greater ease and reduced maintenance uptime

Care is an essential part of investing in the long run. It’s a reliable choice that allows the downtime to be less. Moreover, the advanced technology means that fewer breakdowns help to make the utilization of resources much better. Additionally, the uptime level increases, which makes the profit level much higher.

One of the key factors is the maximum utilization of resources, and to the fullest, that helps the profits to be much higher. With inventory maintenance, there are dramatic results possible. For the dairy business owner, it’s essential to have the right resources and all the possible technical information. So, the important part is to select a dairy manufacturer who knows all about modern technology and service.

Ease in cleaning and sanitation

Hygiene is one of the primary parts in terms of maintenance. Otherwise, it can lead to greater contamination. The equipment should be of a higher degree to let everything in terms of premium results and better functionality. So, having something easy to clean and sanitize is extremely crucial for the ultimate success of the business.

Reduced operating time and makes overall functionality better

The equipment with a user-friendly approach plays paramount importance for the dairy business’s success. A greater level of technical understanding helps to simplify several possible things like:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Makes repair better
  • Fast changeover time
  • Troubleshooting gets ease

Do enough research and then make a choice

It’s important that you do enough research while making the necessary purchase. The dairy equipment manufacturer will help you get better clarity over everything and make it easier for the dairy business to choose something that’s effective in terms of overall quality.

Milk Processing

Deep Study On Milk Processing Equipment And Its Advantages

Over the course of time, we have seen significant changes in the processing and the working style of the dairy equipment industry. It started from the traditional set of dairy farming to the advanced and modern functioning of the equipment. Indeed, the dairy industry has seen a lot of evolution in the era of advancement and modernization.

In India, the dairy industry contributes to the second largest food industry if we count the revenue generation. The country gathers a lot because of its comfortable work processing and advanced machinery. And there have been the involvement of many factors in helping the evolution and improving the dairy industry and the Dairy Equipment Manufacturers for the better.

The milking machine has increased the ability to extract so much more milk from the cows generating a better supply for other dairy products. With the help of the development of milking machines and other dairy equipment such as milk analyzers, milk processing solutions, dairy processing, Khoya Machine, and ultra Kurien milk analyzer, the state of the dairy industry has changed for the better.

Advantages Of Using Advanced Technology

The manufacturer uses this milking machine to process the milk. This further results in making different dairy products, including butter, cheese, and cream. Some of the major advantages of these milking equipment directly lie in the aspect of time-saving. This enhances productivity and reduces time in packaging and labor cost while also improving the overall production.

In the upcoming years, the dairy industry will definitely get a lot of benefits because of the increase in efficiency-enhancing and automation technologies.

There are several dairy or milk processing units that compose homogenizers, milk pouch machines, dairy products, storage milk tanks, milk pasteurizers, soft drink packaging machines, milk pumps, refrigeration systems, industrialized homogenizers, and so on.

What Are The Essential Parts Of Dairy Equipment?

Because of the advancement in dairy equipment, we have seen a lot of reduced workload, making it less hectic for the people, resulting in less time consumption. There are some milking machines that have highly advanced functionality in them. They also compose several integral components, which are very vital for the operation of such machines.

Some of the most critical components of milking machines are:

  • Gauge
  • Teat Cups
  • Vacuum Tanks
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Regulator
  • Pulsator

What Is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization basically refers to the procedure of milk heating. They complete this task at an extremely high temperature so that it will omit all kinds of unhygienic and harmful components. Some harmful elements in milk include bacteria that can spoil the milk.

What Is Homogenization?

It is a second step in the milk processing unit. Homogenization is basically a technique in which the machine removes the fat content in the milk. Many people also call this process separation, and it is essential in crossing down the fat level.

What Is Packaging?

It is the final and last step where the packaging of the milk product happens with the help of auto-generated packaging. It happened based on the types of milk they were generating. After this process, the dairy farmer loads the container with the packaging milk packets for delivery purposes to other places.

dairy equipments Milk Processing

Factors that are boosting the global dairy processing equipment market

Increasing global dairy processing equipment market and proper segmentation

The dairy processing business is one of the most fascinating and in-demand options. The improvements and technological change help bring utmost convenience at every step. Moreover, it’s the most appropriate way of assisting the increasing demand in the market. The technologically updated and properly functioning Dairy Equipment set with the top-notch regulatory standards brings utmost convenience for the dairy business owner. No doubt, it’s about the long run as market analysis shows an increase of 4% last year.

