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Be The Best Organic Milk Startup With NK Dairy Equipment

Did you know that India is the largest producer of milk in the world? We have almost 22 % share of global milk production. But nearly 68.7 % of the milk products they sell in the country do not match the standards that the Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI) laid down.

Besides that, adulteration is also an old age ongoing issue in India. In fact, in recent times, we have noticed new startups that have come across to solve the problem of quality with milk. They focus on quality over quantity and purchase the machines from reputable Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India, ensuring better production value. In Fact, many of those start-ups not only stress about the adulteration of free milk but also focus on what to feed the cattle for better milk production.

In this blog, we will focus on some of the organic Milk Startups.

You can also join the list by purchasing top-notch equipment for milk production and other products making machines such as Khoya Making Machine.

List Of Organic Milk Production Startups

     Happy Milk

Mehal Kejriwal, in December 2017, co-founded Happy Milk. Starting from scratch, now the team has its own farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru. This milk production company has around 400 cows. Currently, Happy Milk has been serving individual buyers. Some of the buyers include Foodhall, Nature Basket, and some others. They take orders in bulk hence the mass production. You can also take a monthly subscription through apps such as Daily Ninja, Amazon Prime, And Doodhwala.

Happy milk has partnered with the German Technology company – Gea. They help them to design its farm aspects such as where they should install the milking parlor or Ghee Plant, the location of the calves, pasteurization and homogenization expertise, the packaging process, and many other processes. Besides that, they have also helped Happy Milk install a Monitoring device, which is somewhat equal to a Fitbit wearable for the cows at the farm. At Happy Milk, the team grows the fodder organically (which is free from any insecticides and pesticides). They have also provided Happy Milk with a detailed diet chart for the cows, including the 11-odd food nutrients. It results in a healthy, complete diet for better and larger quality milk.

     The Milk India Company

Shilpi Sinha Founded The Milk India Company in 2018. It focuses on delivering raw and unpasteurized cow Milk. They are currently delivering to almost 600 families in Bengaluru. The Milk India Company mainly boosts the production of pure milk. They produce raw, unpasteurized, with zero processing and adulteration involved. On top of that, the National Dairy Research Institute Of India has certified it.

The Milk India Company focuses on delivering cow milk every morning to the customer’s doorstep in the glass bottle. They started the production with an initial investment of Rs. 11,000, and now they have clocked an annual revenue of Rs. 27,00,000 and Rs. 70,00,000 in the first two years of operations, respectively.  


milk plant Milk Processing

What’s the difference between skimmed milk and full-fat milk?

Skimmed Vs. Full-Mat Milk

The dairy industry is filled with all different dairy products. Under the said approach, it is difficult for individuals to figure out which sort of product to get. One of the most talked-about dairy items is skim and whole milk. The customer often gets confused about what to opt for. If you consider the difference from the business point of view, you have to know which type of  Milk Processing Equipment to ensure the work is carried out most reliably. Let’s make you understand better about both options.

Do you wish to take your business to a larger scale?

In that case, seek the right kind of khoya Making Machine, paneer making machine, cheese cutting and pressing machine, and all the other machinery to manage the dairy business in all the right ways. The business approach is all different when everything is carried out smoothly.

What are the benefits of skim milk?

One of the studies highlighted that saturated fat, and heart disease severity became more apparent with time. And this is where skim milk got a lot of attention. With ever-increasing cases of obesity, getting healthy options started gaining a lot of attention. That’s not all. The choice of a lower-fat diet gained a lot of attention to ensure the health is not compromised in any sense. If you choose to shift the intake from full cream to skim milk, it’s pretty evident that the calorie intake is limited.

That’s not all! Skim milk is filled with all the best vitamins and minerals that are effective for the overall body. There’s the right amount of Vitamin A & Vitamin D, which are all important for the body. Whether you talk about bone or teeth health, skim milk does help in many ways.

Is there anything negative about skimmed milk?

The milk intake needs to be equivalent to the rest of the diet. If skim milk is substituted, then all the unwanted bad nutritional choices must be taken out of the diet. This way, the necessary improvements are made to make it all likely to stand apart.

There might be few who say full fat is the best choice as skim milk can taste not the best. Moreover, some children prefer high-fat milk in all possible ways, and they have seen weight gain because of having increased saturated fat calories daily.

