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The Requirement Of The Processing Equipment For Dairy Business

Are you thinking about installing a new machine in your dairy plant? Take your 5 minutes from your life to gain some insight into what you should look for before choosing a machine for your dairy business and its growth.

Everyone wants to excel in their field and outshine their competitors in the race. It could not be achieved until and unless you make some sort of plan and strategy to follow it.

There are numerous factors that you need to analyze before you purchase Milk Processing Equipment or any other machine. You would need to see whether or not it is meeting all the hygiene standards., can produce efficiently in bulk, produce excellent food products, and many more. All this analysis will ensure a better profit and increment in revenue for your business, which is the ultimate goal. 

Things You Need To Look Before Installing A Dairy Plant

  • Innovative Equipment Not A Cheaper Acquire

Innovative dairy and food equipment to introduce better quality products that were not acquired beforehand. Better consistency in producing high-end products is not something you can gain at a cheaper rate; thus, investing in good equipment is essential. Analysis of all the services and their durability that the khoya Making Machine or any other types of equipment is giving becomes a factor to be noted. To run a reliable and trustable operation among your workers and your customer, you would have to look it up at all sides. Industrial equipment is all about easy maintenance, ultra-hygienic characteristics, and high efficiency. If you think of it as a long-term investment, it would cost less than the cheaper models. 

  • Good investment for ease maintenance

If you think about buying dairy equipment that does not hail as much as they have designed to be, then it could cause you extra money. Thus accessible maintenance equipment would ensure that there will be fewer spare parts required. This plus point will help the owner maintain it more effortlessly. There would not be any extra hassle of different features and fixings, resulting in the low cost of installing it. Ultimately the maximum utilization of the said dairy plant would positively impact the profits. It is not an easy task to manage and balance all the part inventories, and it also dramatically affects the owner’s profits. 

  • Easy operative would ensure less training.

When you are building an operation, the operation of such equipment would be done by someone who is well skilled in running such large-scale equipment. Thus searching for something that would cut down the cost of a lot of technical training would be appreciated. It would also help you analyze the complexity of the equipment. 

  • A sanitizable and easy cleaning machines

The making of dairy products in the factory is not a contactless task. Thus, a machine that is easily cleaned and sanitized is the best way to ensure that the product produced maintains its hygiene level.



Dairy Plants

All-that about Dairy Entrepreneurship Scheme along with objectives

DEDS (Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme)

The DEDS primary focus is on making the dairy sector get better. This inventive scheme focuses on increasing the self-employment options for all those who want to step up in modern dairy farming. Whether the choice is to start the Ghee Plant or any other dairy business, there is a need to be careful in all ways to make things work as effectively as possible.

Just like you get a hold of the top-rated Dairy Plant Manufacturer, you can make use of this scheme & take a correct first step in the dairy farming business. The DEDS scheme came into effect with the efforts of NABARD.

What is meant by DEDS?

Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme is ideal for those planning to step up in Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fisheries. As mentioned above, the key focus is on increasing business opportunities making a lot of difference. It’s like covering dairy business activities like milk production, preservation, transportation, processing, procurement, and marketing.

What are the critical objectives of DERD?

With DARD, there are two primary objectives:

  • Taking the Indian dairy business one step further
  • Make the dairy infrastructure better and use the updated technology

Working with these perspectives will take the dairy farming business to a whole different level. Undoubtedly, the technology is advanced, which allows the dairy farmers to be in a better place and make the dairy sector reach great heights, which is the critical focus.

For better understanding, here are the steps which you should keep in mind:

  • The inventive technique reduces the chances of having refined products. A combination of innovative dairy machinery & better technology gives consumers a safe product.
  • The subsidies will help the business to take one step ahead. Proper planning will boost the income part & profits.
  • Milk & other dairy products are going to increase the capital.
  • There is no need to opt for technology that can be difficult to manage with & there is not even the proper use of machinery.

