Dairy Plants

What revolution of automation can be seen in advanced dairy plants?

In ancient times, the farmers would milk the cows manually and would process the milk and the variegated milk-based products by themselves. But those days are gone and have stepped into the advanced era in which automation techniques are used to milk the cow and process the milk. It depends on the capacity of the dairy plant to choose which dairy-based items it likes to produce and sell.

  • Evolution of Milking techniques

If one wants to set up a huge milk business then to thoroughly count on the manual efforts whether it is related to milking the cows or it is related to manufacturing variegated dairy products is not an act of wiseness. One should take into account the automation techniques which are the prominent reason for the success of the dairy planets that are functioning in foreign countries.

We have encountered a question many times, whether cows will feel comfortable if the machine is issued for milking. Then we want to mention here that the milking system which we use to milk the cows is made up of both soft rubber and silicon which makes it convenient for cows to be milked with the machine.

To milk a cow with the help of the machine, the maximum time of approx 6 to 9 minutes is taken.

For the facilitation of the dairy owners, NK dairy has also introduced rotary parlours. These parlours are a source of convenience for the dairy owners because these do provide great assistance and it is right to say that these take up the whole of the work of milking, cleaning and feeding the cow.

The milk needs to be preserved at an adequate temperature which is customarily 4-degree celsius. So whenever the transportation trucks transport the milk to the processing plants, then it becomes quintessential to regularly check and monitor the temperature. For this, we have also a piece of well-recognized equipment that is TTR (Time-temperature recorder)

  • Herd fitness & Cow Comfort

To obtain milk of good quality, it is quintessential to make sure that the cows are living in comfortable conditions. To ensure the health, fitness and comfort of the cows, the following types of equipment are offered by NK Diary

  • RFID

This is the acronym for the radio frequency identification device. As we all know it is indispensable to know the origin of the cow, so it helps to know which breed of the cow it is. It also assists in tracking the whereabouts of the cow.

  • Pedometers

These help to track the fitness and the feeding activities of the cows to ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle which is vital to obtain a good quality of milk.

  • Sustainability

It is relevant to mention here that setting up a dairy plant is full of benefits and profits because despite earning profits by selling the milk and the milk-based products, one can also sell and even use by oneself the waste excreted by the cows which are considered as the natural fertilisers for the soil.


If you are also interested in stepping towards automation and making your herd health a matter of supreme priority, then we would like to represent ourselves to serve you with the advanced technologies.

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