More likely, it’s because of the fat contribution present in the same in terms of making it all effective and helping to make the overall energy levels go higher and higher with time.

Milk is an important part of the daily diet

One cannot neglect the fact milk is a vital part of the daily diet. The presence of all essential protein and minerals in the daily diet makes a difference in making sure nutritional quality is higher. No matter what you wish to add to the diet, it will make a difference.

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What are the options to preserve milk and milk products from microbial spoilage?

Now, it is true that milk and milk products are mostly consumed by Indians. No doubt, it is filled with all the essential nutrients which a human body needs. But, the milk must be preserved in the right manner so that it does not get affected by microbial spoilage. In the best dairy plant, all the possible efforts are taken so that the milk reaches the user in the right manner. So, if you are planning to start your milk plant, then it is of utmost importance that you manage the nutritional properties of milk & protect it from getting it. Therefore, you must buy the best kind of milking machines and equipment. At Nk Dairy, we have a wide variety of equipment and machines. If you would like to know about the milking machine price, then get in touch with our team.

How to preserve milk and milk products?

Here are some of the heat treatment methods which are used at the dairy farm:

  • Thermisation

One of the most common methods to preserve the milk qualities. In this case, the milk is heated for 15 to 20 seconds at a low temperature of %7 to 68 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is growing rapidly at < 6 °C. This method is effective in preventing milk spoilage which can occur due to bacteria. However, this treatment method is not an effective choice for eliminating pathogens. So, this treatment method aims to extend the milk shelf-life and prevent bacteria growth.

  • Pasteurization

This method helps preserve food in which the heat is lower than 100° at one point in time. The count of pathogens will be less with time and milk shelf-life is extended. The process of pasteurization can get a number of bacteria like:

  • Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bacillus cereus
  • Lactobacilli.

There are 4 main types of milk pasteurization and with each of them, the time and temperature to heat will vary. It includes:

  • Vat pasteurization & Low temperature
  • Ultra-Pasteurization
  • Ultra-High Temperature
  • High Temperature/Short Time
  • Sterilization or UHT

Sterilization is a method for preserving food which includes heat application and at one point of time the temperature is 100° and then the bacteria is killed after the packaging comes in air-tight containers/ basically, this mild type can be stored at room temperature for a long period. With this, there are 2 methods which include:

  • Conventional method or In-bottle sterilization
  • Aseptic method or UHT method

With this method, the milk and milk quality is given importance so that it can be stored at room temperature for a long time.

  • Dehydration

With dehydration, the water is removed from the milk through heat application and under controlled conditions through evaporation. The water milk activity is reduced so that milk does not get spoiled. In addition, the nutritive qualities are given utmost importance.

Final Word!

So, if you are running a dairy farm, then it is important to carefully follow the heat treatment method to prevent milk spoilage and give the customers a quality product.

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What is the role of the milk processing plants? Where should you buy the machinery?

The food processing industry would not be able to provide the customers with the best output and desirable products if the milk processing plants would not be there. These plants include equipment like milking machines and various other processing oriented machines which help to carry out the required milk processing operations. Usually, the dairy plants also include the activities of milk processing. This has been the predominant reason why the dairy plant owners often ask for the milking machines prices.

Be Careful

No doubt, you will get to experience so many manufacturers of dairy equipment. But you are supposed to choose the one which has a good market reputation. Along with that do not forget to consider the points like the trustworthiness and the quality of the machines.

  • If you want to enjoy all such benefits from one equipment provider, then you are suggested to count on the NK dairy equipment.

  • In a milk processing industry, usually, all kinds of machinery are supposed to help you with the performance of the operations like the processing, storing, pasteurizing, packaging and the preparation of the milk for the supply.

  • NK Dairy equipment providers take pride in offering the customers the turnkey solution for the various processing plants.

Do you know?

The name of our company is taken among those equipment providers which are recognized for rendering the quality services not only in India but in the foreign countries as well.

Top-Notch facilities

The dairy processing plants provide various brilliant service rendering equipment.

Following are the predominant reasons why you should be installing the milk processing plants:

Systematically planned processing

NK Dairy provides only the equipment which will help you with the systematic processing of the food items. The results of using such machines have always come out to be efficiently organized plants.

High-Performance Machinery

The basic requirement of dairy plants is the attainment of high-performance machinery. The tasks are accomplished without encountering any difficulties. It is accountable for easing the entire process.

