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If you are running a dairy plant, then you need to keep various things in your mind related to the packaging of milk products. If you are unable to gather all the information, then you need to get help from experts and you can also grab knowledge about packaging solutions as well as dairy processing units from the given article.

Since NK dairy manufactured India’s first indigenous milk pouch packing system almost four decades ago, the dairy business started growing fastly. Now, several people are manufacturing certain machines for the dairy business, but not everyone knows the considerations. So, you have to choose the best one, who knows the value of your efforts, time, and money as well.

In reality, we provide automated packaging machines and optimized packaging systems for a broad range of dairy as well as milk products including-:

  • Viscous such as ghee, vanaspati, curd

  • Powders like milk whiteners and milk powder

  • Liquids.

Some common advantages of our dairy packaging machines and systems are-:

  • Compact

  • Maintenance-friendly construction

  • High-speed performance

  • Required hygiene standards

  • Precise filling and sealing.

Let’s have a look at various packaging machines.

VFFS Packaging Machines

The range includes

Filpack Servo 6 K-: This lightweight Plain Dairy products, Flavored Dairy products or milk, Lassi, etc. packing unit is a heavy-duty product, producing accurate and well packed CSPP pouches at a pace of 6000 packs/hour.

Filpack Servo 12 K-: With a speed of 12,000 packs/hour, this machine is the fastest milk pouch packaging machine. It can pack 200 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml CSPP pouches with equivalent ease and precision. Independent balancing tanks provide flexibility for the simultaneous handling of single or different products.

Filpack Servo Universal: The next Dairy packing option, covers numerous uses in both free-flowing liquids such as milk & buttermilk and viscous like ghee, kefir, cream, and mayonnaise. It’s also available in a Double Head Hybrid Filler configuration that enables consumers to fill liquids on one head and viscous goods on the other.

Filpack CMD Alpha-: Constructed substantially shorter than conventional machines, it does occupy much space and requires no side opening. It provides twin heads so that at the same time you can carry two separate items. Maintenance can even be done on one track while the other one is in operation.

HFFS Packaging Machines

We have the latest wave of Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal devices, which are versatile, and can be used to pack powder, liquid, and viscous. These machines offer a variety of pouch formats with superior pouch aesthetics, as well as a single and perforated pouch chain with quick and easy switching. Higher-output duplex models are available.

Integrated Solutions

We offer unrivalled strengths for Project Integration and complete packaging lines with its in-depth understanding of the dairy industry and knowledge of virtually all process steps taking care of product, output, and regulations.

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