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How can the milk production from the cows be increased during the winters?

According to the owner of the famous Milk Processing Plant, “The milk supply gets reduced considerably when the temperature starts going down. We have to lay-off many of the staff members owing to the reduced workload. But that does not surely mean that the demand for milk and other milk-based products have gotten affected. It remains the same or even increases during the winter season since people provide themselves heat by drinking warm milk and there are so many other winter sweets which incorporate the use of the milk.”


No sooner than the milk production decreases, the ghee plant also runs short of the ghee because of which the prices of the Ghee get greatly increased during the winter season.

Khoya, which is dried evaporated solids, is also prepared with milk. Along with milk, its production also decreases. The dairy equipment manufacturing industry also runs short of demand for the khoya making machine.

Anyways, these are just the consequences which can be curbed if the following tips will be followed:

Make New Inclusions In The Ration

To keep the internal system warm the cow does need a great number of calories. For that, you can discuss with the nutritionist which foodstuffs should be given to the cows so that they can consume an adequate amount of calories.

Cows Should Be Hydrated

The amount of water cows drink and the amount of milk they produce is directly proportional to each other.

For instance: If the cow drinks less water, then the milk production will be considerably low. On the other hand, if the cows drink a great amount of water, then the milk production will be high.

Did you know?

During the winters the cows prefer to drink water which is between 40 to 65 degrees celsius.

What’s Their Body Condition Score?

If the reduction is experienced in any of the following, then it signifies that adequate energy is not being provided to the cows. So you have to make sure that you are regularly monitoring the scores.

Are The Cows Dry?

The cow needs to rest and sleep in a hygienic atmosphere. So the dairy owners have to make sure that they provide greatly clean and dry bedding to the cattle so that they can rest and sleep comfortably. Also for providing the confit to the cows, it is to be made sure that the cow grooming brushes are being used.

Which Feed Activities Are Being Followed?

During the winter the ration need gets changed and the increment in the feed creates so many kinds of digestible challenges. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the feeding activities.

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