Experienced people to guide you

When you visit us to buy a machine, then you will be guided by experienced people. They will guide you whether you will opt for the particular process or not.

Machines at the affordable prices

What more can you want if you are getting to enjoy the facilities of the machines which is making you glad about the highest productivity yielding processes?

Despite the cost-effective feature, you will get to enjoy the benefit of the guarantee and warranty.

The Timely Delivery

You will just need to place the order. The rest of the responsibility of making the machine delivered to you on time is completely ours.

Bottom Line

So when are you considering approaching us to get to know more about the machine which you are willing to buy?

Make sure that you are visiting us at the earliest as the dairy equipment are selling like hotcakes and we do not want to keep you waiting for long.

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How are automation and various technologies helping dairy plants to achieve success?

This era is approaching success in every possible field. So how could the dairy industry lag? The dairy industry is putting its steps forth in the direction of automation and a technology-driven atmosphere. A Dairy Plant is now a place where milk is processed and various dairy products are produced using high-tech automation techniques. Now every machine that helps to satisfy the dairy work comes under the category of dairy equipment. Let us discuss some of the quintessential points about automation in the dairy industry.

 ●     Accuracy and error free

Once the milk is reached the factory. Every machine gets excited to process it. Numerous machines support the processing of milk and help to obtain curd, cheese, or cream from that. All the processes need complete control of over-temperature conditions. These are done in a highly effective way when automation takes up the charge.

For example: Humans are prone to mistakes but machines work on commands. In many of our daily life activities, it takes place that the manual effort of doing something with less care ends up destroying the item. But if the machine is commanded to heat the milk at 45 degrees celsius for about 10 min. Then it will heat only up to 45 degrees celsius. Not one degree above nor below. 10 min means 10 min. It will stop functioning after the specified time. But human efforts in this regard will be appreciable but will be prone to many mistakes and blunders.

●     Reduction in human efforts

Automating manual tasks will reduce human efforts. It does not imply that human labor will not at all be needed. Of Course, it will be required. If human labor will not be present then who will operate and determine the functioning of the machines.

For Instance: When human labor was deployed for carrying out the work of churning the cream, then this work would take 1 hour for 5 kg of cream but when this work is done with the automation techniques, it would take half the time.

  • Hire the relevant employees

If one is focusing on heading to the industry fully and wholly automation-driven, then it is of utmost significance that you must hire the employees who are really suitable for your industry. They should be the people who have full know-how of every aspect of your machinery and techniques. Machinery is not the same with every industry.

Bottom Line

Once in a while it may happen, some human may fall ill and he is still working. That will spread the harmful toxins and bacteria in the milk and other products.

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What are the topmost tips for increasing the profit at your milk parlour?

Maximizing the profits at milk parlour

Being a dairy business owner, you must run your milk parlor in the best manner. It is important that whether it is dairy plant and cream separator it should be of the premium grade so that the milk and milk products are of the best quality. 

     Milk more often

When you milk more often it will benefit your business. With each cow, around 1 or 2 pounds will increase and others will gain around 10 pounds or more. Well, it tells that there are various opportunities your business can get with it.

To add a milking shift different factors are taken into considerations like pen size, parlor size, cow movement, and facility set-up.

     Utilize the time to the most

Insufficiency will waste time and your business might face losses. Make sure the employees get the tool that helps to carry out each task with perfection. Everything should be available in ample amounts so that the millers should not have to leave the place when they are doing something.

Make sure the milking equipment is checked to ensure the system is working correctly. Check the processing speed so that the work is carried out smoothly and the downtime is reduced to a great amount.

If you do not consider maintenance at the right time, then in the long run it will cost you a lot of money.

     Motivate employees

The focus needs to be put on competitive spirit and skills so that the final results are the best. You must set a goal that needs to be done in a single day. You should set the goal on how much milking should be done in one hour and then check-in intervals whether the work is given in the right direction or not.

Working in shifts will benefit your business to a great extent. Just make sure the plans you have implemented should be done in the right manner. The people who are working in the shift should be cleaning the equipment and ensuring everything is proper.

     Close the treated parlor

It is highly inefficient for the business to have small parlors for treated cows or milking fresh. If you try to do so, it will take too much time. The time which should be done in 15 minutes will take 1 hour which is not effective. The labor needs to spend extra time and labor to get things done.

