bulk milk cooler

Get the up to date milking equipment

They can handle large milking and as well as storing the milk for a required period of time. With expertise, bulk milk coolers are manufactured in different sizes, i.e. the IBT model and the DX model. All the milking equipment is designed to match the standard quality and expectations of consumers. The equipment is CFC free and handles two milking with optimum energy efficiency.

The milking equipment promotes hygiene and cleanliness at the farm or the dairy

Different coolers with a capacity of 500 to 5000 litres are manufactured and supplied NK dairy equipment. The coolers are affordable and can be designed as per the consumer’s requirement. They include;

  • Bulk milk coolers
  • Rapid milk coolers
  • Milk chillers
  • Homogenizers
  • Rapid milk coolers

With the use of advanced technology, bulk milk coolers are designed with an agitator for uniform heat transfer. They can cool the milk from ambient 4 degrees C. All the equipment is manufactured using the best quality of stainless steel and they are log lasting.

The equipment increases the milk life and protects the milk from bacterial infestation. The machines allow easy transfer of milk from one container to another and different equipment are available that are used to transport milk from one place to the final destination.

Microprocessor based temperature controllers are also embedded in the milk processing equipment

The machines can be washed easily

They do not consume a lot of energy