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Essential Steps Before Starting a Dairy Farm

No doubt, dairy farming is growing day by day due to new advancements in technology. In addition, this business is seen as more profitable for every dairy farmer, either he is experienced or new to this field. Since people these days consume more and more in order to keep them healthy, and they are too aware of dairy products that what types of equipments do you use in order to make them. So, you have to understand the strategies which are essential to start a new business.

Moreover, it is necessary to grab knowledge regarding dairy machines and other types of equipment which are useful to grow your business in an effective manner. So there are some essential steps you have to follow prior to starting your business.

Plan your Business

It is necessary to plan your business prior to building or start it. You should make some rough idea or sketch so that you can able to understand all the things which you are going to start in your business. Moreover, you should also make a plan for equipment which is necessary to make it effective. These are not enough things to plan before the starting of your business but here are some other things you have to plan before-

  • Market Analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Organization description
  • Funding

What type of services do you want to give?

You should also plan the services and products which you want to give to your customers. You should go with a milking machine, paneer and ghee making machine, and packaging machines as well. Because these are too necessary to make dairy products so that you can serve people well. Moreover, you should also make a list of products such as -:

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Sour cream and dips
  • Yogurt
  • Milk powder
  • Frozen desserts
  • Cheese
  • Icecreams

Financial Investments

It is necessary to plan how much you need to spend on your business. You should plan your finance according to products, services, raw material, electricity bills, and animal maintenance. If you do not have as much money then you can also get a loan from corporative society because they give loan to farmers on very low interest.

Moreover, there are many other factors which you have to consider such as breeding, feeding, maintenance, infrastructure, and so on. You should get the help of any professional person who is already running his business in dairy farming because he knows everything very well.

Dairy Plants

What Happens at Milk Processing Plants

If we were asked that which part of our diet is the most common throughout the world, it would be most probably milk. We love ice-creams, cheese, butter, and cottage cheese. We relish milk and curd in their simple and flavored forms. Many dishes use milk, cream or butter for enhancing its taste. We can see that milk is an important part of our lives.

Hence the need for various milk pasteurizer plants. There has been a wave of automation in the milk processing services which has led to an increase in both the quality and the quantity of the milk production. It has also helped in minimizing the wastage and reduction of carbon footprint.

Milk processing-It is a series of methods which ensure that the milk is fit for consumption. After ensuring that, the milk is packed and sold to the customers. The whole cycle can be divided into various steps-

  1. Collection –The milk is collected and then checked for quality and purity
  2. Transfer –The milk is transferred to various plants which store the milk in huge tanks. Here the milk undergoes separation and clarification making it fit for consumption. The processes of separation and clarification make it bacteria free.
  3. Separation –It is a process which is used to separate full cream milk and toned milk.
  1. Fortification –It is the process in which there is the addition of fortified vitamins and minerals.
  1. Pasteurization – The milk is heated to a very high temperature and cooled immediately. This helps in eliminating bacteria.
  1. Homogenization – The fat content of the milk is removed by the process of homogenization.
  1. Packaging –The products are packed and made ready to be sold at customer markets. The milk is made available in different fat content forms. The milk can be availed from online and offline stores.

Milk processing plants are helpful in all the steps of milk processing. With the milk processing plants, the various steps of the milk processing cycle are simplified. It also makes the whole process hygienic and fast. The obvious outcome is the faster delivery of better quality milk. The development of Milk processing plants has led to the ease of monitoring the delivery of milk from the tankers and the final packing into packets and bottles. The milk processing process is being enhanced by various automation technologies. The plant is indeed a necessary aspect of the efficient extraction of milk and all the steps which the milk goes through until it gets delivered to the customers.

dairy equipments

Rethinking About How Dairy Farming in Future Will Be like

In this article we will discuss how the dairy farming will change in the future so that the business grows effectively.

Milk is one of the most consumed food items all over the world. The milk and dairy products are derived from milk which is produced by the over 270 millions dairy cows. It is sure that in the future, dairy farming is going to change a lot and get even better.

Advancements In The Transport System

The global dairy industry is dived into the private and commercial sector which range from having one cow which is used to feed the family or huge number of cows in commercial farms. It does not matter what the size is the technology needs to be up to date. This means it is important to have the best transportation facility so that milk processing can be done effectively.

The demand for milk has increased a lot because of urbanization and westernization as people are more focused on keeping themselves fit. With the advancement in technology, it has become more convenient to transport milk and other dairy products in an effective manner.

