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Everything you need to know about the paneer manufacturing process for start-up

Paneer manufacturing process

Paneer is also known as Cottage cheese and one of the vital parts of dairy products. Its addition to the North Indian vegetarian cuisines helps to make the entire dish toothsome. This type of cheese has a sweet touch to it which goes with the Indian dishes.

One of the statistics has shown that paneer consumption has increased by 10% to 12%. Paneer is famous in many Asia Pacific countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and many other countries. It means you can open a paneer plant which is going to increase profits to a great extent. You must choose the dairy equipment which has advanced and latest features to ensure the work is done with perfection.

 Increased demand for paneer processing

Well, there are many reasons which have increased the demand for paneer processing along with consumption. People’s eating habits have changed to a great extent and they are more focused on having healthy yet tasty food.

The dairy sector in India is growing at a fast pace. This is one of the reasons paneer manufacturing is on the rise which is beneficial for small-scale and large-scale enterprises. In case, the dairy business owner wants to increase their business, then opting for paneer processing is of great help. For added profits, you should try this option. In case, you are looking for quality and dairy machinery then you should take professional help.

 How paneer manufacturing is carried out?

In India, traditionally, paneer is made from buffalo and cow milk. More preference is given to buffalo milk in the production process as solid content is high which makes the final product the best.

During processing, standardized milk is heated at 90 °C, and then it is cooled at around 76°C to coagulate the milk. After that, the vessel contents are poured on the Muslim cloth which helps in separating the whey. After straining, the coagulum which is obtained is pressed so that it helps in forming the paneer blocks. After that, the pressed block will be strengthened in the vacuum which comes after packing and sealing.

 How hiring professionals can help you get the best results?

Getting in touch with the expert means, every task will be done with perfection.

When you look for a skilled team of dairy equipment manufacturers you can rest assured that every machine you get will be perfect. They are going to ensure that every process is done on time, and quality should not be compromised. The processing is going to have the following equipment:

  • Paneer hoops
  • Paneer vat
  • Paneer press (it contains 1,2,4, and 8 heads)
  • Dicing machine or Paneer cubing
  • Paneer cold room
  • Packing machine and Vacuum sealing.

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