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Everything you need to know about Dairy Product Packaging Design 2020

With time, working in the milk plant has been improved a lot. For the dairy owners, it is essential to fulfilling the demand of the customers in all seasons. A lot of transformations have been made in the dairy plant which made India the leading in the dairy industry.

How to set-up a dairy business in India?


Many breeds can be selected and decide on which one to go with. Some people prefer cows, buffalo or both. The fat content in cows is lower as compared to buffalo milk. You need to understand the demand in the market which means checking the preference and taste of the customers.


Providing the right place to the animals is important and it helps to keep them free from disease and productivity is increased.

  • For small scale production 20 animals 3000 sq feet land area
  • For medium scale production100 animals 13000 to 15000 sq feet

Make sure ventilation is proper, the entire place is clean, and fresh air passes through the entire area.


What you feed the animals should be of top-quality and highly nutritious. Including green food will help to produce quality and nutritious milk which helps in reducing feeding costs.

Proper care and Management

It is important to take proper care of the livestock on your farm. Make sure all the animals are free from cattle diseases, otherwise it can generate a great loss. It is essential to get them vaccinated on time. Additionally, stock important medications for urgent needs.

Packaging milk process in India

There are 2 types of milking machines which come with a single cluster and other with 2 groups.

The one with a single cluster can herd milk from 10 to 12 animals in one hour. Machine with 2 clusters can herd around 25 animals in one hour.

What are the different Milk Testing Equipment

  • Electric Gerber Centrifuge machine
  • Pipette or Graduated pipette
  • Milk Sampler
  • Lactometer
  • Glass thermometer
  • Butyrometers stand and Test tubes

Milk storage equipment

  • Horizontal Milk Storage Tank
  • Multipurpose tank
  • Vertical Milk Storage Tank
  • Milk Silo
  • Road milk tankers

Milk chilling unit

The chilling unit used in milk industries helps to cool the milk, salt, or glycol solutions. The chilling will be different according to the milk quantity and the industry requirement.

What about dairy products branding?

  • Brand identity

Depending on the product type, the visible elements will be featured. Logo, business cards, envelope, and letterheads are some of the things which need to be consistent.

  • Brand Image

The brand image is created accordingly if it is vegan, provides toned, full cream, or any other milk product.

  • Brand personality

If the brand is joyful, fun, cheerful, and mature, then it tells about the brand personality.

When we follow the right approach to start the business and till the end i.e. packaging it can benefit us in the long run.

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