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Some Myths about dairy farming

To understand the concept of dairy farming in a better way, you must talk to the experts. They will take you one step closer to reality like understanding the marketing, food corporation, and media sensationalism skills. This guide will help you learn the topmost myths about dairy farming.

Given below are some of the topmost myth about dairy farming:


  • Organic milk is better for us and cows


The dairy farmers care about the cows to make sure the consumer gets the best quality milk. This is true that the cows are treated with the utmost care and they make sure the cows are the healthiest so that they can produce the best quality milk. So, even if the milk is organic or not, the milk is full of nutrients.

The dairy farmers make sure that the best quality dairy machines are used on the farm. The use of the latest dairy machinery helps to make the entire process go smoothly and effectively.


  • Milk is full of hormones


Growth hormones are not used in dairy cows, especially because they are used for milk and not meat. The cow will not be fatten up which needs to be used in the market. The cows naturally produce the BST hormone to produce milk. The synthetic hormone is used in 10% of the dairy cows which is rBST. Even the cows which are treated synthetically do not have nutritional differences and they eat naturally to produce a safe amount of hormones.


  • Cows are full of antibiotics


With the current rules and regulations, the authorities are not allowed to stock a large number of antibiotics unless there is a medical necessity and only if you have the vet prescription.

Treating sick animals is difficult and it needs to be done in the right manner. The milk supply should not have medicine. The dairy farmer makes sure the milk and dairy products should not have the antibiotics. The milk is tested several times before it is available for the final consumption.


  • Milk contains pus or blood


This is false. Milk is tested several times to make sure it is of the best quality, in its pure form and free from antibiotics. The farmers keep a proper track of the cow’s health and there is no way that the milk can be gross, contain blood, or pus in it.


  • Dairy causes health issues


In the world, around 1% of the population is lactose intolerant. Apart from that, dairy products are full of nutritional value which means it is a great source of minerals and vitamins.

If you are planning to get any type of machinery for your dairy farm then you need to consult the experts.

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Tips to control milk production cost?

Dairy business is of the growing sector all over the globe to meet the increase in demand. No doubt, with the advancement in technology and techniques have made the entire working process easier. But, the farmers are still wondering what they can do to control the production cost. In this guide, we have shared the tips shared by experts to control milk production cost.


The dairy sector has grown a lot in the past few years. The demand for milk and milk products in India is always on the high side. To do so, the dairy business owner makes sure to use the best techniques and methods so that the entire process of milking and other steps goes smoothly.

This is where the improved and latest dairy machinery play a very essential role.

But, one of the problems they face is how to control the cost of production? The dairy farmers are always wondering what they can do to control the cost is summer months.

Best technique: Milk processing

  • The improved and effective working of dairy machines have made different steps of milking convenient. The factor of decreasing the cost is the major concern for dairy farmers. The economical feed is considered as grass at around 25% of the price which concentrates on the dry substance per Kg. Many dairy producers have a lot of confidence that grass can be used to make milk. This is why milk processing is an ideal and reliable choice to produce more milk and get increased profits.
  • Keep in mind grass around 1Kg DM is equal to the power content as 1Kg and it also makes the process of milk production go smoothly.
  • In good conditions, the cow should consume pasture around 15kg DM when the grazing is done properly.

Under the current situation, a 30L cow will have all the essential power she needs from the grass and concentrate around five Kg. This means the diet needs to be proper and it should be given to all the cattle on time.

  • Another thing is to observe the feed and use this investigation to determine the feed level & whether it hit the objective properly or not.

Check the Milk Volume

By keeping a check on all the details properly it will help the milk production to get better. This way the milk volume will be up to the mark and the demand will be met. This can also help to boost the meal feed. Take the help of the experts and they will help you understand the meal input and check them against the lost profits to determine the exact option which increases the business profits.

If you want to know which dairy machine is best for your dairy business then contact our team for detailed information.

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Importance of Packaging Machines in Growing Business

Dairy business is growing a lot all over the world. In that case, it becomes important to make sure the end-consumer gets the best quality product which lasts for a long time. This is where the packaging needs to be given the utmost importance. In this guide, we are going to highlight the importance of packaging machinery.

