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Why is pasteurization so important for the money and health market?

After the early 80s, processed milk has acquired its position in the market. Manufacturing of food products made up of milk are in high demand for which processed milk becomes a key ingredient like:

  • Cheese
  • Curd
  • Butter
  • Cream

For the making of dairy products and processing of milk, dairy equipment has become a necessity. The rise of dairy product demand has given a substantial rise to the jobs relating to dairy industries like hiring of employees who could operate the machinery in a paneer plant. It has created a labor force demand in the market. As the advent of machines is taking place related to processing and making, the cost of production is reducing.

What is the role of pasteurizing division?
The pasteurizing division equipment include the following:

  • Pasteurizers
  • Homogenizers
  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Separators, Evaporators & Dryers
  • Membrane filtration equipment

Since 2017 the market is ruled by the pasteurizing division. As the pasteurizing industry is growing, various appliances used in the process of pasteurization are climbing in high demand. It is deemed to be a very indispensable process that kills all the impurities and microorganisms which may bring many food-borne diseases. Pasteurization has been playing an important role in the market because it helps to alleviate the service life (shelf life) of food products. The process of pasteurization helps the shopkeepers to retain the milk for a long time so that the whole of the milk is sold without incurring any kind of losses.

 Into how many parts , the operation segment of pasteurization is divided?

There are two kinds of operating segments:

  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

 Ultra Pasteurization process

In ultra-high pasteurization, there is an incorporation process of heating either milk or cream to almost 138 degrees to 150 degrees for merely one to two seconds. If the product on which the ultra-high pasteurization process is performed is kept in sterile and properly sealed containers or packets, they are fit for consumption for months. Sometimes because of less rigid packaging, there is a need to refrigerate it. After refrigeration, its shelf life is increased to 3 to 4 months.

There is also a pasteurization process known by the name of radiation pasteurization. In this process food items are exposed to beta or gamma rays that involve mild heat treatment and their storage time is considerably alleviated.

Bottom Line

Pasteurization is very important for the destruction of pathogens (micro organisms). If the microorganisms are not destroyed and are drunk as it is, they can lead us to the cage of many diseases that could weaken our immune system and may cause some serious allergies and infections. Moreover, pasteurization is quite essential to prevent the staling effect on the milk. In this century where everything is done to gain money, it becomes too difficult when the cost of production does not equalize with the revenue. To avoid that, there was an advent of the process which has now achieved considerable heights in the money and health market.

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