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Tips to select a milking machine for dairy farm

Dairy industry is one of the major sectors in India for generating revenue. No doubt, the consumption of milk and other dairy products is very large. While setting up the dairy plant, it is very essential to select the right kind of milking machine. Read the given guide to learn the tips to select the premium quality milking machines.

What is the need of milking machines?

In dairy farming, milking or milk harvesting is an essential activity that needs to be done properly to have the best quality dairy products. If milking is done with the hand it will take time and the productivity will not be up to the mark. This is why the need for a milking machine is extremely essential. Given below are some of the ways to select the right kind of dairy machinery:

Increases productivity

Manual milk harvesting needs practice and experience to extract the milk. But, it does need time and often it is considered as unhygienic. When it comes to milking it is essential to choose something which cuts down the extra cost. So, doing the milk harvesting with the machinery is considered faster and it will also increase the dairy farm productivity.           

Milking process need to be Hygienic   

With manual milking, the process of pressing and squeezing the teats is done with hands. There are high chances of contamination and this way of milking is not considered the best. The milking process needs to be done in a closed and hygienic environment so that unwanted particles do not get into the milk.

Improved efficiency

With the latest milking machines the negative pressure is extracted from the milk udder. Milk machines create a perfect environment so that the milking is done in the right manner. The use of pulse modulation reduces the total time needed and this also increases the extraction rate as compared to the manual milking.        

Total milk collected in the bucket

The machine comes with a container that is made of stainless steel. The containers are available in different capacities like 10 to 60 liters. You can also get the machines with single and double buckets. According to the amount of milk collected in the milk you can increase the number of cattle on your farm.

Capacity of Vacuum pump

Vacuum power is extremely essential in milking. With its use, the efficiency and speed of the milking machines can be decided. As per your need or preference you can get them in manual or automatic working. 

Pulsation and teat cups

Teat cups are attached to the end of the machines and they come in different materials like silicone, EPDM or similar kinds of rubber. The common one is EPDM and it is according to the food safety standards.

Pulsating is another effect which needs to be kept in mind and it helps to increase the working cycle.