Dairy Plants

Dairy processing plants – Transportation of milk and processing techniques

Dairy processing is a field that carries out the procurement and the processing of milk from milk-producing animals. The processing of dairy milk requires a variety of important equipment that not only helps to increase the shelf life of the milk but also help to kill the harmful pathogens from the milk. For this reason, a dairy plant requires the services of the best dairy equipment provider that provides a quality product with a guarantee.

Many of the dairy processing plants do not have cattle to obtain milk from. Rather they count on the individual who has domesticated the cattle at their homes and does transport the milk to the dairy processing plants daily.

Who transports the milk to the dairy processing plants?

Following are accountable to provide the dairy plants with the milk to process:

  • Individuals

In India, usually, the cattle are milked twice a day. So do these individuals transport the milk either each time the cattle is milked or both times.

  • Contractors

Contractors which are also known as middlemen or intermediaries do hold the accountability to make the milk reach the dairy processing plants. But there is a risk that these contractors would charge both the parties with the high commission which would cut the benefit of the dairy farmers.

  • Co-operative organisations

The individuals who do transport the milk to the dairy plants form an organisation who divide the transportation charges with an equal amount of shares.

How is milk processed at the dairy processing plants?

By the use of the following methods, the milk is processed:

  • Skimming

As we know, raw milk is full of impurities, so to bring about the healthy form of milk by doing away with the debris and the harmful sediments present in the milk, the milk is made to pass through the clarifier. And with the use of the separator, the cream is produced by eliminating the heavier milk fat by heating it at the required temperature.

  • Fortifying

This is a nitrifying stage in which Vitamin A and Vitamin D are incorporated in the skimmed milk.

  • Pasteurization

Pasteurization is a quintessential process that assists in getting rid of the harmful bacteria and pathogens that enters the stomach can cause a variety of digestion related problems like food poisoning and many more.

  • Homogenizing

It is a technique that assists in mitigating the size of the fat particles from the milk.

  • Packaging

The eventual stage of milk processing is known as packaging. As the name itself suggests, that the processed milk is aimed to be asked at this stage by having a stamped claim of the date of manufacturing.

Other productions in the dairy plants

Dairy plants are not only restricted by the processing of milk. Rather these are also accountable for producing other dairy items as well like:

  • Cheese
  • Cream
  • Curd
  • Milk Powder


For the effective functioning of the dairy plant, it is required to lay out the appropriate plan for the same to experience the flawless operation of the plant without any hindrance in quality production.

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