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Why Nk Dairy team focuses on following the dairy industry hygiene standards?

Nk Dairy Guide: Practising The Basic Dairy Hygiene Standards

Talking about hygiene, then it is an important part of every industry and without this, things can turn out to be problematic for the business, client, and customer. Nk Dairy Team ensures that the best hygiene practices are followed even when they manufacture the dairy equipment and machinery. The same they tell their clients who are going to set up the Milk Processing Plant or already own one. For example: If we talk about the Khoya making machine then we give utmost consideration to quality management and doing all sorts of things which ensures the dairy business owner gets the product with the best of functioning. Even if you are planning to set up the Ghee Plant you need to be careful about the hygiene part, so that there are not any harmful pathogens present in those dairy products.

Why is it important to follow good hygiene in a dairy plant?

  • Reduce the risk of contamination and this way the milk will not be unhygienic when it reaches the end-user.

  • As per the regulatory practices mentioned for the dairy industry, there is mentioned about the highest standards of food safety.

  • As a dairy business owner, you need to only give the highest quality and safe dairy items.

Hygiene practices that a dairy business owner should follow

Hygiene practices to follow during milk production

In the dairy farm, there was a time when manual milking machines were used. Now! It has been replaced with automated machinery. Hygiene practices are important to follow so that there is not even a single chance of contamination.

  • Stand by with the dairy industry hygiene standards by using the latest and advanced machinery which ensures everything is well-managed.

  • Milking machinery use and avoiding over milking will eradicate the issue of mastitis.

  • At your dairy plant, you need to train everyone to follow the best dairy hygiene practices.

Hygiene practices follow in a dairy plant setup

Whether you talk about proper cleaning and sanitization, hygiene measures have to be taken in the dairy plant. Hygiene practices have to be followed in the processing, equipment, and personnel hygiene.

  • Proper training and insight about hygiene ensure better work performance. In addition, it prevents the chances of lubricant contamination.

  • Following every milking processing, cleaning & sterilization has to be followed at all costs.

  • You need to follow the right kind of drainage system and make sure there is enough water supply to clean everything.

  • Go for the automatic can washer as it reduces the risk of milk surface contamination.

  • It’s not just about cleaning the dairy equipment and machinery, the staff working in your dairy plant need to follow the hygiene practices. For that, wear the right attire, sterilize the hands, wear face masks, hair caps, and gloves.

Hygiene practices everyone should follow personally

As we have mentioned above, the person doing the work in the dairy industry must been careful about the hygiene part. Dirt, dust, and contamination are the major reasons which can affect the safety and quality of the product. Some of the major guidelines which have to be followed are:

  • Make sure that all the clothing items are sterilized properly to prevent contamination.

  • Make sure that you wash your hands properly while trying to handle the products in milk processing & during the production unit.

  • Wear hand gloves, cut the fingernails.

Key parameters for following the hygiene standards

Quality, reliability, and effectiveness are possible religiously the hygiene standards are followed in the dairy plant.

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