A Universal Approach

It is very essential that the dairy farm should manage and optimize the major working operations of the dairy farm. At Nk dairy, we offer the best type of dairy machines and dairy equipments which helps to increase the productivity and profit of the business. The main focus should be one developing and using the technologies which can benefit everyone in the long run.

Farming Is Becoming Popular

As the population is increasing which means the need for food will increase. In most cases, the farms are located near the cities which helps in reducing storage, transportation cost, and travel cost.

With this dairy farm owners are becoming more competitive, but they also focus on that the people nearby should get affected by the smell and noise. This is why they optimize the resources properly and also waste management is done effectively. The focus is also on ensuring that the health of animals should not be affected. The quality of milk should be best and the production should also increase.

Taking Care of The Cow

Earlier it was difficult to keep a check on cows health. But now as technology has changed the farmers and managers are able to effectively see how much the cow eat and how much milk is being produced. These things will help to give the optimum amount of food to cow and the quality of food will be given to them.

Dairy Information

There is no Alternative to Milk

We remember our childhood days with fond memories of our mother running behind us with a glass of milk in her hand. Sure, mothers know best. That is exactly the reason why she made it sure that you had your milk. Milk is a rich source of various nutrients which include calcium,  protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, riboflavin (B2), niacin, pantothenic acid, and phosphorus. The milk supplied by dairies is a common source of milk. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the milk should be rich in these nutrients, have a uniform composition and meet the safety standards. These qualities can be attained with non-dairy products. This is where dairy plants come in the picture. NK dairy provides quality milk which has been harvested using approved procedures and passing through the dairy machine. We also ensure that our milk is safe by pasteurizing it through our milk pasteurizer plant.

Let’s take a look at the milk as a source of various nutrients –

  1. Calcium: While calcium is readily absorbed from dairy milk, the same can’t be said about the non-dairy and fortified milk packs. One should check the quantity and quality of non-dairy milk alternatives before buying them.
  2. Protein: While dairy milk provides an average of 8 grams of protein per cup, the non-dairy milk alternatives offer a poor 1 g per cup. Will you still buy it?
  1. What’s the return on Investment of your alternative?

Milk truly stands for value for money as it offers great nutrition for a small amount of money. The same can’t be said of the non-dairy milk alternatives.

  1. No added flavors

The milk is harvested and supplied in its most natural form. They steer clear of added sugars, flavorings or stabilizers. It is just milk with all its goodness. But non-dairy milk alternatives have a long list of sugars, stabilizers or flavorings added to them. That is one more reason for you to opt for dairy milk.

  1. Are you Lactose Intolerant?

Then sure you must pick dairy milk. It has various low lactose or lactose-free products for you. You can choose from yogurt or natural cheese such as cheddar, mozzarella or Swiss  -you will never complain about these choices. You won’t have any option in non-dairy milk alternatives.

  1. Disease Fighter

If you go by the current dietary recommendations given by the dieticians, at least three servings of low-fat milk, cheese or yogurt are recommended for a balanced diet. It helps in enhancing bone health and lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in preventing Type 2 diabetes and managing the weight. So reach out for a glassful of the white treasure.

dairy equipments

Benefits of Internet of Things for Indian Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world and many changes have come in this. With IoT the dairy farming industry have got various benefits to make it better.
In the past few years, the Indian dairy industry has evolved a lot in terms of technology and to utilize the resources in the best way. However, before freedom, this was not the case because India was facing a shortage of assets and various dairy products.

Now, the entire situation has changed a lot and India is considered as the developing nation for dairy farming.

In limited time the nation has focused to gather the necessary information from all over the world. Additionally, India is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world along with the nation to export various milk products.

The technology has even changed a lot like the Internet of Things came into existence. Here we will understand how the dairy industry changed with IoT.

Automatic machines
With IoT comes the benefit of automation which really helped the dairy farming industry to become successful. Definitely, it changed the whole cycle of milk which involves manufacturing, collection, and procurement. No doubt, it is essential to check the milk quality so that it is perfect for consumption for everyone. With this, various apps are available to use Dairy Machines and Dairy Equipments in a convenient and easy way for the farmers.

Storing the Data
It has become even more convenient to store the data in a better and safe manner. The data is kept on the cloud so that you can access it from any place at any time. Moreover, you can store unlimited data on their without need to worry about that it can get lost or someone might take the important information. With this, you can also keep the data in a constant manner and whenever you want to access it you can easily do that.

