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What are the major reasons for the failure of modern dairy farms in India?

Dairy businesses have seen a huge rise in the last few years. With the rise in modern technology and design, the dairy plant prefers to use those methods. Moreover, 50% of the dairy farms are operational. While you set up your dairy business, it becomes important that you find the reasons for the failure of dairy farms, so that you can consider those things and do not make those mistakes.

Reasons for failure of modern dairy farm
• Started with people who did not know about farming
If the modern dairy farm is started by a person who did not have any knowledge of dairy farming then it can greatly affect productivity and other important aspects of the business. It is important to understand if you come from a background of software professionals, local groups, NRIs, unemployed educated youth, or any other person without enough knowledge of farming then it becomes difficult to move in the right direction. No doubt, you might have good intentions but to set up the business proper information is needed.

• People get into dairy farming for money
If your sole motive to get into dairy farming is just profits then there will be a difficulty. To run this business, it is necessary to have passion. Families who are running this business for years have knowledge and lots of patience. With time, they started using modern methods to work effectively. So, if your focus is not merely money then you are good to go.

• Going with the Big Band formula
Many farms go in the direction of the big bang formula. It means they brought too many animals and constructed huge sheds. Due to this, there was difficulty in managing the work, and productivity was affected to a great extent.

• Not focusing on the reproductive cycle
The new farmers most of the time focused on milking. But they were not aware of how to detect heat and the farms had a large number of lactating buffaloes & they did not have bulls on the farm.

• Improper management of fodder and feed
The new dairy farms might try to provide good fodder and feed in the starting phase. After 5 to 6 months, they try to reduce the fodder and feed. By doing so, the animals were half the size. In the dry months, the feed can cut down but not to a great extent. If the nutritional balance is not correct then it can greatly affect the health of the animal and it can give rise to reproductive problems.

• Depending on others
Many dairy farm owners are dependent on others to take care of their farms as they do not have enough understanding of dairy farming. It is true that to run the business effectively it needs 24 hours of attention and 365 days. If you are not able to do so, then it is not the right business for you.
All in all, dairy farming is the business for those who are passionate about it and want to serve the customers with good dairy products.

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