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What are the important things which help you select the best cream separator?

In this blog, we are going to take you through some of the insightful tips to select the best cream separator for your dairy plant.

  • Cream separator capacity is not the actual amount of milk that can be processed

When the manufacturer tells you the cream separator performance like 100litres per hour, it does not mean that it can separate the 100 liters of milk. With time, the separators are going to get clogged with fat, grass particles, and whatnot. It is the reason, after 45 minutes of work the separator needs to be stopped, unwind the drum, and then you need to stop it. It is just going to take 15 minutes. Ask the manufacturer to tell you better what needs to be done while using the machine.

  • Plastic is not always the bad thing

Well, the use of plastic in dairy equipment is helpful in different ways you might have not even thought of. No doubt, the plastic can break easily and it won’t smell the best. Many people prefer metal.

However, plastic is different and it is the perfect option & its use is not going to bother you in any sense. This option is cheaper and it will work best also.

  • Check the parts which come in food contact

The ideal material choice for all these options is stainless steel. Apart from that, you can opt for anodized aluminum. After that, you can choose aluminum and polycarbonate. You should not opt for the tin-plated parts as the material can peel off and starts getting rusted which affects the entire milk quality. So, choose wisely so that the end-user gets quality milk and dairy products.

  • Type of engine present in the machine

Well, there are 2 types of engines which come with a brush and without a brush. With brushless motors, there is the presence of electronics which helps to control the engine speed and it can perfectly adapt the voltage surges.

Engines with brushes are simpler and there is no presence of electronics. Moreover, it even allows you to change the speed of operation which can work great for separation.

Ideally, the motor with brushes is a preferable option as they are safe and there is no need for much electricity in it. So, the problem of getting the machine broken down is reduced.

  • Is there availability of fixing hooks in the separator?

Fixing crates are needed for safety purposes so that the separator is fixed to the milk container. If someone hits it by accident, the separator will not break and the surrounding objects are not going to get damaged. The milk container has to fix hooks attached to it which increases the stability.


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