Easy to Pay
The government and industrial sector are making efforts to digitize their work, as well as dairy farming, is also focusing on this thing. One such approach which has been used is Electronic payment to make the payment system much easier. This is done to make their work easy and so that they can easily pay the installments.

Effective and efficient management
Best frameworks are used to manage and regulate the work of the dairy farming industry. With IoT, it gives the chance to farmers to effectively reach to various customers so that they can enhance their dairy plant on a large scale.

Easy to make Decision
IoT has helped to encourage people to get access to the information in an easy way. It has become easy to get the required information and connect with various people in the world.

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Challenges that New Dairy business Are facing in Indian Dairy Sector

One of the most consumed and essential food items in India is milk. In this guide we will discuss the challenges which are faced by the Indian dairy sector.

India has a pattern of production, processing, and marketing is quite unique in comparison to any other milk producing country. India is the largest producer of milk as well as dairy products. Moreover, it is consuming its entire milk production on its own. One thing more which makes the dairy sector of India different is that it focuses on both cow and buffalo milk. Here are some challenges which are being faced by the Indian dairy sector.

  • Health Care Services

The veterinary health care centres are located in far areas. Additionally, the ratio between veterinary hospitals and cattle population is more, due to which proper facilities are not given to the animals. The proper vaccination schedule is followed which result in affecting the health of animals.

  • Shortage of Feed

Due to industrial development, the supply of feed and fodder is less in comparison to how much it is required. This increasing gap between the feed and fodder is affecting the performance of the dairy animals. The profits of the dairy industry are also reduced because of the high cost of feeding supply. So, it means supplying poor quality food to the animals not only affect their but it will also affect the animal production system.

  • Training Programs

Having a good education and training program regarding the dairy practices will help in increase in production. It will be even better if training is given to every employee so that they know the entire working environment of the dairy industry. But the decision to implement these programs need a commitment from the top-level management which at a time is the biggest problem.

  • Clean and Hygienic Environment

At times it is seen that the cattle are not given proper shelter and they are left in the extreme climatic conditions. The unhygienic environment will expose the entire milking yard and cattle shed to infectious condition. This will also affect milk quality and other dairy products. So, make sure the dairy machines and equipment are cleaned properly.

  • System of Breeding

The most common problem is Indian cattle breed is late maturity. The cattle owners do not have proper detection of heat symptoms for the oestrus cycle. In addition to this, animal performance is definitely decreasing because of this issue.  The industry will also face economic loss because of various diseases which lead to abortion. Fertility issue can also increase because of mineral, and vitamin deficiency.

In case, you are looking to set up your dairy plant then you should keep all these things in mind so that your business can grow effectively.

Dairy Plants

Rising and Promising Future in Indian Dairy Industry

India is registering a rise in many fields. One such field is the dairy industry. From being the lowest cow milk producing country to the fastest growing dairy market in the world, India has indeed carved a niche in the dairy world. The reason may lie in the fact that the market is a source of livelihood for the 600 million rural families. Hence the need for more dairy plants. NK Dairy provides you with the latest, state of the art dairy machinery. We also sell dairy equipment.

What do the figures say?

The dairy industry has become globalized. The international dairy markets have become demand driven rather than supply driven. This has led to an increased demand for Indian dairy products in the international market.As a result, the Indian dairy export scene is all rosy. If we go according to the current figures, the Indian market has recorded a boom after a slump of 4 years. With the figures rising up from $260 million in the last year to $ 404 million in Feb 2019, we can proudly feel an increment of 56 % in the current year. The reason may be the rise in the global price of skimmed milk powder. No wonder, it has worked in favor of the Indian dairy industry.

The International Scene

Higher income groups and increased awareness regarding nutrition has led to an increase in demand for quality dairy products. Many developing and developed countries have become markets for dairy products. There is an increase in demand for processed and packaged dairy products as well, especially in urban areas. The rise in demand has led to an increase in competition in the private sector. We can see and feel various international brands entering the dairy sector. This has led to an escalation in the level of quality.

The Price Trends

As expected, there has been a phenomenal rise in the prices of the global dairy products and the race is still on! The prices of butter, milk powder (whole) and cheese have raised a lot. The skimmed milk powder is expected to be 10 % costlier in terms of world market prices. The butter is expected to be 30 % dearer by the time we reach 2022.