The small efforts make a more significant impact & this is why the Indian dairy sector is going to flourish in the future. The government is coming up with schemes to make everything work effectively, directly, or indirectly.

What are the features of DERD?

Until 2010, DERD was known by the name of Dairy Capital Venture fund. Afterward, the change was made in the same way to help all the dairy farmers be self-employed. The scheme’s primary focus is on assisting the individuals to be better. Some of the key features are:

  • Increasing the count of small dairy units by adding up to 10 buffaloes or cows.
  • Getting the milking machinery that can effectively manage & store 2000 liters
  • Taking the rearing to around 20 graded buffaloes or heifer calves
  • Getting modern equipment that transforms the way work is done
  • Setting up the cold storage unit for milk
  • Making transportation facility better with advanced machinery

Are you planning to start your dairy farm?

Along with its use, you should get the latest & advanced dairy machinery and equipment for making everything go in the right direction.

dairy equipments Dairy Plants

How is Automated Technology making the dairy industry better?

For every business, the best of technology is used, making a significant difference in the way work is completed. My concern is regarding the dairy industry, which has started to get better with time. Most importantly, the best industry practices make a significant difference to the entire situation. The dairy industry market has indeed begun to get fragmented & with every approach, there is something different and better. If you want to take your dairy business one step further, then seek assistance from the known Dairy Plant Manufacturer who will make sure all the options are used.

To make the work easier & smooth, the dairy industry has started to shift towards AI. No doubt, it is great to opt for this as this makes the Ghee Plant, milk plant, & many other business successful in all ways. Let’s look at how AI is making its way in the dairy industry to make the business better in all forms.

 AI is transforming the dairy industry in all ways

  • Digital identity

Everything is available digitally, making it easy to access and handle in all ways. Considering the same, how can the dairy business be deprived through the same. If you have dairy machinery in your plant, go for the well-managed system with that digital value. Not only that, but these are effective in every bit, making the economy work effectively.

The digital part will help facial recognition, making it much easier to identify the cow. The digital identity will help the insurance market be in a better place. All in all, the automated functionality will allow the testing mechanisms to be better & effective.

  • Makes the monitoring much easier

When the system is automated, all the necessary commands are noted on their own. This way there will be much ease in doing the work. If some things need to be checked, they will be analyzed & rectified on time. Moreover, there are IoT sensors that help analyze animal health in a better manner. Additionally, the real-time data is checked & it has several factors like rumination patterns, walking habits, & temperature shifts. Every second of the process is better checked for, especially when the quantity is high.

  •    Give the command & continue doing other work.

With AI Technology, you need to give one command and then continue doing other work. It will take all your stress away, and you will have enough time to do other necessary stuff that needs your primary attention.

Final word!

One such name in the market is Nk Dairy Equipments which is coming up with the best methodology in dairy machinery by bringing the wave of automation. If you have any doubt, then better seek assistance from the professionals. Additionally if you have certain special requirements then do discuss the same beforehand to get the necessary option accordingly.

Dairy Plants

Everything you need to know about the dairy farm license in India

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you thinking about what to do next?

Dairy Farm License In India: Indeed. Being an entrepreneur comes up with different choices and several measures need to be taken. In case you are all set to begin your dairy farm then there are certain rules which need to be met because only after taking the necessary permission will the dairy farm work go in the right direction. From making sure all the necessary permissions are taken to reaching out to one of the known  Dairy Plant Manufacturer for getting all sorts of machinery & equipment everything needs your right time.

Starting a dairy farm In India: License, Rules, & Permissions

For all those who are planning to begin the dairy farm business be it as a Ghee Plant, milk plant, or any other dairy product the first thing is to get the necessary training. Learning about the course will help you better understand how to rear dairy animals and then manufacture the different products.

