Features-cum-merits of the road milk tanker?

NK Dairy is presenting the road milk tanker of high quality. These are made with the best quality material that could help to retain the nutritional value of the milk. The demand for these tankers is rising in the variegated dairy firms & industries which are required to satisfy the purpose of storage & transportation of the milk. So let us get to understand the characteristics-cum-benefits of the milk tanker made with stainless steel.

• Double-wall construction
Nk dairy never compromises with the quality of the equipment required in the dairy industry. We know what quality means in dairy plants. So that is the main reason that we have incorporated the double coating in the construction of the wall.

• Polish finish
No matter how much is the capacity of the milk tanker to load the milk, it will be of no use until the inner walls of the tanker are coated with a higher magnitude of the finish of particularly the polish.

• Structural look
The tank is elliptical. It can be designed as per the needs of the client. If the client is convenient with the single compartment approach, then we will satisfy them by presenting them what they need. If any of the dairy owners approach us to get a tanker that has multi-compartment construction, then that is the responsibility of NK dairy to make the clients available what they exactly want based on the specifications and details.

• Stainless steel
We are not unaware of the benefits of stainless steel. We know the importance of the usage of stainless steel as far as the milk oriented industry is concerned. The stainless steel does not only help the milk retain properties with the corrosion resistance properties only. It rather helps the owner to obtain maximum benefit from the recyclability and reusability properties. Besides, we thoroughly acknowledge the fact that the materials which are made up of stainless serves for generations and generations.

• Insulation aspect
Insulation is an important aspect as long as the storage system is concerned. If the insulation factor would not have been there, then the labour would not be able to handle the equipment because extremely hot milk will cause serious injuries to the labour handling the equipment.

• Add-ons
The compartments which are incorporated in the milk tanker include the following:

• Manhole assembly
• Manhole lid
• Pressure Vacuum relief
• Air vent

• Incorporations
For the facility to handle the tanker, follower things are incorporated in the milk tankers:
• Ladder
• Catwalk
• Side protection rail
• Side protection channels

• CIP Cleaning arrangement
CIP Cleaning arrangement is particularly necessary in case the equipment is serving the milk oriented industry. The importance of hygiene cannot be neglected for any reason, because milk is a consumable product and the risk of health cannot be taken with the unhygienic arrangement.

So if you are looking for the milk tanker that could facilitate you with the above-mentioned qualities, then you are on the right page. The next step is to just contact us so that we could guide you with the resolution of your queries.

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