The dairy business is one of the most popular businesses all over the world. Technological advancement has made it possible to do the various dairy processing steps most effectively. One of them is packing the dairy food and products in the best manner for the end-user. In that case, the packaging machines play a vital role in dairy farming. Let’s understand in detail the importance of packaging machines in the growing business.

Role of Packaging

The packaging is an essential need for most business activities which include sending the packaged product to the consumer. If you are running a business which uses packaging as a part of their business activity then it is vital to have appropriate packing machinery and other material to make the entire process go smoothly. Having the best dairy machinery will help your business productivity to increase which is great for business growth and success.

Moreover, it is seen that people tend to buy products that have great packaging. This means, if you give them the different packaged products which fulfill their needs and requirements then your customer base will also increase. So, in every manner, the packaged product is of great importance for every business.

With time, the packaging machinery has improved and its working has gotten better. The products are packed beautifully which attracts the customers to use the specific product as compared to others. In the same way, the dairy products are of different forms like solid or liquid which is why packaging needs to be given utmost care.

Different packaging machines

In the market you can get different packaging machinery and some of the most prominent ones we have mentioned below:

  • Bottle packing products need bottle packing machines to pack the products safely in the bottle.
  • Cup packing machines help pack the cup products as they make the product easy to use for a long time.
  • Pure packing machines are effective to pack the tube related products most effectively. In this type of packaging products like cream, juice, yogurt, and milk can be packed.
  • Another machinery is for the tube products as its demand is also increasing among the consumer.

The packaging segment is essential for every business. If the material used for packaging is not appropriate then the packaging process is affected. Additionally, the business owners are putting effort into using the 100% recycled packaging products to raise the business-standard. If you have any doubt, then take the help of the professionals to make the right choice.

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How important role does milk processing plays in dairy business?

Milk is considered to be a precious short shelf-life nutritious food that is handled carefully. When the raw milk transformed into processed milk products that benefit people by rendering off-farm jobs in milk collection, processing, transportation, and marketing. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the important role plays by milk processing in the dairy business in detail.

Milk receiving, separating, pasteurizing, homogenizing and storing are the main components of any dairy farms which assures milk processing. Milk products such as butter, ice cream, cheese, yogurt and many more are made by the milking equipment. The equipment of milk processing performs crucial roles in dairy plants.

A wide range of advanced milk equipment is readily available for dairy businesses based on the demands of the customers. The highly advanced equipment is used by the milk processing plants to produce groovy milk products and serve in the market. Such highly advanced machines are mainly designed for installation, retrofitting, expenses and repair services easily and quickly.

The advanced dairy machinery includes several characteristics such as:-

  • optimal performance
  • high performance
  • low and easy maintenance
  • high effectiveness
  • Powerful structure
  •  rust free with rugged construction
  • pursuant functioning
  • long practical life
  • Budget-friendly

Due to the above-mentioned characteristics helps the dairy enterprises to increase the productivity along with the requirements of the buyers.

Some of the helpful milk processing equipment which plays a crucial role in the dairy business is as shown below:-

  1. Separators: Separators plays an important role in clarifying the milk, purifying the milk fat and separating hot or cold milk, etc. one of the unique characteristics of this device it prevents from the air during the whole procedure and provides a fantastic quality of a product as well as flexible production with high efficiency of separation.
  2. Homogenizers: The main role of the homogenizer is to get the assorted variety of milk products and improves the texture, taste, and consistency of juice-based cream or liquid which avoids the cream line and sedimentation in the milk products.
  3. Milk Tanks: The primary component which is linked with the production of milk in processing business type are the milk tanks. These milk tanks are used for preserving the standardized milk type, skimmed cream, and milk. With all the essential features, the milk tanks, mixing tanks and the pre-stack tanks will always provide you a good milk quantity along with quality.
  4. Pasteurizers: The pasteurization plays a vital role in the formation of any milk product. These are the leading milk processing machines that render the heat to a milk product to minimize the activity of enzymes and kill pathogens. To make the product safe and lengthen the life of the product are the main purpose of this equipment.
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How does packaging machines boost up the packaging function in the dairy business?