Indeed! It’s about making the right prediction that works as a great choice for dairy business owners to set things in the right manner. The latest trends are worth telling that the market size makes everything appropriate. Moreover, the latest dairy equipment and machinery increase quality and food value. The key concern here is to get hold of the well-known Dairy Equipment Suppliers as they have availability of all the updated and effectively functioning machinery.

2018 to 2025, Bring an appropriate change global milking machine

The global milking machine includes everything top-rated and effectively functioning. The time between 2018 and 2025 will show several different things in the dairy business that nobody thought about. So, whether you want the Khoya Machine, paneer machine, or any other kind of dairy equipment, the top-rated suppliers and manufacturers can provide you with everything you have been looking for.

The in-depth study and analysis also bring extreme confidence levels for dairy business owners to set everything. Whether the dairy business owner has just started or wants to up their business game, the present analysis is worth everything.

 Bringing flexibility and better opportunities

The global milking machine market has everything that brings all things with a top-quality approach. All you have to do is get hold of a well-known dairy manufacturer who can ensure connectivity at every possible step and proper flexible tubing.

Not just that, the dairy milking machine system has become fully automated and semi-automatic, bringing convenience in all possible ways. Most importantly, the end-users should get a product that stands apart in terms of quality.

Different sectors in the dairy processing business

When you plan to set up your dairy business, you must ensure that everything is well-managed. Most importantly, there’s a proper process of milk extracted from various equipment like heat exchangers, homogenizers, and pasteurizers. So, for the dairy processing companies, it’s an important consideration to invest in milk processing machinery that drives higher growth and makes sure the business flourishes.

The demand for milk and milk products will always be high with the new and updated technology and methodology in dairy equipment and machinery.

Final word!

If you are confused about which one to get, then Nk Dairy Equipments is here at your service to make everything seem functioning properly and choose the most reliable machinery & equipment.

Milk Processing

Milk Processing Equipment For Small Scale Dairy Farming Industry

Milk is one of the most demanding products in the market. And the best part about milk is that it can turn out to become various other products with the help of processing. Let us take an example for a better understanding. You can make curd with milk through curd making machine and open a small dairy farm. This opens up new opportunities for those dairy farmers to offer a wider range of varieties to their customers with one main raw ingredient: milk. And do not worry, you would not require a whole milk procession unit to produce different dairy foods. This is why we have gathered some basic understanding about the small-scale dairy processing machine to help you.

Numerous Dairy Products Through Milk Processing

List of goods you can produce as a small-scale dairy farmer to enhance your dairy plant business.

  1. Cream
  2. Butter
  3. Pasteurized milk
  4. Yogurt
  5. Cheese
  6. Ice cream
  7. Fluid milk
  8. Buttermilk
  9. Ghee Plant
  10. And other products

All the small farmers process milk in the machine to make it pasteurized as it is not allowed by the law to not sell raw milk. To attain that, the farmer heated the milk in pasteurizers and then let it cool down for some time. This process helps in destroying the microorganisms which cause diseases by making the milk safe. Apart from that, pasteurization also helps in increasing the shelf life of all dairy products. This is the exact reason why the government has regulated an instruction to both small and large-scale dairy farmers to process their milk for pasteurization.

You are also liable to complete this part before you make other products from milk, such as khoya from Khoya Machine, to ensure a longer expiry date for the goods.

Milk Processing Equipment For Small Scale Business

Let us now look at all the equipment you can get to start your milk processing farm.

The dairy farmers use pre-stack tanks, interim tanks, milk tanks, and even mixing tanks in order to store any liquid dairy goods to keep them fresh for a more extended period of time. This is why it is an essential piece of machine that the farmer uses for milk processing if you are interested in making high-quality, safe, and fresh products. Given below is the list of equipment that you should have from a removed manufacturer for prolonged use and high-quality production with efficiency.

  1. Milk tanks
  2. Pasteurizers
  3. Separators
  4. Cream separators
  5. Butter churns
  6. Cheese presses
  7. Homogenizers
  8. Ice cream makers

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Small Scale Dairy Farm?

  • You will have the opportunity to produce higher-quality products with the help of homogenizers, pasteurizers, and even milk tanks. You will be able to improve your business graft.
  • It will be easy for you to clean all the machines without any hassle. By installing advanced technology, you will be able to maintain the machine easily without worrying about spending unlimited time cleaning the machine.

