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Everything you need to know about the dairy farm license in India

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you thinking about what to do next?

Dairy Farm License In India: Indeed. Being an entrepreneur comes up with different choices and several measures need to be taken. In case you are all set to begin your dairy farm then there are certain rules which need to be met because only after taking the necessary permission will the dairy farm work go in the right direction. From making sure all the necessary permissions are taken to reaching out to one of the known  Dairy Plant Manufacturer for getting all sorts of machinery & equipment everything needs your right time.

Starting a dairy farm In India: License, Rules, & Permissions

For all those who are planning to begin the dairy farm business be it as a Ghee Plant, milk plant, or any other dairy product the first thing is to get the necessary training. Learning about the course will help you better understand how to rear dairy animals and then manufacture the different products.

Choosing the right breed for increasing the production

You can select the popular buffalo breeds such as Nali-Ravi, Murrah, Surti, Mehasani, Jaffarabadi, and Badhawari. The milch breeds of cattle include Red Sindhi and Tharparkar, Gir, & Sahiwal and the other exotic breeds of cattle are Holstein Friesian. Jersey, and the Brown Swiss. Depending on which direction you want your dairy business to move forward you can select that one particular option.

How much is the manpower & infrastructure required for setting up the dairy farm?

If the cattle count is 20 then at least space of 40sq.ft per animal & open space of around 80 sq. is needed. Additional requirements are:

  • Office room with the necessary size
  • Milk storage of around 10 x 12
  • Room with 10 x 10 measurement for keeping the farm supplies
  • Water tank which helps in storing 2000 liters of water

Always get the dairy animals vaccinated

The dairy animals must be vaccinated on time. Additionally, if they need a certain dose of medication then it’s essential to give the same on time. Missing out on the vaccinations is likely to result in a lot of trouble.

Go through the necessary legal requirements & permissions

Depending on which state you are in the requirements & permissions will vary a lot. So, it’s better to get things done the right way by following the given steps:

  • Get the necessary registration in the dairy development department
  • The beginning of the dairy farm is done as you reach out to the Municipality Corporation or get hold of the local panchayat present in that specific place. In case you are going to open a large size farm then better seek permission from the pollution control board.
  • Make sure that you get registered with the FSSAI which is essential for starting a dairy farm.

Which are the forms required to be filled for importing live sticks?

If you are looking to import livestock then here are a few steps which need to be fulfilled which include:

  • Name & Description of the farm animals
  • Consignment description and additionally tell about the stock quantity
  • Person name & address who will begin the farm business
  • Locality & country from where the animals need to be imported
  • If a country has some special features

GST registration for dairy farms in India

GST registration is needed for commercial dairy farms. For getting the same, reach out to the chartered accountant and get the process started.


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