Choosing the right breed for increasing the production

You can select the popular buffalo breeds such as Nali-Ravi, Murrah, Surti, Mehasani, Jaffarabadi, and Badhawari. The milch breeds of cattle include Red Sindhi and Tharparkar, Gir, & Sahiwal and the other exotic breeds of cattle are Holstein Friesian. Jersey, and the Brown Swiss. Depending on which direction you want your dairy business to move forward you can select that one particular option.

How much is the manpower & infrastructure required for setting up the dairy farm?

If the cattle count is 20 then at least space of 40sq.ft per animal & open space of around 80 sq. is needed. Additional requirements are:

  • Office room with the necessary size
  • Milk storage of around 10 x 12
  • Room with 10 x 10 measurement for keeping the farm supplies
  • Water tank which helps in storing 2000 liters of water

Always get the dairy animals vaccinated

The dairy animals must be vaccinated on time. Additionally, if they need a certain dose of medication then it’s essential to give the same on time. Missing out on the vaccinations is likely to result in a lot of trouble.

Go through the necessary legal requirements & permissions

Depending on which state you are in the requirements & permissions will vary a lot. So, it’s better to get things done the right way by following the given steps:

  • Get the necessary registration in the dairy development department
  • The beginning of the dairy farm is done as you reach out to the Municipality Corporation or get hold of the local panchayat present in that specific place. In case you are going to open a large size farm then better seek permission from the pollution control board.
  • Make sure that you get registered with the FSSAI which is essential for starting a dairy farm.

Which are the forms required to be filled for importing live sticks?

If you are looking to import livestock then here are a few steps which need to be fulfilled which include:

  • Name & Description of the farm animals
  • Consignment description and additionally tell about the stock quantity
  • Person name & address who will begin the farm business
  • Locality & country from where the animals need to be imported
  • If a country has some special features

GST registration for dairy farms in India

GST registration is needed for commercial dairy farms. For getting the same, reach out to the chartered accountant and get the process started.


Dairy Plants

Profitable business opportunities with the high-tech dairy plant equipment

As per the ‘Dairy Industry in India 2021 Edition’ the dairy sector market is valued to be around INR 11,360 billion. By 2024 these numbers are expected to cross the margin of around INR 21,971. So, trying your hands over the milk plant through the use of the latest machinery & equipment will ensure everything is well-managed and as a business, it will be easier to fulfill the ever-growing demand for milk & milk products.

 Bringing a great change in the Indian Dairy Industry

The dairy industry will see and is noticing at the moment all those changes which are worth opting for. Additionally, the wave of adding in the automated packaging machines helps in bringing the necessary revolution wave. The word automated is not just for simplifying the work but ensuring everything is cost-effective.

Important NOTE!

Even if you are looking for a Ghee Plant manufacturers then better to put trust in those who can ensure the best of options are given. The manufacturers will ensure the packaging methods are given in terms of effectiveness and the liquid is easy to reach to the customers.


Allowing the ease in operation

The development and changes are being done at a fast pace. This is reflected in the small dairy business. The small business owners have the best choice to ensure the milk production is well-managed and the products are sold at the right price. Even if you want to keep the investment low, still the factor of effectiveness will be higher in all ways. The updated and modern dairy machinery will help in bringing:

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Helps in ease of operation

How is the process of dairy machinery?

Here are the steps which are included in dairy machinery setup for better work management & increasing profits:

  • Raw milk collection is done in silos
  • Milk is filtered & all the unwanted impurities are removed
  • As the milk is filtered then pasteurization is done
  • The pasteurization is done for milk heating is around 72.5 degrees Celsius
  • Once the mark of 65 degrees Celsius is achieved then comes the step of homogenization. This step includes breaking down the fat into small particles and ensuring everything is uniform in it.
  • Following that cream is separated from the milk
  • Later milk is pasteurized and it’s essential to do so, to ensure microorganisms are destroyed.
  • Then the milk is cooled down to around 8 degrees
  • Once cooling, homogenization & pasteurization is done then milk is stored in the necessary milk tank.

