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Complete Guide to Choosing the Ideal Dairy Equipment for Your Indian Farm

For many people in India, dairy farming is their way of life. But it might be daunting to choose the correct dairy equipments manufacturer because there are so many options. Indian dairy farmers can use this blog post as a guide since it outlines important considerations to make when selecting the machinery that best meets their needs.


Evaluating Your Farm’s Needs:

Recognising your unique demands is crucial before exploring the wide range of possibilities. Here are important things to think about:


Herd size: The kind and quantity of equipment needed is greatly influenced by the size of your dairy herd. While smaller farms may choose to use simpler equipment, larger farms with a greater number of animals will benefit from automation and sophisticated machinery.


Desired level of automation: An increasing number of Indian dairy producers are interested in automation. Select an automation level that fits your comfort zone, spending limit, and operational efficiency objectives.


Financial restrictions: The price of dairy equipment might vary greatly. Establish your spending limit in advance to help you focus on the most important equipment and reduce your options. For affordable heat exchanger plant installation, connect with renowned and affordable Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturers.


Important Milk Produce Tools for Indian Farms:

Milking machines: To maximise milk output, efficient milking is essential. Trust the best dairy equipments manufacturer to make sure the milking machines you choose put animal comfort and hygiene first. To guarantee gentle milking, think about using pulsators, which simulate natural calf suckling. 


Make sure the materials are food-grade stainless steel to avoid contaminating the milk. Milk after these can be used for multiple dairy products such as Khoya, paneer and more. 


Milk cooling tanks: It’s critical to maintain the milk’s quality. Purchase a milk cooling tank based on the size and volume of milk your herd produces. Maintaining the proper temperature of milk helps keep it from spoiling and increases its shelf life.


Feed equipment: Providing adequate nutrition to your herd is critical for milk output. Equipment like chaff cutters, feed buckets, and mixing machines can help speed the feeding process and guarantee your animals receive appropriate nutrition.


Additional considerations:

Cattle management software: Technology is transforming dairy production. Investigate herd management software that can track animal health, milk production data, and other important information.


Water pumps and storage: Access to clean water is critical for both your animals and cleaning procedures. Invest in dependable water pumps and storage solutions to ensure adequate hygiene on your farm.


Finding the Right Equipment Suppliers:


India has a thriving market for dairy equipment manufacturers. Conduct extensive research to locate reliable suppliers who provide high-quality equipment at competitive costs. Look for companies that offer after-sales service and readily available replacement components.




Prioritise quality: While price is important, consider the quality and durability of your equipment. Investing in durable machinery ensures efficiency and reduces the need for regular replacements.


Seek expert advice: Consult with experienced dairy farmers or agricultural professionals for advice on picking the best equipment for your farm’s unique requirements.


Indian dairy farmers may make informed judgements when purchasing equipment that optimises milk production and farm operations by carefully analysing their needs, researching available options, and prioritising quality for quality and energy-efficient operations. 

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Dairy industry is seeing skyrocketing benefits from automation process

Benefits of automation in the dairy industry

The term automation has become a major part of our lives. Indeed! No one would have imagined the way automated processes would have made all of our lives much easier. Be it on a professional or personal front; automated functioning plays a key role in transforming all of our lives for the better. Additionally, automated functioning is seeing higher preference among Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India to ease the overall working.

The method of automation has made the process streamline, ensuring better control. Moreover, it’s the entire process has gotten ten times better with the automated functioning. So, if you are planning to start your Ghee Plant, then it’s better to add the option of automated functionality to see the business giving better results.

Are you in search of a Khoya Making Machine?

Well, it’s better that you look for machinery and equipment with advanced and inventive technology for smooth operation. If you are wondering which choice to go for, then you better get assistance from the top-rated manufacturer to choose the most reliable approach.

Enlist the inventive solutions offered by the automated dairy system

The method of automation has made all of our lives much easier and more manageable. With that said, it’s the different solutions available with the automated dairy system to offer greater ease and benefits:

  • Automatic and Manual Milking System
  • Milk cooling
  • Dairy Herd Management
  • Production
  • Performance Monitor Reports
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting or Budgeting
  • Inventory
  • Security
  • Tracking
  • Breeding/Health offering the lifetime reports
  • Feed or Manure Management

Benefits of automation in the dairy business

Automation in the dairy industry has revolutionized everything, and here are some of the major benefits that tell about the same:

Benefit 1: Uplifts the food safety

The method of automation has allowed us to reduce direct contact with humans. As there’s no need to press just a single button, and things are done on their own. So, this approach makes a huge difference and reduces the risk of foodborne illness. All in all, the chances of encountering a hazardous situation are extremely less.

