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How to start the dairy business in India? What are the major challenges?

How to start the dairy business in India?

To start any business, it is important to go in the right direction and get everything managed properly. If you are someone who is looking to set up a ghee plant or milk processing plant, then it is important to analyze the market situation and work accordingly. From taking the first step to ensure the quality product reaches the customer, several things have to be considered for ultimate success. Doing so will make it easier for you to install the best kind of Mawa making machine for increasing your return on investment.

Important factors to start the dairy business in India

  • Select the Breed

Breeds are native or foreign & it is up to you what you want to choose or begin your business with. It is your choice whether you want the cow or buffalo or both.

To come to a decision, visit the market and see for yourself what the customers demand. Understand the present customer demand & preferences to set up your dairy business accordingly.

  • Choosing the shelter type

Generally, 40 sq feet inside the shed and 80 square feet of open space are needed. Be careful with the space where the animals are kept to ensures they are disease-free, and their productivity will also increase. Make sure there is proper ventilation, fresh air, and keep the entire space clean.

  • Feed the animal the right way

Every single day, you need to feed the animals quality and nutritious food. Make sure the animals are given fresh water to drink and in the right amount. Research has shown that milk-producing animals need 5 liters of milk which produces 1-liter milk.

  • Proper care and management

Now! These 2 things are needed for any business you talk about. Here you need to keep the cattle healthy right so that they do not catch any disease. Otherwise, you will suffer a huge loss, and your efforts can go in vain. So, you must provide them nutritious food and clean water all the time.

What are the challenges faced by the dairy business in India?

Well! The dairy business comes with certain challenges which makes it difficult for people to manage the work. But, knowing about them in advance will make it easier to have better control over the situation. Here are some of the challenges faced by the dairy business in India:

  • Shortage of feed

  • Breeding system

  • Proper education and training

  • Health care services are not up to mark for the cattle

  • Hygiene conditions are not appropriate

  • Problem with pricing and marketing

Which are the machinery used in the dairy business?

Milking machine

Milking machines are of 2 types which you can get with a single cluster and with 2 groups.

  • Single cluster – Milk around 10 to 12 animals in 60 minutes

  • 2 cluster machine- Milk around 20 to 25 animals in 60 minutes

Milk Testing Equipment

Some of the milk testing equipment are:

  • Electric Gerber Centrifuge machine

  • Milk Sampler

  • Lactometer

  • Glass thermometer

  • Pipette/ Graduated pipette

  • Butyrometers stand and Test tubes

If you are looking for any dairy equipment for your place, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team to find reliable and best-quality dairy equipment.

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