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Paneer business: How can I start my paneer-making business in India?

If you are from India, then you will know that Paneer is one of the most consumed food items. Paneer or cheese can be made in different ways, which most people love to indulge on. If you are looking to start your own Paneer making business in India, then you need to make sure that you get it done correctly. Make sure that you go through every step carefully and plan for the business so that you get the benefits you are looking for. Whether you want to see fresh paneer or packaged paneer, you need to make sure that paneer is fresh and tasty.

Increased demand for Paneer

As we have said that, paneer is the most consumed food item all over the globe. Many people have opted for this option as they do not want to have fish and meat. You can buy it from any grocery store, departmental store, or supermarket. Moreover, Indian restaurants and hotels also buy it in bulk to make delectable dishes and serve the customers. In case, you are running your daily business, then you should opt for a paneer-making plant.

How much should be the production?

If you plan to make 40kg of paneer, then you need to get 500-liter milk. Eventually, as you increase your business scale, you need to get more milk daily. Make sure that you start on a smaller scale and understand the demand of consumers in your area.

Do I need to get my business registered?

Yes! You need to get your paneer manufacturing business registered, irrespective of what the business size is. The registration is like insurance coverage and if anything goes wrong in the future it will be easier to cover the expenses.

How much space do I need?

To start any business correctly, you need to have the right amount of space. On a minimal basis, you need to have 1000 square feet, as this will help to arrange everything. From the making to transport area, your business plant should have the space to carry out everything.

Do I need to get any type of raw material?

One of the basic and most important raw materials is milk. You need to have sodium hypochlorite or citric acid to add to the paneer. Once the paneer is manufactured, it can only last for around 3 days. So, make sure there is proper availability of a freezer to keep it safe.

What is the different machinery required?

All thanks to automated techniques, it allows the business owner to carry out the work with precision and less stress. You should use advanced technologies in your paneer-making business. Make sure that you choose the best dairy equipment, manufacturing team. Some of the essential items which you need are:

  • Aluminum cans for storing milk
  • Motor coolers
  • Fat remover
  • Pressing tank made of stainless steel
  • Boiler for heating milk
  • Milk analyzer
  • Deep freezer
  • Vacuum packing machine
  • Weighing machine
  • Labeling machine

Make sure that once the paneer is manufactured it should be packaged correctly. Till the time it is not consumed by the consumer its taste and quality should not be hampered.

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