     Make the cows move effectively

Your parlor might be on the top but the cow flow is not correct, which turns out to be a loss for your business. Make sure you have the right team who knows how to handle the animals and the movement is beneficial for the success.

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How business owners can choose between raw milk and dairy products?

If you are thinking of opening a milk plant business, then you should purchase highly-qualified dairy equipment depending upon the scale of the business.

It is observed that there are some things which you should consider before selecting the right way of operation that are mentioned below:

  • Consider the demand of the consumer

Before opening a farming business, you should check the demand for dairy products among your target audience. You should analyze and check which dairy product they are consuming more that will help you in earning the profits. But do not forget to check the rate of the products in the market. After analyzing, you should start buying dairy products related to it. Always remember customers are king and you should run your business by keeping their satisfaction in mind. If your consumer is happy that means you will be happy. Also, keep an eye on your competitors. You should also check what they are doing. It will help you in setting the price of your dairy product.


  • Keep rules and regulations in your mind

Dairy farming business comes in the food industry so you should keep a check on the rules and regulations of your country before opening a business. As many countries do not allow farming business owners to sell raw milk. They are allowed to sell pasteurized milk to the consumers. So you should be very careful while selling your milk directly to the customers. They should test their raw milk as well as they need a license to sell the milk. Make sure you are selling milk legally otherwise you will end up putting yourself in trouble.


  • Start selling Raw Milk

If you are opening a small scale business, then you should start selling raw milk if your country is allowing you. This is the easiest way to start your business. With time you can start selling dairy products after generating a good amount. But you make sure your cows are eating healthy food. They should be clean and stay in good condition. Then only cows will be able to give fresh milk.


  • Turn your milk into dairy products

You can convert your milk into dairy products. It will help you in earning more profits because you will be selling multiple products rather than selling one product. You can make cheese, buttermilk, and much more to avoid any wastage of milk. If you are thinking about how you will make then need not worry. There is numerous dairy equipment which will ease your work.

Bottom line

We hope that we have solved all your queries. If you are planning to open a farming business then do not forget to read the rules and regulations. And if you are searching for a place from where you can buy dairy products then get in touch with us.

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Is ultra-Pasteurized milk bad for your health or not? How is it made?

Some people say if you do not want to get sick then drink the ultra-pasteurized milk. This milk is safe for consumption whereas some of some people say that it kills all the good bacteria from the milk. And some people do not know the meaning of the word. If you are thinking of opening a milk plant then you should continue reading this article for gaining knowledge. So let’s find out the truth because, in this blog, we are going to talk about ultra-pasteurized milk in detail.

Ultra-Pasteurized Milk

To do the process of ultra- pasteurization you should buy specific dairy equipment that will help you in doing the whole process. During the process, the milk is heated at the temperature of 135C. You will be amazed to know that you can keep the milk for 3 months in your refrigerator. The milk heated on high flames will help you in killing the bacteria from the milk.

How can you identify whether your milk is ultra-pasteurized or not?

By checking the UTH label you will come to know the details of the milk. UTH stands for ultra-high temperature. You can also ask your farmers to tell you the method they use. Through this, you will come to know everything in detail.

What are the steps of Milk getting ultra -pasteurized

Various types of pasteurization are mentioned below:

Low Temperature

In this, the milk is heated at 63 C for 30 minutes. It increases the shelf life of the milk to 2 to 3 weeks.

High temperature

In this, the milk is heated to a high temperature of 72C for 15 seconds only. You can keep the milk for 30 days in your refrigerator.

Ultra-High temperature

Ultra-high temperature is also known as ultra pasteurization. In this, the milk is heated to 140C for 2 seconds only. Then the milk is packaged with hydrogen peroxide. It helps you in increasing the shelf life of your milk to 30 to 90 days.

These are the various steps that will help you in increasing the shelf life of the milk and you can store the milk for several days. While doing the process you need equipment that is mentioned below:

  • Thermometer
  • Pan
  • UHT Milk Processing
  • Pasteurizer

The taste of the milk will be different if you will compare the pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized milk. The taste of the milk will be enhanced and you are going to love the taste of the delicious milk. The ultra-pasteurized milk will be having 20% vitamins that are mentioned below:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Thiamin and so on.



Milk Pasteurization milk plant

What is the method, temperature and time required to pasteurize the milk?

