Dairy Information

Some Myths about dairy farming

To understand the concept of dairy farming in a better way, you must talk to the experts. They will take you one step closer to reality like understanding the marketing, food corporation, and media sensationalism skills. This guide will help you learn the topmost myths about dairy farming.

Given below are some of the topmost myth about dairy farming:


  • Organic milk is better for us and cows


The dairy farmers care about the cows to make sure the consumer gets the best quality milk. This is true that the cows are treated with the utmost care and they make sure the cows are the healthiest so that they can produce the best quality milk. So, even if the milk is organic or not, the milk is full of nutrients.

The dairy farmers make sure that the best quality dairy machines are used on the farm. The use of the latest dairy machinery helps to make the entire process go smoothly and effectively.


  • Milk is full of hormones


Growth hormones are not used in dairy cows, especially because they are used for milk and not meat. The cow will not be fatten up which needs to be used in the market. The cows naturally produce the BST hormone to produce milk. The synthetic hormone is used in 10% of the dairy cows which is rBST. Even the cows which are treated synthetically do not have nutritional differences and they eat naturally to produce a safe amount of hormones.


  • Cows are full of antibiotics


With the current rules and regulations, the authorities are not allowed to stock a large number of antibiotics unless there is a medical necessity and only if you have the vet prescription.

Treating sick animals is difficult and it needs to be done in the right manner. The milk supply should not have medicine. The dairy farmer makes sure the milk and dairy products should not have the antibiotics. The milk is tested several times before it is available for the final consumption.


  • Milk contains pus or blood


This is false. Milk is tested several times to make sure it is of the best quality, in its pure form and free from antibiotics. The farmers keep a proper track of the cow’s health and there is no way that the milk can be gross, contain blood, or pus in it.


  • Dairy causes health issues


In the world, around 1% of the population is lactose intolerant. Apart from that, dairy products are full of nutritional value which means it is a great source of minerals and vitamins.

If you are planning to get any type of machinery for your dairy farm then you need to consult the experts.