The packaging segment in India is in the transformation state. This is true that the demand for the packaged product has increased and people are asking for sour milk drinks, yogurt, flavored milk, and other dairy drinks. In this topic, we will tell you how the packaging machines will boost dairy business.

Nowadays, individuals seek out products that are natural and healthy which makes dairy an attractive choice. Many studies have shown that the consumption of dairy products is helpful in different ways. One of the important considerations is to deliver it to the end-user safely. This is where the packaging machine is important.

Why packaging should be done?

The packaging is the process in which the product is protected and enclosed for storage, use, distribution, sale, and increasing product shelf-life. The dairy machinery helps in protecting the product from the impact of heat, cold, crushing, moisture, abrasion, and threat. The product packaging helps in telling:

  • Process of producing
  • Process of Evaluation
  • Tells about cost
  • Packaging standards
  • Regulations

With the use of high-tech and modern methods of packaging the business is also growing a lot. Most of the business owners are using the packaging machines which fulfill the customers need.

The machines are so advanced that the work is done faster, save time, money, and helps to deliver a quality product.

Importance of packaging machines for the growth of the dairy business


  • Pouch filling machines


Business owners who are providing high-quality material use this method of packaging. It is great as it resist gas, odor, light, and moisture. So, it is a great addition to the dairy farm for producing good quality products.


  • Cup Filling machine


Mostly used by the advanced business for liquid or thick material packaging in the cup-like jam, milk, juice, cream, syrup, and many other similar products. The products help in providing the user-friendly product as it provides different features like quick sealing, filling, forming, and opening.


  • Pure Pack Packing machine


Many companies use this method for filling food items like yogurt, juice, milk, and cream which makes it safe for consumption for a long time. With these different packaging, containers can be filled easily and without human efforts.


  • Vacuum Packing Machines


This type of packing machine is in high demand among business owners. This is important for sealing the products to save it from the air. With its use, the packaging industry gets better with its effectiveness, product features, and processing error is removed.


  • Packing tube machines


This is used in big industries to pack the tube related items such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. With advanced machinery, the industry is growing a lot. Make sure you choose the best one of reliable quality to make your business grow.

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What is Dairy Grazing and its golden rules?

Dairy farming business is becoming very popular. One of the essential methods is dairy grazing. In general, this is referred to as plants or algae consumption by animals either by biting or chewing. Read the given topic to know more about dairy grazing and what are the golden rules linked with it.

The dairy farming business is growing from the past many years. This is the reason many people are moving towards this. There is one important of the dairy farm and that is dairy grazing. The grazing method is linked with feeding. In this, the herbivorous feed on plants like grass or algae (multicellular organisms).In agriculture, grazing is domestic livestock which helps in converting grass and other fodder into milk, meat, and other products. Here are some of the golden rules of dairy grazing.

Pasture Vegetative phase (Growing phase)

It is very essential that pasture vegetative growth is between 4 to 14 inches. If it is grazed less than this, the plants want to grow properly as re-growth mainly depends on the roots. The re-growth does take time from 1 to 4 inches. In the milk processing plant, the rising point is slightly above the 4-inch mark for most of the species and it should not be cropped off. Once the growth is around 4 inches then the sun rays will assist in the growth very easily to 12 to 14 inches.

Speedy pasture

Pasture is land used for grazing and should be done very fastly within 12 hours break in milking herds to keep up with the quality. It should not allow the crop to re-grow as more than that will affect the roots. This is based on research and knowledge. In the dairy scheme, the low to no grains programs are not included. The low milk production level herds are responsible for having prices very high per cow. The higher make herds can generate 50 to 100% extra which gives the same cow protection.

Retain the Sward Strength

Sward is referred to as part of the ground covered with grass. The area should be given to grow properly which is around 12 to 18 days (spring) and 30 to 45 days (summer). The important time is late summer to maintain sward length and reduce weed seed opposition.

Flexible Grazing

Grazing needs to be flexible as every occasion is different. Use you should get the fencing done. Also, make sure the milk machines and dairy equipment are of the best quality on your dairy farm.