Benefit 2: No hampering with food quality

Most importantly, there’s a consistent approach used to keep the food quality higher and on a top-notch level all the time. The automation keeps the work flowing and in a streamlined manner that ensures the quality stays the same on all levels.

Benefit 3: Alleviates the production capacity

One of the researches has shown that overall efficiency is much higher in terms of automation, and it can reach the level of 90%. Most importantly, the consistent and accurate approach. So, it’s the overall efficiency that’s much higher with the right balance and strategy that’s obtained through automation.

Benefit 4: Make it easier to trace everything

The factor of traceability is the biggest factor offering better results. That means everything is easy to look up to and allows us to make the approach much better with time. All in all, in different states, it’s the method and working that makes the dairy business shine away.

Get in touch with the team to discuss all your concerns.
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Dairy equipment safety: The most crucial for the business success

Are you planning to begin the dairy business?

Well, for it’s a safe and sound approach, your business needs the right functionality right from the start to make every step of the process function effectively. In that case, you need the assistance of the best Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India to seek the most inventive and modern approach-based dairy machinery to ease the overall operating mechanism. But, in all this, it’s essential to seek the proper safety measures. Otherwise, it can pose a huge risk to the life of individuals working on the dairy farm. So, all the equipment & machinery need to be well equivalent to make it seem right on all possible levels.

Keep workplace safety on a top-notch level

The worker’s safety should be of prime importance to the dairy business owner. Whether it’s the ghee plant or milk plant, don’t neglect any state at any cost. It’s the health and safety of all the employees working in the surrounding that should be given utmost importance. If there a workplace accident that affects not just it’s the overall functionality of the dairy business but many other factors that are impacted:

  • Lost work time
  • Employee morale
  • High insurance premiums
  • Repairing & replacing equipment

And that’s why it’s important to keep the workplace safe and secure to ensure the working conditions are managed to a superior level. So, to reduce the accident rate, it’s extremely crucial to keep safety on a top-notch level all the time. Enforcement of the safety rules, whether it’s using the khoya making machine, ghee plant, milk plant, paneer pressing machine, or other dairy machinery, there has to be the right approach & methods to limit the overall hazard rate in the dairy business premises.

Develop the right kind of safety norms

The right methods of safe operating procedures should be included to make the functioning effective and manageable. So, here are a few safety norms that you should include:

  • Make it the practice to have seat belts and roll-over protection to facilitate the employees having an additional layer of safety.
  • Before making any adjustments to the machinery or equipment, you need to check all the necessary details to make the necessary difference towards the same for seeking effective overall results.
  • Make sure there’s the right maintenance approach on all safety guards and devices all the time. Get the PTO shields, PTO shaft guards, cowlings, safety switches, etc.
  • Keep the travel speed on the right level so that everything required is appropriate and working correctly to make the roadways and flashers warning lights to work all the time correctly.
  • If there’s anything that’s not right or might have the possibility of being hazardous, then it better get it changed right away.

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How to start the dairy business in India? What are the major challenges?

How to start the dairy business in India?

To start any business, it is important to go in the right direction and get everything managed properly. If you are someone who is looking to set up a ghee plant or milk processing plant, then it is important to analyze the market situation and work accordingly. From taking the first step to ensure the quality product reaches the customer, several things have to be considered for ultimate success. Doing so will make it easier for you to install the best kind of Mawa making machine for increasing your return on investment.

Important factors to start the dairy business in India

  • Select the Breed

Breeds are native or foreign & it is up to you what you want to choose or begin your business with. It is your choice whether you want the cow or buffalo or both.

To come to a decision, visit the market and see for yourself what the customers demand. Understand the present customer demand & preferences to set up your dairy business accordingly.

  • Choosing the shelter type

Generally, 40 sq feet inside the shed and 80 square feet of open space are needed. Be careful with the space where the animals are kept to ensures they are disease-free, and their productivity will also increase. Make sure there is proper ventilation, fresh air, and keep the entire space clean.

  • Feed the animal the right way

Every single day, you need to feed the animals quality and nutritious food. Make sure the animals are given fresh water to drink and in the right amount. Research has shown that milk-producing animals need 5 liters of milk which produces 1-liter milk.

  • Proper care and management

Now! These 2 things are needed for any business you talk about. Here you need to keep the cattle healthy right so that they do not catch any disease. Otherwise, you will suffer a huge loss, and your efforts can go in vain. So, you must provide them nutritious food and clean water all the time.

What are the challenges faced by the dairy business in India?