Do you know it is banned in some countries to provide milk without doing pasteurization procedure? There are lots of disputes around pasteurization. So if you are thinking of opening a milk plant then, make sure you are selling the pasteurized milk. Also, make sure you are having different types of dairy equipment to make multiple varieties made out of milk such as cheese, butter and much more.

Milk Pasteurization

During milk pasteurization milk is heated for some time at a specific temperature. It is heated to kill all the germs as well as bacteria present in the product.

If you will consume raw milk, then there are chances you will experience some problems that are mentioned below:

  • Nausea
  • Puke
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Failure of kidney
  • Miscarriage

Above mentioned are the reasons why you should consume pasteurized milk. Some people are more vulnerable to the germs that are mentioned below:

  • Kids of 5years or below
  • Senior citizens
  • Women who are pregnant
  • People suffering from HIV, cancers and much more
  • People suffering from diabetes as well as heart problems

These are the group people who are more prone to getting affected on consumption of raw milk. This is the reason why the government has made some rules and regulations for the people who are running a farming business. To avoid any type of health issues make sure you are selling the milk after the pasteurization process.

What is the process of pasteurization?

There is a proper process of pasteurization which includes:

  • The person should need a double boiler.
  • Thermometer
  • You need a large spoon.
  • Ice- water

The foremost step should be done by you is cleaning the area where you are going to do the process. Also, make sure your hands, as well as jars, should be cleaned. You can also boil the containers for some minutes to sterilize. After cleaning, you should put water in the bottom of a double boiler. After that put milk inside it. You should make sure your milk is heating at low flames without burning from the bottom. You can use a thermometer to ensure that the temperature of the milk is under controlled. Keep your milk for sometime after reaching the desired temperature. Then put the whole milk in ice water to cool down.

What is the temperature for pasteurizing the milk?

There are two methods which you can select for pasteurization such as HTST and low temperature, ultra-high temperature.

You need to make sure that the temperature of the milk should be around 63 celsius for 30 minutes for low temperature. It is also known as VAT pasteurization.

HTST stands for high temperature, the short temperature in which you should make sure that the temperature of the milk is near about 72 celsius for 15 seconds only.

Ultra- high temperature needs 138 Celsius to heat the milk. Make sure you are keeping for 2 seconds only.

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What are the topmost tips to choose and use milk processing equipment?

Selecting the best milk processing equipment

In the milk plant, it is important to choose the best dairy equipment for the effective running of the business and get increased success. If you are running a dairy farm then have the top-quality milk processing equipment which makes the business best. The business owner can run the dairy farm effectively and you will be able to give the best services to the users.

If you have poor-quality, and cheap milk equipment then milk processing turns out to be dangerous and maintenance will be increased. You need to take the professional expertise so that the best milk processing equipment is working in the best manner. The farmers can maintain everything and they know what is an economical option.


What are the factors to choose the best milk processing equipment?

Given below are the factors to choose the best milk processing equipment for your dairy farm:

  • First of all, the space and size of any milk processing machine should be adjustable on the dairy farm.
  • The milk processing equipment which you are going to buy should be under your investment so that you maintain the additional features.
  • The machine should be faster and easier to perform the respective operation of milk.
  • All the machines used in the processing should be healthier and safe for the animals.
  • The milking equipment used in the processing should be easy and quick to clean.
  • Make sure to check the vacuum before all the milking machines.
  • The spare parts and moving parts of the equipment should be easy to repair or replace.


Best use of milk processing equipment

Milk processing equipment is the main part of the dairy plant. Different operations are performed so that the milk is stored, separated, homogenizing, pasteurizing, and many other things. The milking equipment plays an important role in dairy plants so that the milk products like yogurt, cream, butter, cheese, and many other options are made. If the equipment is used carefully in dairy plants then it leads to increased success for the business.

  • Milk tanks are used in the dairy business for storing and receiving raw milk, skimmed milk, or cream milk.
  • In the processing plants, the pasteurizers are used for different heat treatments so that the bacteria is killed and enzymatic activity is reduced and the products are served in the best manner.
  • Milk separators are essential equipment so that the final product is of the best quality and during the entire process destructive air is prevented.
  • In the milk processing plants, there is the use of homogenizer which helps to check the different texture and variety of the product. The taste is prevented and improved so that the milk products are safe for use.