Feeding the cows

Cows feeding is as very important to get quality milk as nothing comes free of cost. Extra 5 pound grain will give sufficient nutrients that help in maintaining 10 pounds of milk. So, make sure whatever you do is done in the best manner.

If you want to read about dairy industries challenges in India go to our blog post in Thebestsguide.

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Some Myths About Dairy Farming Debunked

Milk is considered as the most essential food item as it is full of nutrients that are essential for the body and teeth. This is the reason, the dairy business is on the rise. But at times, it is seen that many myths are linked with dairy farming which creates a lot of confusion. Read the given topic to learn more.

There are a great deal of myths created by people about milk and how it is made. Well, if you look back then you will find that in the past years all the dairy farmers milk the cows manually. But these days, all the dairy tasks are done with the help of dairy machinery. There are certain types of machines such as milk pasteurization machines, milking machines, cheese and butter making, and so on. These all the dairy machines are beneficial to offer you the best quality milk so that you can live healthy.

However, still, certain people create rumors and myths about milk and how it is made.

Let’s have a look at myths about milk.

Myth-: Pasteurization destroys the nutrients that are present in milk.

Studies demonstrate that pasteurization doesn’t altogether destroy the nutrition benefit of milk. In addition to this, this technique is also useful to kill and remove the harmful bacteria from the milk. You may not know that milk contains almost 9-10 types of nutrients-:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Proteins

So, this is a complete myth that purification kills the nutrients in the milk. This is beneficial for your health and skin as well.

Myth-: It is vicious to separate calves from their mothers.

Well, it is true that when calves are born they need protection from their mother’s side. But, we cannot deny the truth that calves get infected from each other, that’s why farmers put them in individual pens. Whereas, this is a completely a myth that it is vicious to separate calves from their mothers.

Myth-: Dairy farms are dangerous for the environment.

Millions of dairy farmers live on their farms with their families. In this case, they use a large amount of water and other natural resources that are dangerous for the environment. Well, this is not true, because there are so many dairy farmers who reuse waste as fertilizer and transform waste materials into electricity and fertilizers as well.

Myth-: Milk is a completely antibiotic.

Well, this is a complete myth that milk is an antibiotic due to sick cows. However, these cows are completely separated from the other healthy cows. So, there is no chance of antibiotic milk, you can simply drink the milk.

These all the myths about milk and how it is made, so you do not trust them.

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How has Dairy Farming Evolved?

Technology is one aspect that which have helped the various types of business to grow in the best way possible. Moreover, the innovations and new methods have also helped the dairy business to grow on a large scale. from where it started to where it has reached now is very different. Let’s read the topic to learn more.

If we ask you to think about how your life would have been without your smartphone then it would be quite difficult to imagine at this point. Wherever we go we all have our smartphones or devices with us. No doubt, this technology we did not get in just one day. A lot of research has been done on this technology and how to make it better.

Well, with this innovation dairy farming business have also got the benefit.

Even with the rising population, we are still relying on the same number of farm families. This is the reason, opting for new and innovative technology is very important for the dairy farm business.

Adapting the Weather changes

Change in weather might not seem like a big deal to you but for the farmers, this thing needs to be kept in mind so that they can produce the food items if good quality. This is true that severe droughts, floods, heatwaves, and many other issues are faced every year. In that case, the farmers are using the water-intensive crops and feeding the cows with agricultural by-products like cottonseed hulls.

Understanding the importance of Environment

Natural resources are becoming less and to protect them dairy farmers are also taking the step. Protecting the dairyland so that it can be passed to the next generation. The farmers are working in ways to reduce the energy cost and saving the water.

This is the reason, in milking parlor the best quality dairy machinery is being installed so that production is increased and cutting back the extra cost of other resources.

Increasing productivity by doing less

What’s better than doing less but still able to increase productivity. Many advancements have been made to improve the way of taking care of animals and which eventually helps in producing milk in great amount. The technological advancements have helped to improve animal health and sustainability.

With the robotic feed pusher, it has helped to reduce the wastage of feed and it also ensures that cattle are getting food at the right time. Along with that, some farms are opting for robotic milkers which helps in giving more attention to animal care.