Contact us now and build your business.


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What’s the difference between skimmed milk and full-fat milk?

Skimmed Vs. Full-Mat Milk

The dairy industry is filled with all different dairy products. Under the said approach, it is difficult for individuals to figure out which sort of product to get. One of the most talked-about dairy items is skim and whole milk. The customer often gets confused about what to opt for. If you consider the difference from the business point of view, you have to know which type of  Milk Processing Equipment to ensure the work is carried out most reliably. Let’s make you understand better about both options.

Do you wish to take your business to a larger scale?

In that case, seek the right kind of khoya Making Machine, paneer making machine, cheese cutting and pressing machine, and all the other machinery to manage the dairy business in all the right ways. The business approach is all different when everything is carried out smoothly.

What are the benefits of skim milk?

One of the studies highlighted that saturated fat, and heart disease severity became more apparent with time. And this is where skim milk got a lot of attention. With ever-increasing cases of obesity, getting healthy options started gaining a lot of attention. That’s not all. The choice of a lower-fat diet gained a lot of attention to ensure the health is not compromised in any sense. If you choose to shift the intake from full cream to skim milk, it’s pretty evident that the calorie intake is limited.

That’s not all! Skim milk is filled with all the best vitamins and minerals that are effective for the overall body. There’s the right amount of Vitamin A & Vitamin D, which are all important for the body. Whether you talk about bone or teeth health, skim milk does help in many ways.

Is there anything negative about skimmed milk?

The milk intake needs to be equivalent to the rest of the diet. If skim milk is substituted, then all the unwanted bad nutritional choices must be taken out of the diet. This way, the necessary improvements are made to make it all likely to stand apart.

There might be few who say full fat is the best choice as skim milk can taste not the best. Moreover, some children prefer high-fat milk in all possible ways, and they have seen weight gain because of having increased saturated fat calories daily.

More likely, it’s because of the fat contribution present in the same in terms of making it all effective and helping to make the overall energy levels go higher and higher with time.

Milk is an important part of the daily diet

One cannot neglect the fact milk is a vital part of the daily diet. The presence of all essential protein and minerals in the daily diet makes a difference in making sure nutritional quality is higher. No matter what you wish to add to the diet, it will make a difference.

Milk Processing

Why is the demand for food processing equipment in India increasing?

Do you own a dairy business?

Are you someone who likes to do or choose things with increasing demand?

Indeed! That’s a great way to run the business. One such factor that you should consider and work upon for your business is to get the latest options for Milk Processing Equipment. WHY? Let me make you familiar with the same.

Diverse India with diverse need

India’s diverse geography is one of the major reasons for every individual having different demands. It’s knowing correctly which climatic zone you are in or directed towards to get the necessary dairy product accordingly. Diversity is one of the major factors of having a variety of fruits, vegetables, and crops. In India, the demand is not only seen for food products even milk and dairy products are seen in huge demand.

Managing the demand and supply chain

The all crucial step is to manage the ever-increasing demand. Like during the festival season, the demand for khoya is the highest. So, if you are planning to set up your dairy plant, you can add in the khoya Making Machine to make profits and ensure the supply & demand chain is fulfilled by all means.

It’s true it’s all about the latest invention and using that to the fullest. When you talk about food processing, it’s of utmost importance to manage the food security level in all ways.

Food processing equipment and its ever-increasing demand

There is a different kinds of food processing equipment in increasing demand. Some of them are processing machinery and processing systems. The main purpose of using this machinery is noticed for different aspects like:

  • Handling food
  • Preparing food
  • Cooking food
  • Storing food
  • Packaging food

Automated and precision makes functioning better

While the milk processing business is operated, the utmost importance is given to maintaining quality and keeping safety factors on top-notch. It’s all about hygiene because the consumer uses milk and milk products. So, there’s no way any chance of error and problem can be left in there. Technological advancement has made sure there’s effectiveness in every step of the work. The processing equipment includes the pipes, transmitters, digital sensors, tanks, and tubes to ensure everything is managed and done reliably.

Are you looking for dairy machinery?

If you are looking for dairy machinery or equipment with all the latest technology and inventions, then get hold of NK Dairy Equipments to choose the most reliable option to let your dairy business run smoothly and effectively. If there is any specific requirement, then make sure to tell the team about the same in the first place.