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Be The Best Organic Milk Startup With NK Dairy Equipment

Did you know that India is the largest producer of milk in the world? We have almost 22 % share of global milk production. But nearly 68.7 % of the milk products they sell in the country do not match the standards that the Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI) laid down.

Besides that, adulteration is also an old age ongoing issue in India. In fact, in recent times, we have noticed new startups that have come across to solve the problem of quality with milk. They focus on quality over quantity and purchase the machines from reputable Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India, ensuring better production value. In Fact, many of those start-ups not only stress about the adulteration of free milk but also focus on what to feed the cattle for better milk production.

In this blog, we will focus on some of the organic Milk Startups.

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List Of Organic Milk Production Startups

     Happy Milk

Mehal Kejriwal, in December 2017, co-founded Happy Milk. Starting from scratch, now the team has its own farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru. This milk production company has around 400 cows. Currently, Happy Milk has been serving individual buyers. Some of the buyers include Foodhall, Nature Basket, and some others. They take orders in bulk hence the mass production. You can also take a monthly subscription through apps such as Daily Ninja, Amazon Prime, And Doodhwala.

Happy milk has partnered with the German Technology company – Gea. They help them to design its farm aspects such as where they should install the milking parlor or Ghee Plant, the location of the calves, pasteurization and homogenization expertise, the packaging process, and many other processes. Besides that, they have also helped Happy Milk install a Monitoring device, which is somewhat equal to a Fitbit wearable for the cows at the farm. At Happy Milk, the team grows the fodder organically (which is free from any insecticides and pesticides). They have also provided Happy Milk with a detailed diet chart for the cows, including the 11-odd food nutrients. It results in a healthy, complete diet for better and larger quality milk.

     The Milk India Company

Shilpi Sinha Founded The Milk India Company in 2018. It focuses on delivering raw and unpasteurized cow Milk. They are currently delivering to almost 600 families in Bengaluru. The Milk India Company mainly boosts the production of pure milk. They produce raw, unpasteurized, with zero processing and adulteration involved. On top of that, the National Dairy Research Institute Of India has certified it.

The Milk India Company focuses on delivering cow milk every morning to the customer’s doorstep in the glass bottle. They started the production with an initial investment of Rs. 11,000, and now they have clocked an annual revenue of Rs. 27,00,000 and Rs. 70,00,000 in the first two years of operations, respectively.  


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