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Tips to Start a Dairy Farm in India

So, you are planning to start your own dairy farm business. Well, going with this option is the best choice and it is going to benefit you in the long run. To start a dairy farm in India you need to keep in mind certain tips which we have mentioned in this topic.

It does not matter whether you are aware of the dairy farming business or have worked for some time on a dairy farm. Here are a few tips which you need to keep in mind while starting the business.


  • Establish a proper business plan


Dairy farming is also a business so having a proper business plan and SWOT analysis will help you identify the resources and what is important for the success.

Here SWOT stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats”.

You need to consider the number of cows you want, how are you going to market the milk, is their need of getting labor from outside, after paying the bill how much money you need to live on.


  • Taking advice from experts


Does not matter whether you are aware of the business process or not. You must take advice from the professionals and management system. Talk about the type of dairy machinery you can get for your farm. If there is any workshop going on in your area or other states you should attend it.


  • Develop a cropping and feeding program


You should take the help of the nutritionist as they will help you determine the ratio of lactating cows, heifers, calves, and dry cows.


  • One size cannot prove beneficial


The dairy farms are based on your needs and every farm owner’s vision is different. Some producers might diversify the business by selling crops or selling the milk in bottles. Same way, how many milking machine you want in your dairy farm is also up to you.


  • Waste management


From the dairy farm, a lot of waste is produced. If you are managing it properly then it would be a great resource. By going for alternatives you can earn more profits. According to your dairy farm, there will be a need for the nutrient management plan.


  • Dairy farming is a biological system


The dairy farm business focus is on the cow’s health, producing milk, and having calves as they are going to be farms next generation. Proper program for calf care, nutritional value, herd health, and the financial aspect is also kept in mind. You need to work with genetic specialists, veterinarians, and extension agents.


  • You are a manager first


To get success, you should combine all the management aspects of the dairy farm. There is no need to work on everything on your own. Take the help of the experts and guide your team accordingly.