khoya making machine

What are the benefits of buying mawa making machines from NK Dairy Equipment?

You will find a customary item that is being prepared alongside in all milk processing plants. Can you guess it? It’s KHOYA.

Khoya is a kind of dairy product that was earlier used to get made with human hands. But no sooner the technology starts dominating the world, than how could not the dairy plants get influenced by it. To meet the highly increasing demand for the mawa, various ghee plants started taking benefits from the mawa making machine.

This is the main reason that the various dairy plant manufacturers started selling this machine at higher costs. But we (NK DAIRY EQUIPMENTS) never took undue advantage of rising demand and sold the machines to dairy owners at a reasonable price. We have never considered compromising with the quality, to offer the items at the cheaper costs.

Why should you buy the mawa making machine from NK DAIRY EQUIPMENTS?

Capacity of Tub

The capacity of the khoya making machine to produce the khoya is 140 litres. Because of the great capacity, the dairy owners are dying to purchase it.

Use of Gear motor

The use of the gear motor can be considered as the biggest hitting point of the marvellous performance of the machine. This is one of the most efficient kins of the motors that operate quintessentially well even at the lowest RPM.

Use of the Robust material

We usually consider using stainless steel for the manufacturing of the various daily equipment, because of the huge benefits. So to make sure that our customers enjoy the maximum benefits from the types of equipment, we have considered the use of stainless steel as well.

Temperature resistance

The customers who approach us inquiring about the mawa making machine are sure to ask one question and that is: “ Whether the khoya making machine, which you are selling is highly resistant to temperature or not.”

So we proudly answer such customers, that we have paid special attention to get this feature incorporated in our machine.

Corrosion Free

As the mawa making machine is made with stainless steel material, then you can surely expect it to provide you with the benefits by being resistant to corrosion.

Guaranteed Equipment

As you are going to make a great investment in your business by purchasing the machine, then you may surely be willing to have something which is guaranteed to provide you with the maximum productivity for a long period. We value your money and thoughts and thus we provide the guarantee as well as warranty for the machine.

Easy to maintain

All the dairy equipment which are being sold by us are advantageous for the clients as far as the maintenance feature is concerned.

Are you gonna purchase it?

Are you feeling like buying the machine after reading the aforementioned information, then please call us so that our professionals can make you acquainted with more such benefits.

Book your appointment with our professional, NOW!

You are sure to become astonished after knowing the various aspects of the machine.

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