The Lifestyle Changes Which Demand Milk Products

Dieting has become a way of life for many people. There are various kinds of diet fads going on in the world. Among them lies the Keto Diet. It is known to deliver fast and effective weight loss results. The diet is related to dairy products in a close way. It recommends the use of cheese and other products with fats. The people who are in a hurry to lose weight are one of the biggest dairy consumers, thanks to the Keto Diet wave. All said and done, the Indian dairy industry is all set to become a high grosser on a global level.

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Tips For Dairy Farmers To Improve Cow Milk Production

Dairy framing is not an easy task, you have to give extra effort and care to your cattle. Here in this topic we are going to give you some tips in order to increase the production of cow milk.

Give Them Proper Nutrition On Time

You should give proper nutrition to your cows in order to increase the production of milk. You should also consult with experts because they have more experience and skills.

Here are some tips for dry cows include:

  • Avoiding feeding unnecessarily
  • Maintain a dry matter intake
  • Maximizing comfort
  • Preventing BCS gain
  • Addressing hoof health

Maximize Feed Intake Immediately After Calving

It is necessary to maximize the feed intake of cows immediately after calving because of some reasons. You should below mentioned instructions with the goal to increase the milk production.

  • You must provide them feed bunks in good condition and also keep them fresh, clean, and hygienic.
  • It is necessary to provide them almost 10 pounds of grass hay.
  • You should provide them 15 gallons of warm water after calving.

Reduce The Risk Of Subclinical Milk Fever

This is your responsibility to reduce the risk of subclinical milk fever which is additionally known as low blood calcium. you must keep some things in your mind if you are milking cows with the help of milking machine. Moreover, low blood calcium is associated with below-mentioned factors-:

  • Delayed uterine involution
  • Ketosis
  • Metritis
  • Higher somatic cell count
  • And reduced milk Yield.

Maintain Your Dairy Machines Well

It is mandatory to maintain your dairy machinery ineffective manner. Sometimes, unhygienic machines can cause infection, due to which cattle are unable to produce healthy milk. So, in order to increase the production and improve the quality of milk, you need to clean the milking parlors daily two times a day.

Maximize The Cow Comfort

If you are unable to do this, then hire a person who has experience in dairy farming. So that you can learn ways to increase milk production and how to maximize the comfort level of a cow. Moreover, it is necessary to keep cows in fresh cow group so that, they can learn to feel comfortable with any person and animal also.

Feed Correct Amounts Of Antioxidants

You should call to veterinary doctor in order to check your cow. And you should only feed them the correct amount of antioxidants with the prescription of a veterinary doctor. Expert’s advice matters a lot in order to keep them healthy and increase the production of milk.

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Proper Way to Milk A Cow With Machine

In the past years, dairy farmers usually milk the cow with hands but these days this is done by milking machines. Here, in this content, we are going to guide you on how to milk the cow and buffaloes in the proper way with milking parlour, dairy equipment, and machines.

In this modern era, the majority of farmers use advanced technology in order to milk the cattle. Due to milking machines, they are able to milk the cows easily. But in the previous years, farmers did all the dairy works with their hands. Which actually took more time and effort, whereas these days dairy machinery is useful to save time and effort as well.

If you are not aware of these machines you just meet us once and we will guide you about the milking parlour. Because we know the best techniques and proper way to milk a cow without much effort. Moreover, don’t rush to buy a milking machine or dairy machinery because the shape and size of these advanced techniques vary according to the size of the dairy farm.

How to Milk a Cow by Milking machine?

There are several ways to milk a cow with the help of a milking machine.

Check the milking machine prior to use

This is necessary to check your requirements and needs before buying the milking machine. You should only go with those machines which are durable and give you the long term benefits. After buying the machine, you need to check it prior to use. In addition to this, the milking machine requires proper maintenance and care as well. If you want to use it for a long time then it is necessary to maintain it properly.

Gently clean the udders and teats of the cow.

This is mandatory to clean the udder and teats of cows similarly as previous times. It means similarly as those persons who milk the cow with hands. This is necessary for quality milk and you can able to secure the milk of cows from the infections and germs.

Here are some other tips to milk the cow with machines.

Turn On The Machine

After cleaning you must turn on the machine for the milking process. You just check the pressure first before milking the cow.

Fix The Machine At Cow Teats

You should fix the machine at cow teats for the milking process. And start the machine for milking. You should also leave the machine for 5 minutes until the udder is full.

Turn off The Machine

After the milking process, it is necessary to turn off the machine. And then again clean the teats of cows in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Transfer The Milk Into Storage Units.

You should transfer the milk into storage units for the delivery process.