Well! The dairy business comes with certain challenges which makes it difficult for people to manage the work. But, knowing about them in advance will make it easier to have better control over the situation. Here are some of the challenges faced by the dairy business in India:

  • Shortage of feed

  • Breeding system

  • Proper education and training

  • Health care services are not up to mark for the cattle

  • Hygiene conditions are not appropriate

  • Problem with pricing and marketing

Which are the machinery used in the dairy business?

Milking machine

Milking machines are of 2 types which you can get with a single cluster and with 2 groups.

  • Single cluster – Milk around 10 to 12 animals in 60 minutes

  • 2 cluster machine- Milk around 20 to 25 animals in 60 minutes

Milk Testing Equipment

Some of the milk testing equipment are:

  • Electric Gerber Centrifuge machine

  • Milk Sampler

  • Lactometer

  • Glass thermometer

  • Pipette/ Graduated pipette

  • Butyrometers stand and Test tubes

If you are looking for any dairy equipment for your place, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team to find reliable and best-quality dairy equipment.

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Modern equipment is the future of dairy processing and cattle management

The use of technology is in every sector. No matter which business or area you talk about, technological advancement has left its footprint there. Dairy processing and cattle practices also benefited from smart and modern dairy equipment.

As technology keeps on changing, so does the way work is carried out in dairy farming. The dairy producers are at ease managing and operating the dairy farm with these technological advancements. The dairy industry does get the same attention as this sector is also advancing and seeing growth in a different approach. Let’s see what the future holds for dairy processing.

Robotic milking methods

Robotic milking equipment will continue to be in demand as they have helped the way dairy farmers do the work. It has changed the dairy industry for the better. Robotic technology has brought automated milking machines to the rotary parlors which have improved the effectiveness in every sense. In addition, these are installed at the milking parlor as well.


Automated post-dipping

One of the areas which will see a great amount of growth and advancement is automated post-dipping. Through this, the concept of automation was brought to life. This concept is available today and it will become common in the next 5 years. The use of post-dipped automatic lining will become popular with time. Automated technology is the most effective labor-reducing tool which makes it easier to manage the entire place, keep it clean, and milk quality will be best.

Automated Cow logistics

After that, comes the method of automated cow logistics. Many people are not fully aware of it but gradually this method will be effective and every dairy parlor will make the most out of it. Whatever will be done by the process of automated functioning.

Accurate and timely work

Through the automated machines, the work will be done with ease and in an accurate manner. You need to simply give the necessary instructions and the work will be done on its own. There is no need to go again and again & set the machine. Once the work is done for the specific batch it will give you the signal and you can continue with the next batch. In the time being, you can do other work which needs your more attention. So, through automated systems and milking equipment, there will be much ease and comfort.

Nk dairy – Get the quality equipment and machinery

If you are looking to update your dairy plant or want to get something modern & advanced, NK dairy equipments has everything for you. We assure you to give only what is best and available at the best price.

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Which tips should you follow for the maintenance of dairy equipment?

If the dairy equipment maintenance is carried out with precision, then you can expect your business to run extremely smooth. So you might be wondering which are the important tips that you can follow to stay positioned at the top of the dairy equipment maintenance. Do not worry! We are here to help you with some of such tips which can help you to keep your dairy equipment maintained.

  • Schedule your maintenance sessions

Have you ever considered building a maintenance schedule beneficial? If not, then you must consider having a spreadsheet on which you can track the maintenance. Make sure you are keeping the recommendations of the manufacturer in account while planning for regular maintenance.

Important fact

Many of the manufacturers consider keeping the track of how many days the machine has worked. But that’s the wrong tracking method. Instead of that, you should track how many hours the machine was being used.

  • Cleanliness is the key

You should keep your machine clean. The accumulation of dust particles and debris usually make the components of the machines stuck. You would not be willing to compromise the productivity of the machine because of the stucking. Apart from checking the dirt, you should also check if there is any source of leakage.

Beneficial tip

For the regular checking and the maintenance of the dairy equipment, you should hire an employee who will be solely responsible for these functions.

  • Maintenance should be your priority

Because of the increasing need for modernization in the milk industries, business owners are highly relying on the installation of dairy equipment. No sooner the lockdown is going to be over, than the spike in demand for such equipment is going to make your business profitable. To satisfy the customer or the client with your equipment, it is needed that you keep the equipment maintained. If you deem maintenance as your priority, only then you are going to experience the benefits.

  • Be acute with the maintenance records

You are required to keep an accurate track of all the maintenance measures which may include the checking of the electrical systems and the lubrication of the variegated gearboxes. If you do not keep them on the proper track, then there are high chances that you may not be able to efficiently maintain the equipment.

