Milk Processing

How is Milk Pasteurization Important in the Milk processing Industry?

Pasteurization is the most important technique in the dairy farm industry as it helps in the sterilization of milk. To deliver the quality milk this method is very helpful and it should be done properly. Read the given topic to understand the importance of milk pasteurization in the milk processing industry.

Wondering to know what is the way to get rid of harmful bacteria in the milk so that it is fit for consumption. In that case, the sterilization of milk is possible with the method of pasteurization. To do it in the right way the milk processing industry has the right kind of machine. The machine effectively helps in destroying the pathogenic bacteria which can be hazardous to consume by a human being. With this method, the shelf-life of the milk can be also be increased.

What is the working of milk pasteurizing equipment?


  • In the milk plant, the milk pasteurization machine the tubercle bacillus destruction curve and with cream separation thermal destruction. In the milk processing plant, the machine helps sterilize the raw milk and helps in fermentation.


  • It can be processed in 2 ways: one is long-term low treatment temperature and short term high-temperature treatment. The treatment option which is the most popular is low-temperature treatment. The temperature is around 60-degree Celsius and for around half an hour.
  • If the temperature is high then the temperature is going to be around 95 degrees for 20 minutes. But, the issue is that milk quality can be affected by this method.
  • With the milk pasteurization machines, the bagged milk is also treated. In this process, fresh milk is collected by the factories and at low temperature, the milk is processed. Additionally, the milk quality will be better and it will last for a long time. But, keep in mind that the process is complex.
  • Drinking freshly gushed milk is not the best choice as it can have harmful bacteria. Even after pasteurization, the milk needs to be stored at low temperature. If this step is not done properly then milk can get spoilt. So, storing milk in the best way possible is important.

Importance of Pasteurization in the world

  • Pasteurized milk is the most important category of milk. In America, pasteurized milk is what you are going to find.
  • With the pasteurization, the bacteria are already killed which makes it best for consumption. This also helps in preserving the flavors and the milk flavor. But to store the milk the temperature should be kept in mind which is 4-degree celsius.
  • The pasteurization milk of 100ml and 200 ml are used by the dairy farms on a small scale.

Just make sure that you buy all the machines for the dairy farm from the best and trusted source.