Dairy Information

Opportunities in The Indian Dairy Industry

India is the largest milk producer and consumer of milk and milk products. The dairy products are full of nutritious value. The production of dairy products has helped many people in rural areas to get employment opportunities. This guide will help you understand the opportunities in the Indian Dairy industry.


Dairy products are the major of nutrients and proteins. The dairy sector has played a major role in alleviating poverty. Additionally, the use of the latest dairy machines will make the entire work of dairy processing easier and effective. The progress in the dairy sector will help the economy to work in a better manner.

Milk Processing

The milk processing industry is small as compared to the entire milk produced every year. The co-operative milk processors have around 60% market share, the liquid milk is sold at around 20% and other dairy products are around 80%.

The latest and modern dairy machinery has helped the business to work effectively and increase milk production. If you are looking to install the latest and updated machines then you should take help from the experts to get a better understanding of which type of machinery you need for your business.

Domestic Consumption

The huge amount of milk produced in India is consumed by the Indian population itself in the urban and non-urban areas. Also, the consumer of dairy products is increasing as there are many different products available in the market


India started exporting different dairy products like butter, ghee, and other essential dairy products. All over the world, milk products and desserts are becoming very popular. This is the reason, the demand for these products is increasing which is great for exports.

But, after the trade liberalization, the import of dairy products has seen a sharp decrease.

Major concern Areas in the Dairy sector

  • The demand for quality dairy products is increasing in developing countries. The low cost of production will make everything much easier. The competitiveness of the dairy industry will reduce the production cost, increase productivity, and the animal’s health care is managed effectively. The dairy business owners are using a comprehensive strategy to make sure the milk and dairy products are of the best quality.
  • The dairy industry is focusing on buffalo milk in large proportions. Mozzarella cheese is one of the most special buffalo -based products that have been in very high demand among the customers.

Interestingly, the demand for milk is growing to increase at a steady pace in urban and rural families who have a high demand for elasticity. This will also help to increase the economic environment. If you are planning to set-up your dairy farm then contact the experts and they will let you understand what you need to make sure your business runs smoothly.