  • Build relations with the equipment supplier

As we all know that none can know the product as good as the one who sells it. So in that regard, you are advised to maintain healthy relations with the equipment provider. If you pick the right manufacturer for buying the dairy equipment. Then you are going to be heavily benefitted from the same since you are purchasing a good quality product from a reliable manufacturer.

Bottom Line

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips for maintenance, then you can never stay behind in the league since you are having an up-to-date and greatly maintained equipment.

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Nk dairy is the manufacturer of top-rated dairy processing equipment

Dairy Plant Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers
Nk Dairy has been providing its services to dairy farm owners for many years. We also strive to provide nothing but the best. While setting up the dairy plant, the business owner needs to get hold of the best dairy equipment and machinery. Being the No. 1 dairy equipment manufacturer we have worked on different projects and provide the clients with the best solutions. It includes:
• Dairy Automation
• Ice Cream Processing Plants
• Paneer And Cheese Processing Plants
• Modernization of Process
• Liquid Milk Segment
• Clean In Place (CIP systems)
• Curd And Yoghurt Processing Plants
• Cream And Ghee Processing Plants
• Experts In Aseptic Dairy Processing

Dairy plant processing Equipment
Our dairy plant processing equipment will help the business owner to get moving in the right direction. All the equipment and machinery are made under the standards. This is done to ensure that the quality is not compromised at any level and the final product is of quality.

Paneer Processing Equipment
Our paneer processing equipment has undergone different testing methods which ensure the quality is 100%. Our team of professionals ensures that everything is best and the way it needs to work. Most importantly, it is made sure everything is finished or reaches the final stage which guarantees the best results. With our products, you can be sure that efficiency is at the utmost level and most importantly everything is available at an economical price. So, you can be sure that at every single level the quality is given utmost importance.

Cheese Processing Equipment
If you are planning to set up the cheese processing equipment, then we have a range of cheese equipment to move in the right direction. Most importantly, it is made from stainless steel which ensures the machinery works properly and the investment you are going to make will last for a long time. Most importantly, all the machinery has the set temperature to make the products. It means the final product will be delivered on time and quality won’t get hampered at any cost.

Best-in-class and modern machinery
Nk diary provides the authentic and best solutions to complete the project. We provide the best-in-class dairy machinery and equipment to ensure that your dairy plant is set up in the right space. This way all the processing steps will be carried out on time and smoothly. Our range of dairy machinery and equipment are designed to carry out the:
• Preparation
• Processing
• Slicing
These 3-steps are best to carry out for the cheese, ice cream, milk products, and much more. Moreover, our production line ensures the work is carried out in minimal time and at the same time the product quality is not hampered at any cost.

Our prime focus is given to productivity and quality, which is the reason we are trusted by thousands of clients. If you are planning to set up your dairy plant then get in touch with our team to get detailed information on what type of machinery & equipment you need.

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Get complete information about the GEA and NK Dairy Processing industry

The milking industry worldwide is growing rapidly to meet the rising demand of a growing populace for Dairy products. 

Expertise at the national level

As we already told you, we are making large-scale dairy equipment and milking machines for our consumers. We customize products according to their needs and requirements so that they can get more benefits from our dairy processing products.

Products & technologies

As the dairy processing industry, we plan, design, manufacture, and offer complete plants, processors, and equipment to process raw milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt and cheese, infant formulas, milk powder, and whey, filling and packaging of milk and other dairy-based products.

Our expertise includes project management, installation of systems or milking plants, commissioning, and post-sales. All GEA milk processing technology has been designed and developed to meet the highest hygiene, food safety, and quality standards while operating efficiently and sustainably. So, do not hesitate to contact us to buy the products. You only need to choose the best dairy processing products from the below-mentioned list of products.

Our dairy processing products include-:

  • Spray Dryers

  • Centrifuges and Separation Equipment

  • Food processing systems

  • Freezers

  • Liquid processing systems

  • Mixers and blenders

  • Homogenizers

  • Membrane Filtration System

  • Milk plants

  • Valves and Pumps

  • Evaporators and Crystallizers

  • Compressors

  • Cleaners and Sterilizers

  • And many more.

You can choose the processing products as per your requirements and budget. Well, you do not take tension as all the products are completely budget-friendly.

Ensure peace of mind

  • Become well-established technology suppliers, world dairy producers are continually aiming at boosting value-added products’ efficiency. Most consumers find dairy processing products would be costly and labor intensive in the production of new goods for milk. This can become an intimidating process for some customers to perform alone along with this complex formulation, detailed process design, and plant validation.

  • This is also well known by GEA and we have also developed different test centers to help you check the goods with trust before output rises.