So, next time you think you are just having benefit from these technologies then you are wrong. Dairy farmers are also incorporating them in their daily business to deliver good quality milk.

Planning to get new machinery then do contact our team to get the best quality products.

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Rules of Dairy Grazing You Must know About

In India the business of dairy farming is growing a lot because the milk consumption is the necessity for many people. But, to make it run in the best way it is essential that dairy grazing is done properly. In this guide, we have shared the dairy grazing rules which everyone should know.

Well, a lot of advancement has been made in the dairy industry which helped many dairy farm owners to increase their business on a large scale. For the dairy farm to run properly you must understand the process of dairy grazing. Well, for your understanding we have mentioned the various rules of dairy grazing which you should know.


  • Pasture vegetative and increasing


The growth of pasture vegetative is very essential and it should be between 4 to 14 inches. If the grazing is less then plants will regrow on the roots assets. To grow from 1 inch to 4 inches it needs time. The rising point for milk processing plant is around 4 inches. But, once they are 4 inches the plant growth is very quick which is possible because of the sun. Eventually, when they grow 12 inches to 14 inches the plant development starts which helps in the growth of the seeds.


  • Fast pasture


To keep the search quality it is essential to have 12-hour break in the milking herds. This means grazing the pastures is very essential, otherwise, the roots will get depleted. The dairy owners got to know about this through the special research knowledge. In the dairy scheme, the low to no grain programs are not present. The preservative cost is high where is milk production low. But, if the herds are higher than it helps in generating around 50 to 100% extra.


  • Maintaining the length of Sward


In the Springtime, the regrowth time is around 12 to 18 days whereas in summer it takes around 30 to 45 days. In summer, the late rest time is very important as it helps in keeping the sward health and also helps in decreasing the opposition of weed seed.


  • Grazing should be flexible


Keep in mind every glazing occasion should be different along with each period. The wrong dimensions are the reason for the problem with grazing period in the eternal fixed paddock system. You should get the provision of the fencing on the dairy farm. Make sure in the milk plant, dairy machinery should be bought from the trusted source which will make the grazing even better.


  • Feeding the cows


In the dairy plant, dairy cows should be fed properly. To increase the growth of your business it is essential that cows are fed on time. Giving them even extra 5 pounds can help to increase the value of nutrients in the milk.

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Everything About Starting A Dairy Farm in India

In India, one business which is contentiously rising in the dairy farm business. This is because the demand for dairy products is increasing. But, it is also essential that you understand working on a dairy farm. In this topic, we will tell you everything about starting the dairy farm in India.

How safe is the dairy business?

If you are going to start a dairy farming business then it is essential that you know about the entire process in detail. Well, the dairy business is safe because of different reasons:

  • The top reason is that it does not result in environmental pollution which is caused by other industries.
  • The need for skilled labor is less.
  • The demand for the dairy product is continuously on the rise in India.
  • With dairy business, the need to stock the raw material is minimum.
  • If any problem comes when the entire dairy farm can be shifted to a new location and The requirement of energy is less.

What are the limitations and constraints?

  • In dairy farming business good planning is must but along with that hardworking and reliable manager is needed. This can create a problem as sometimes people are not fully aware of the process.
  • To get the required amount of milk various factors should be kept in mind.
  • In the feeding and heard health is not taken care properly then it will decrease the quality which will eventually affect the level of production.

How to start the dairy farm?

  • It is very essential that you find the reason to start the Dairy Plants. There should be the proper aim that how many animals you want to maintain and how much the production level should be increased.
  • To get a better understanding of the process you should visit the dairy farm which runs on a commercial basis. Their experience will tell you a lot about small things.
  • If you want to manage the farm on your own then you should start with a minimum period of six months.
  • Visit your nearest cattle market to observe the animals and know more about the animals.
  • Make sure you buy the best dairy machinery so that your production level is increased in the Milk Plant.
  • Read the magazines and website as it will give you all the latest information as well as all the new methods which are being used in dairy farm.

What other things should be kept in mind?

Apart from this, you should select the animal which you want in your farm cow or buffalo. It is your choice whether you want both of them. Additionally, check what all the legal requirements are there so that in future no problem arises.