Final word!

Most importantly, it ensures everything is well-managed and done in the way it has to. If you are a dairy business owner looking for something different which is cost-effective and can be used through the use of the latest working then Nk Dairy Equipments is your one-stop destination to get the best of everything & take your dairy business one step up.

Dairy Plants

क्या आप अगले अम्बानी बनना चाहते है? तो शुरू कीजिये खोये का बिज़नेस!

हम सब जानते है की भारत में करीबन ८० से ९०% मिठाइयाँ खोये से तैयार की जाती है| लोगों को खोये से बनी चीज़ें इतनी भाती हैं की वे आइसक्रीम भी खोये से बनी ही पसंद करते है| इस ही वजह से खोये या मावे की डिमांड बाज़ार में बढ़ती जा रही है, जिस कारण मैन्युअल लेबर की सहायता से १ दिन में ज़्यादा मात्रा में खोया बनाना आसान नहीं है| परन्तु जैसे की हम जानते हैं की विज्ञान हमारी हर तरीके से सहायता करता है, तो इस मामले में कैसे नहीं करेगा?

टेक्निशनों की मेहनत से बाजार में Khoya making machine आई, जिसने बहुत सारे Dairy Plant Owners की सहायता की|

जो लोग खोये के बिज़नेस में अपने जलवे दिखाना चाहते है, ये पाया गया है की वे शुरुवात में बहुत ये निश्चित करने में बहुत सारी बाधाओं का सामना करते है, की क्या उन्हें खोये के बिज़नेस में आना चाहिए या फिर Ghee Plant या Milk Processing Plant का शुभारम्भ करके वे ज़्यादा पैसे कमा सकते है|

क्या आप भी इस चीज़ को सोच कर परेशान हैं?

यदि आप भी ऐसी किसी उलझन में फसें हैं, तो आपको निम्नलिखित कुछ सवालों का जवाब देना होगा:

  • क्या मार्किट में खोये की डिमांड बढ़ रही है, या फिर डिमांड स्थायी है?

  • खोया बनाने के बाद आप इसे कहाँकहाँ बेचकर मुनाफा कमा सकते हैं?

  • आपके आसपास मिठाई की कितनी दुकानें होंगी?

  • एक दुकान में खोये की खपत कितनी है?

  • आप कितने होलसेलरों और रिटेलरों को खोया बेच सकते है?

यदि आपके सर्वे के जवाब कुछ मुनाफाजनक आते हैं, तो आपको निश्चित ही खोये का बिज़नेस स्टार्ट करना चाहिए|

खोया बनाने के लिए कौनकौन से RAW MATERIALS की जरुरत होती है?

जहाँ तक RAW MATERIAL की बात हो रही है, तो आपको केवल और केवल दूध ही चाहिए होगा| इस स्थिति में आप अपने आस पास के कस्बे वालों से सम्पर्क कर सकते हैं, जो आपको लगता है की आपको अधिक मात्रा में और कम दाम पर दूध बेच सकते हैं|

यहाँ यह ध्यान देने जनक बात है की यदि आप फुलक्रीम दूध का उपयोग करेंगे, तो खोया बनने के चांस मैक्सिमम हो जायेंगे| वहीँ अगर दूसरी ओर आप सिर्फ टोंड मिल्क या प्रोसेस्ड मिल्क का इस्तेमाल करेंगे तो ज़्यादा मात्रा में खोया PRODUCE नहीं हो सकेगा|

आपको किस कीमत पर रॉ मैटेरियल्स मिल सकते हैं?

सबसे पहले तो यहाँ यह बता देना अनिवार्य होगा की ऐसा बिलकुल नहीं है कि आपको सिर्फ गाय या भैंस के दूध से ही खोया बनाना अनिवार्य है| आप पैकेट वाले दूध से भी हरियाणा में अपने इस बिज़नेस का उद्धघाटन कर सकते हैं|

  • गाय के दूध की कीमत ४० या ५० रु

  • भैंस के दूध की कीमत ५० से ६० रु

  • आपको पैकेट वाला दूध इन्हीं दामों पर मिलता है

आपको यह बिज़नेस शुरू करने के लिए कितनी मात्रा में जगह चाहिए होगी?