  • Our several small-scale demonstration plants deliver vital process technology including preparation, separation, combining, evaporation, and drying, helping you to show the commodity or method easily before making a large-scale investment.

  • You will design your goods, customize your recipes, and then manufacture them in smaller quantities, in collaboration with our team of committed process experts. We can then assist you in determining the end product properties and optimizing the method configuration prior to scales.

Thanks to the decades of industry experience acquired from food processing firms around the globe, our research centers prove that our process systems are optimized for local manufacturing conditions. In turn, we would benefit from the continuous improvement that we create with your production facility through offline research.

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How much dairy products or quantity is good to consume?

Diet plays an important part in keeping you stay healthy and strong. In that case, the milk and dairy products are very essential as they provide several benefits to the body. Also, different options are available which you can choose according to your taste. In this guide, we have shared how much you should consume.

In India, the production of dairy products is increasing every year. Also, the milk which is produced in India is consumed by them only. To have a balanced diet it is very important to include milk and other dairy products. But, how to know that we need this much quantity? Or how much will be more beneficial?

Milk and dairy products

  • The dairy products are made of milk. This means that the methods used for producing milk should be best. The milk is obtained from the animals which are used to make milk products and dairy products.
  • Like we consume fruits and vegetables to keep our body strong & healthy. In the same consumption of food products is important. Dairy products like yogurt should be an important part of your diet.
  • In dairy farms, the production of dairy products is divided into groups because of the benefits they give. The dairy products are a rich source of calcium. To have strong bone and teeth the human need to have calcium in good amount. During the teenage years and childhood if you drink enough milk it will keep your teeth and bones strong throughout your lives.
  • The rich source of calcium is milk, cheese, and yogurt. If you drink one glass of milk then it provides 300mg calcium to your body. This is why it is essential to get the Milk processing plant installed properly and it should have the latest equipment and machinery. Eventually, it will help to get dairy products which are of the best quality.
  • In the milk plant, dairy farmers are making efforts to give efficient milk by doing the best methods. Full cream milk of 300ml of glass has 10g of fat. One glass skin milk of 330ml will include 0,6g of fat.
  • Generally, you should drink around 3 glasses of skim milk every day. This should be used in breakfast with cereal, custard, and warm beverages. You should include one segment of low-fat hut cheese and low-fat yogurt.

Another way to add dairy

  • Drink caffe latte.
  • Have a bowl of fruit & yogurt for breakfast
  • Include cheese in a sandwich.
  • Make a fruit smoothie, blend fruit, yogurt and milk.
  • Drink a warm glass of milk in the evening.

If you are planning to set up your dairy farm then buy the premium quality machinery from us.

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Challenges that New Dairy business Are facing in Indian Dairy Sector

One of the most consumed and essential food items in India is milk. In this guide we will discuss the challenges which are faced by the Indian dairy sector.

India has a pattern of production, processing, and marketing is quite unique in comparison to any other milk producing country. India is the largest producer of milk as well as dairy products. Moreover, it is consuming its entire milk production on its own. One thing more which makes the dairy sector of India different is that it focuses on both cow and buffalo milk. Here are some challenges which are being faced by the Indian dairy sector.

  • Health Care Services

The veterinary health care centres are located in far areas. Additionally, the ratio between veterinary hospitals and cattle population is more, due to which proper facilities are not given to the animals. The proper vaccination schedule is followed which result in affecting the health of animals.

  • Shortage of Feed

Due to industrial development, the supply of feed and fodder is less in comparison to how much it is required. This increasing gap between the feed and fodder is affecting the performance of the dairy animals. The profits of the dairy industry are also reduced because of the high cost of feeding supply. So, it means supplying poor quality food to the animals not only affect their but it will also affect the animal production system.

  • Training Programs

Having a good education and training program regarding the dairy practices will help in increase in production. It will be even better if training is given to every employee so that they know the entire working environment of the dairy industry. But the decision to implement these programs need a commitment from the top-level management which at a time is the biggest problem.

  • Clean and Hygienic Environment

At times it is seen that the cattle are not given proper shelter and they are left in the extreme climatic conditions. The unhygienic environment will expose the entire milking yard and cattle shed to infectious condition. This will also affect milk quality and other dairy products. So, make sure the dairy machines and equipment are cleaned properly.

  • System of Breeding

The most common problem is Indian cattle breed is late maturity. The cattle owners do not have proper detection of heat symptoms for the oestrus cycle. In addition to this, animal performance is definitely decreasing because of this issue.  The industry will also face economic loss because of various diseases which lead to abortion. Fertility issue can also increase because of mineral, and vitamin deficiency.

In case, you are looking to set up your dairy plant then you should keep all these things in mind so that your business can grow effectively.