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Which important points to focus on before inaugurating a dairy business?

The dairy sector is accountable for contributing a great share in the GDP. The dairy business in India is considered a very profitable business. It is because of the fact that there are modicum chances to incur any kind of loss. For example: if the milk by some means got spoiled, it will not let the dairy owner incur the loss because there is another way by which they can use the spoiled milk and that is cheese production. So in this way, a dairy plant is not limited to the processing of milk, but they also take into account providing the customers with organic cheese, curd and other dairy products. So in the ensuing information, you will get to encounter some of the important points which are necessary to take into account before opening a dairy plant.

  • Consider the important points

Your main motive to open a dairy plant is to meet the ongoing demand. If you try to create demand for your specialised product, then you will not only be at high risk but you will also encounter the loss in the beginning.

Besides, when opening a dairy plant, you should consider the demand for milk in your locality. Because some people like cow milk while others prefer buffalo milk. Do not try to perceive the one whose demand is not there in the area.

  • What is the importance of the breed in the dairy plant?

The breed is considered an important point with which people can take into account whether they should buy milk from you or not. The milk produced by the Indian breed cows is considered the best milk after the mother’s milk. But the milk of foreign cows lacks in the A2 Beta casein. For this reason, Indian dairy plants use the cows of the following breeds:

  • Gir
  • Sahiwal
  • Red Sindhi
  • Worship factor

We do know that Indian cows are called mothers. So while you are obtaining milk from them, you should respect them. Because if any disrespecting activity comes into existence, people on a collective level will boycott you.

  • How to buy cattle?

It is vital to buy cattle by considering some important factors as mentioned below:

  • Do not buy a cow until you have tried to obtain milk from it at least 3 to 4 times.
  • Do not buy the cow if it is producing milk less than 16 to 17 litres and 13 to 15 litres in the case of the buffaloes.

Important tip:

Do not buy the cattle from one distributor all at once. If you are intending to buy from the same person then you should buy at the interval of 2 months.

  • Taking care of your cattle

Purchasing cattle is not only the point which you should focus on. You must take into account the following factors as well:

  • Is the cow getting the nutritional fodder to eat?
  • Is the cow’s disease-free?
  • Are the cows happy?
  • Are the cows vaccinated?


If you have domesticated cattle, then you should take care of the hygiene because it is the one factor that can make your customers ‘ regular customers’ or ‘one time customers’.

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