आपको खोया बिज़नेस को शुरू करने में कितनी मात्रा में लगभग ४५० Sq km जगह चाहिए होगी| उसमें आपको 5×5 जगह Khoya making machine की इंस्टालेशन के लिए रखनी होगी|

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Start your khoya making under the organized sector with Nk Dairy machinery

Increasing demand for khoya

You know it’s my favorite time of the year – Festive Season! No doubt, it is one of the most awaited times among Indians as all the festive feel through the lighting, decoration, new clothes, and tasty sweets. Many of the Nk Dairy clients, who have set up the Milk processing plant are planning to give a boost to their business. Many have opted for the path of ghee plant and many of them have planned to set up the Khoya making machine.

Most importantly, there is a focus on manufacturing khoya through the organized sector. The normal milk supply in India is not able to fulfill the required need for khoya production. In addition, the focus is put on making sure everything is simply the best and the end-consumer should get the product in the most authentic manner. If you wish to set up this business then it is imperative for you to get the best quality machinery and equipment like the Nk dairy delivers to the clients for their business. So, if you wish to start the business of khoya making then you need to get it done through the organized sector.

Why are food safety and quality management essential during khoya storage?

For any sort of dairy business, the 2 most important aspects are:

  • Quality management

  • Food safety

Now! When we talk about khoya then the presence of high levels of water content and nutrients makes it easy to get attracted towards the bacteria. The topmost microorganisms are Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus cereus which increase the chances of having food-borne problems. For reducing and preventing the microbiological hazard HACCP needs to be used.

Although, it is seen that during production the quality is good but as the process of marketing and storage comes there is the issue. So, the storage of the khoya needs to be done effectively & the right kind of material has to be used as a muslin cloth. This cloth allows the air to flow easily and the presence of microbial is reduced in it.

What are the ways to increase the storage life of khoya?

On average, the khoya life is just 2 to 3 days under the right conditions & if stored in the refrigerator it can last for 15 to 20 days. However, it has been noted that adding potassium sorbate can boost the khoya life by around 40 days. This is the reason, the right kind of products need to be added to the khoya to make it easy to store for a long time when kept in the right condition.

Boost your khoya making business

With so many technologies in the process of being developed, the production & storage of khoya needs utmost care. India being the major contributor in the dairy sector, it is essential to carefully go through all the steps and then making sure everything is well-managed. If you wish to set up your dairy plant, khoya making plant, or any other type of dairy business then make sure that you get the best sort of equipment and machinery from the team of Nk Dairy.

Dairy Plants diary equipments - Diary information

Everything you have to know about the dairy industry and business in India

The dairy business in India is gaining attention at a fast pace. Indeed, people have shifted their focus to setting up the milk processing plant or those who already have one, they want to expand the business. For example, the dairy business owners choose to expand their business by setting up the ghee plant as in India it is the most consumed dairy product.

Now! It is also important that you only choose what is best for your business and go for the quality machinery. This is why you must put your hands on the best machine and equipment. You have to contact the professionals to know in detail about the mawa making machine price as there are different models. If you are not sure which one to go for then contact the professionals to make the right choice.

Milk Processing Unit

While setting up the milk processing plant, it is essential to get the best machinery and equipment. For example, if you want to process the raw milk into processed pouch milk, ghee, paneer, curd, or any other dairy product, then proper setup is needed. Investing in the processing plant will go in the right direction when you have the right infrastructure for the same and every day the right amount of milk can be processed.

