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How to take care of your livestock?

Dairy farming has an important contribution to the world’s food security. The products made through dairy farming with the help of various equipment or a ghee plant are rich in protein, calcium, minerals, magnesium and phosphorus. These nutrients are needed for your optimal health, but have you ever wondered about the livestock, due to which we are able to get all these nutrients for us?

The best quality milk products require the best quality milk. In order to acquire milk that is full of proteins and other nutrients, the dairy farmer needs to ensure the good health of their livestock, such as cows. How cows are treated in terms of their food, shelter, and safety determines the quality of the milk. Therefore, to get the milk of the best quality for your khoya machine, here are some tips that you can follow in order to maintain the good health of your cows or livestock. 

Tips to care for your cattle.

Starting a dairy farm and raising cattle is a really great idea to provide food and essentials for your family. However, in order for you to provide for your family, it is also important to know and learn how to care for your cattle before you buy your first herd. If you wish to raise your cows and bulls, then you must know every detail that is required to raise them. Mentioned below are some of the tips that you can follow to ensure good health for your cows:

Provide Enough Space Per Animal For Pasture Grazing. 

If you are planning to feed your cows only on field roughage, then it is essential to make sure that you have enough space for them to graze on. An estimate of 2 acres per cow is required for cattle grazing, keeping in account the slowed production of grass in winter. More space is also better because it works as a safety net in case of a shortage of grass due to drought or some other reason. 

Use Cattle Feed In Case Of Less Space

In case you are not able to acquire more space due to financial or any other reason, then you can always use cattle feed to feed your cows and complete their nutrition requirement. Cattle feed contains a mixture of grains of barley and wheat. It is a great supplement to provide food to your cattle if you don’t have much space for them to graze. If you wish to produce ghee in your ghee plant and require quality milk, then be sure to contact the livestock vet. It will help determine how much feed your herd will require as it keeps changing with the seasons throughout the year. 

Determine The Number Of Paddocks You Would Require. 

It is important to balance out your herd to ensure that every cow is able to get sufficient feed. Therefore, setting up paddocks and dividing cattle into them is essential. However, there is no such formula that would help you to do so. You can just take a look at your inventory and decide accordingly whether you want to separate the cows/calves from the bulls or if there is any other way that you can balance it out. 

Provide shelter And High Ground.

To prevent your cattle from injuries during extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rains that might cause floods, you must provide the cattle with a proper shelter. The shelter and high ground would ensure the safety of the cattle as they can ride out the rain and flood without being hurt. If you are providing a confined shelter for your battle, make sure to clean the muck in time to prevent the disease from spreading. Also be sure that the ground is not slippery so that the cattle would not injure themselves. 

Supply Fresh Water For Your Cattle. 

Be sure to build a tank that holds fresh water for the cattle, or if there is a river stream as a water source, then that can work too. Ensure that your cattle is drinking clean water as contaminated water can be dangerous for the health of the cattle. In addition to this, it can also impact the quality of the milk that would be used for the khoya machine to make milk products. 

People usually forget that the health of their cattle matters a lot, not just because they want quality milk. It matters because your cattle is the source of your income, and it is essential to treat it right as long as it’s alive and paying your bills.