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Get the best quality and economical mawa making machine for your plant

The dairy industry is one of those sectors which is flourishing every year. The owners of the dairy plant are using the latest and advanced dairy equipment and technology to operate the business. Nk Dairy is highly appreciated for making the dairy machines and equipment which helps to fulfill all the needs of the clients. Many of our clients are running a milk plant and they prefer to install the mawa machine. Our team aims to move forward together, so we make sure to address all the needs of the clients.

What is khoya or mawa?

Khoya or mawa is the milk solids that are achieved by evaporating the milk. In Indian homes, the women prefer to make it at home by slowly simmering the milk, till the time all of its moisture has gone away and it takes a solid-state. In most of the mithais, mawa is the base.

This is the reason many dairy business owners are choosing this area to make profits and serve the customers with what they want. All this is done to make it easier for the customers to get the product quickly.

Mawa or Khoya Making Machine

At Nk Dairy we have availability of different models to suit your needs. All the below-mentioned models can be operated through the use of Diesel, Gas, and Gas cum Diesel Model. Here are the mawa making machine model which is available at our place:

  • Basic Model

  • Deluxe model

  • Stainless Steel model

  • Tilting model

  • Steam model

All the models have different capacities and functions. Depending on what your needs are, you can get the same for your place. The khoya making or mawa making machine comes with given features like:

  • An added level of robustness

  • Easy to handle functionality

  • Temperature resistance property

In addition, we always make sure to make quality our prime focus. From the material to its function we make sure there is nothing that has to be compromised. All our mawa or khoya machines are based on the best kind of functionality. In addition, we prefer to serve the clients with machines which offer:

  • High rate of productivity

  • Reduced power consumption

In most of our khoya machine models, we use stainless steel because of the number of benefits the material offers.

Get yourself a Qualitative range

No doubt, when you are operating any business type it is extremely important that your preference is given to the quality products. If not, then you have to compromise on the final product which is not even worth using. Now! If we talk about the dairy industry then you cannot compromise on the quality aspect, as the user will consume the final product. If it is not worth it or perished then no one would want to buy milk from your brand or any type of dairy product.

What are the features of the mawa machine manufactured at NK dairy?

Here is the list of tasks which can do:

  • Preparing khoya from milk

  • Make tasty rabadi or basundi

  • Can make syrups, cream, and medicines

  • Make chocolate mix

  • Milk condensing to make kulfi or cream

  • Fruit pulps concentration

  • Helps to make besan ladoo, sohan papdi, kaju katli, kalakand, and much more

Want to get further information, then get in touch with our team right away. If you have any specific requirements then make sure to tell them about the same.

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