Cheese processing unit

With the cheese processing unit, your business will be able to expand your business in the right direction. In addition, you can get the full automated techniques that need only minimum intervention. Right from the milk reception till the finished product is not made, it is necessary to maintain the manufacturing process in the right approach. Indeed, you can set up a plant which can fulfill the requirements of the customers and thus your business can also get the benefits they are expecting. Just bear in mind the total output capacity at your place & you will be able to see to make a difference in the dairy industry.

Fascinating technology

With the increased demand for dairy products, it has increased the need of using the best and most effective methods. The equipment in your dairy plant should be of top-notch quality so that your business can notice the difference and serve the customers.

For superior quality products and to ensure the customer always gets what is best, the use of the right type of technology is important. Moreover, this will help the customers to get what they are looking for as there are some assortments available out there.

Proper safety of the cow

To make the dairy business a success, it is important to ensure the cows’ health is in the right state. It is important to keep them in the right environment. If not, then it is going to affect the final results which means the end dairy products are not worth it. So, make sure to check the health of your cows from time to time.

Dairy Plants

मावे का निर्माण कैसे किया जाता है और इसके उत्पादन के लिए क्या किया जाता है?

भारत में दूध और उससे बने उत्पाद का बहुत ही ज़्यादा इस्तेमाल किया जाता है | इसमें घी, पनीर, मक्खन, और मावे का प्रयोग बहुत ही एहम है | यदि आप अपने Milk Processing Plant को आगे बढ़ाना चाहते है तो मावे का उत्पादन आपके काम के लिए लाभदायक साबित हो सकता है | ध्यान रखे की आपको सबसे बेहतरीन Mawa making machine का इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए | मावे का प्रयोग मिठाइयों की दुकानों में बहुत ही एहम होता है क्यूंकि यह हर एक मिठाई में डाली जाती है | भारत में हर त्यौहार बहुत ही धूमधाम से मनाया जाता है | मावा एक बहुत ही निरंतर और उसके साथ ही बहुत ही ज़रूरी वास्तु है | मावा बेचना एक व्यवसायी के लिए बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण साबित हो सकता है | यदि आप Ghee Plant पहले से ही चला रहे हैं और आप अपने व्यापार को आगे बढ़ाना चाहते हैं तो मावे के उत्पादन से आपको बहुत ही लाभ हो सकता है |

कई स्थान ऐसे भी है जहाँ पर दूध की ट्रांसपोर्टेशन में दिक्कत हो सकती है, इसी की वजह से मावा बनाकर बेचना आपके बिज़नेस को बहुत ही आगे लेकर जा सकता है | दूध की ट्रांसपोर्टेशन में यह भी दिक्कत है की यह आसानी से ख़राब हो सकता है | इसे के चलते मावे का निर्माण छोटेछोटे गांव में किया जा सकता है और इससे गरीब लोगों को भी काम करने का अवसर मिल सकता है |

मावे की उत्पादन प्रक्रिया (Mawa Production Process)

आज कल के समय में जो मावा बनाने की परिक्रिया इस्तेमाल होती है वह बहुत ही आसान है और उसके साथ ही वह काम को बहुत ही तेज़ी से पूरा करती है | परिकिरिया की शुरुवात में:

  • सबसे पहले तो कच्चे दूध को मावा की बनाने वाली मशीन में डाला जाता है और उसके बाद मशीन को लगभग 35 मिनट तक चलाया जाता है | उसके बाद यहाँ से मावे को निकला जाता है और उसे अलग रख दिया जाता है |

  • इसके बाद मशीन को अच्छे से साफ़ किया जाता है और उसमे फिर से दूध को दाल देते हैं और मशीन को चलाया जाता है | इसके बाद मावा बनाने की परिक्रिया को दुबारे से आगे बड़ाया जाता है |

  • लोगों तक पहुँचने के लिए एक व्यापारी अलगअलग मार्केटिंग तकनीक का इस्तेमाल करता है और उसके बाद उसको बेचने के लिए आगे भेजा जाता है | यदि उत्पादन को बहुत ही तेज़ी से आगे बढ़ाना हो तो इसमें फिटकरी का इस्तेमाल भी किया जा सकता है |

