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Things Necessary To Start A Dairy Farm

Milk and its products are in great demand around the year. This calls for a continuous supply of milk throughout the year. The increase in global population will see an increase in milk demand by 3- 4%. This calls for various measures in increasing the supply in the same proportion otherwise there will be a shortage. Definitely, the demand can be met by dairy farms. Dairy plants are in great demand these days due to the same reason.

If you are interested in pursuing business in this field, you will need a lot of time, effort, money and of course advice from the experts. We are here with the guidelines summed up after years of experience and service in the industry –

Develop a Plan

Everything starts with planning. Your business plan must include a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Try to find out the answers to questions such as how many cows will you require? Where will your market exist? How many funds do you require to start the plant? After taking into consideration the finances and the cash flow, you will be able to work out the cost incurred. You can set the selling price of your product accordingly. A cow milking parlor is going to be a profitable business no doubt but one needs proper planning prior to taking any step. Using a milk machine for milk harvesting also needs some advice.

Take advice from the experts

Get tips from the veterans, bankers and fellow producers regarding your business. Try to attend seminars and workshops in your area. Talk and ask a lot of questions as whatever works for one dairy may not work for another dairy.

Do your Research

Conduct extensive research and work out the number and type of animals you will keep. The dairies mostly keep cows, buffaloes, and goats for milk extraction. Find out which breeds of these animals can survive in your climatic conditions and which breed’s milk is in demand in your area. You can take the help of agricultural institutions for the same. You also need to work out the cost of raising the calves to the milk-producing stage. People who are inexperienced in this field need to update their knowledge about calving, breeding, weaning, milking cows, manure management and crop management.

Invest in Infrastructure

You will have to take care of investing in a good infrastructure facility so as to ensure the health and wellbeing of your animals. You should ensure that each animal gets at least 40 square feet of the shed. It should also get 80 square feet of open space. Going by this estimate, you will require at least 1-acre space if you plan to open a small scale dairy. Basic amenities such as cleanliness, proper ventilation, and proper diet must be provided to the animals. Likewise, you should make ample arrangements for managing cattle waste products.