paneer press machine

Different Methods to Manufacture Paneer

With the advancements in technology, dairy farmers usually use machines not only for milking process but also for several other dairy tasks. If you are planning to start paneer making business, then you must get a piece of information first, so that you won’t face any problem in the future.

The manufacturing of paneer involves several ways such as-:

  • Standardization of milk
  • Heat treatment
  • Coagulation
  • Draining of whey
  • Pressing
  • Dipping in chilled water
  • Packaging.

These are the important factors to be considered while making paneer. If we talk about previous years, then dairy farmers manufacture paneer manually with hands. However, these days, with the advancements in technology, dairy farmers go with paneer plant and paneer press machine as well. Both tools are valuable to make paneer within few minutes, also offer you a quality product.

Different Ways to make paneer

Buffalo Milk Paneer

Buffalo milk is an ideal raw material to make good quality paneer. In order to make paneer from Buffalo milk, you need to heat it on a high temperature and then you must add the citric acid solution. This solution is valuable to make the paneer. After adding it you have to wait for some time and let it sit down. In addition to this, after the whole process, you must drain the whey with the help of a stainless steel strainer. The temperature of the content is not allowed to drop below 63oC until this stage. You must drain the paneer into a soft cotton cloth and then press it for at least 20 minutes.

At last, packing is done by paneer to deliver to different areas.

Cow Milk Paneer

Cow’s milk is valuable for human health because it contains several nutrients. To make paneer, you must heat the milk at high temperature and then add to the milk calcium chloride. In addition to this, you must heat the milk at 90oC without holding. The rest of the process of making paneer is similar to the process of buffalo milk paneer.

Recombined Milk Paneer

This type of paneer is made with skim milk powder and raw milk as well. You need to add milk powder into the liquid milk and then stir it well. After stirring put the utensil on the stove for boiling. Then you must add the citric acid and then leave it for some time. You must stir it continuously till whey is separated out. After that, let it sit down and then drain it in a fine cotton cloth, also press the paneer to give it a shape.

These are the methods of making paneer manually, if you want to go with machines then you must visit us once so that we can guide you properly about everything.