प्रस्तावित इकाई की उत्पादन क्षमता (Every Year) (Mawa Manufacturing Production Unit (Per Annum))

वर्त्तमान में जो भी परिक्रिया का इस्तेमाल किया जाता उसको करने के लिए लगभग 35 मिनट लगते है (One Production Cycle) | एक बैच में मशीन में लगभग 10 लीटर दूध का इस्तेमाल होता है | इस मात्रा से लगभग 25 किग्रा। (KG) मावा तैयार हो सकता है |

चुनिए सबसे बेहतरीन मशीन

सबसे पहले तो यह ज़रूरी है की आपको सबसे बेहतरीन मशीन का इस्तेमाल करना होगा और इसके लिए आपको सबसे सही और क्वालिटी में भी सबसे ऊपर मावा मेकिंग मशीन चुननी होगी | यदि आप यह अहम् फैसला नहीं ले पा रहे हैं तो आप NK Dairy टीम से विचारविमर्श कर सकते हैं | हमारी टीम आपको सही सलाह देगी और सबसे अच्छी क्वालिटी की मावा मेकिंग मशीन |

Dairy Plants

Get the best quality and economical mawa making machine for your plant

The dairy industry is one of those sectors which is flourishing every year. The owners of the dairy plant are using the latest and advanced dairy equipment and technology to operate the business. Nk Dairy is highly appreciated for making the dairy machines and equipment which helps to fulfill all the needs of the clients. Many of our clients are running a milk plant and they prefer to install the mawa machine. Our team aims to move forward together, so we make sure to address all the needs of the clients.

What is khoya or mawa?

Khoya or mawa is the milk solids that are achieved by evaporating the milk. In Indian homes, the women prefer to make it at home by slowly simmering the milk, till the time all of its moisture has gone away and it takes a solid-state. In most of the mithais, mawa is the base.

This is the reason many dairy business owners are choosing this area to make profits and serve the customers with what they want. All this is done to make it easier for the customers to get the product quickly.

Mawa or Khoya Making Machine

At Nk Dairy we have availability of different models to suit your needs. All the below-mentioned models can be operated through the use of Diesel, Gas, and Gas cum Diesel Model. Here are the mawa making machine model which is available at our place:

  • Basic Model

  • Deluxe model

  • Stainless Steel model

  • Tilting model

  • Steam model

All the models have different capacities and functions. Depending on what your needs are, you can get the same for your place. The khoya making or mawa making machine comes with given features like:

  • An added level of robustness

  • Easy to handle functionality

  • Temperature resistance property

In addition, we always make sure to make quality our prime focus. From the material to its function we make sure there is nothing that has to be compromised. All our mawa or khoya machines are based on the best kind of functionality. In addition, we prefer to serve the clients with machines which offer:

  • High rate of productivity

  • Reduced power consumption

In most of our khoya machine models, we use stainless steel because of the number of benefits the material offers.

Get yourself a Qualitative range

No doubt, when you are operating any business type it is extremely important that your preference is given to the quality products. If not, then you have to compromise on the final product which is not even worth using. Now! If we talk about the dairy industry then you cannot compromise on the quality aspect, as the user will consume the final product. If it is not worth it or perished then no one would want to buy milk from your brand or any type of dairy product.

What are the features of the mawa machine manufactured at NK dairy?

Here is the list of tasks which can do:

  • Preparing khoya from milk

  • Make tasty rabadi or basundi

  • Can make syrups, cream, and medicines

  • Make chocolate mix

  • Milk condensing to make kulfi or cream

  • Fruit pulps concentration

  • Helps to make besan ladoo, sohan papdi, kaju katli, kalakand, and much more

Want to get further information, then get in touch with our team right away. If you have any specific requirements then make sure to tell them about the same.