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Tips to control milk production cost?

Dairy business is of the growing sector all over the globe to meet the increase in demand. No doubt, with the advancement in technology and techniques have made the entire working process easier. But, the farmers are still wondering what they can do to control the production cost. In this guide, we have shared the tips shared by experts to control milk production cost.


The dairy sector has grown a lot in the past few years. The demand for milk and milk products in India is always on the high side. To do so, the dairy business owner makes sure to use the best techniques and methods so that the entire process of milking and other steps goes smoothly.

This is where the improved and latest dairy machinery play a very essential role.

But, one of the problems they face is how to control the cost of production? The dairy farmers are always wondering what they can do to control the cost is summer months.

Best technique: Milk processing

  • The improved and effective working of dairy machines have made different steps of milking convenient. The factor of decreasing the cost is the major concern for dairy farmers. The economical feed is considered as grass at around 25% of the price which concentrates on the dry substance per Kg. Many dairy producers have a lot of confidence that grass can be used to make milk. This is why milk processing is an ideal and reliable choice to produce more milk and get increased profits.
  • Keep in mind grass around 1Kg DM is equal to the power content as 1Kg and it also makes the process of milk production go smoothly.
  • In good conditions, the cow should consume pasture around 15kg DM when the grazing is done properly.

Under the current situation, a 30L cow will have all the essential power she needs from the grass and concentrate around five Kg. This means the diet needs to be proper and it should be given to all the cattle on time.

  • Another thing is to observe the feed and use this investigation to determine the feed level & whether it hit the objective properly or not.

Check the Milk Volume

By keeping a check on all the details properly it will help the milk production to get better. This way the milk volume will be up to the mark and the demand will be met. This can also help to boost the meal feed. Take the help of the experts and they will help you understand the meal input and check them against the lost profits to determine the exact option which increases the business profits.

If you want to know which dairy machine is best for your dairy business then contact our team for detailed information.