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How is Artificial Intelligence transforming the dairy industry for the better?

Did you know?

In 2020, the dairy industry touched the mark of Rs 11,357 billion. Moreover, the Indian dairy sector is expected to grow by around 4.9% every year.

The above-given stats are clear proof that the Indian dairy industry is growing at a fast pace and every year thousands of dairy farmers go down this road to make the business reach that height. All that is because of the appropriateness seen in the work and how they use inventive technology is increasing. No doubt, the Indian dairy sector is fragmented and several problems need to be dealt with properly. This is the reason the Indian dairy sector is getting that relevance through the use of AI & making all the operations work effectively. Bear in mind, the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the dairy sector will include the milk processing plant cost which you can better understand by getting hold of the known dairy machine suppliers.

How is AI making the dairy industry better?

  • Digital Identity

Every cattle present on the farm has its own digital identity which gives a better idea on checking the disease outbreak along with if government programs are effectively managed or not. The digital recognition system is used to identify the cows. This is one of the recent developments which is scientifically improving the way everything works. Moreover, the automated identification & testing mechanisms allow the process to go smoothly.

Important NOTE

Even if you are planning to set up the khoya making machine it does come with the latest functionality which allows you to get work done smoothly. Once the instructions are given it will work smoothly for enough time & then the further process is done.

  • Helps to better monitor health

It’s essential to check the cattle’s wellbeing, which is about milk production. Additionally, there are IOT sensors that make it easier to monitor the cattle’s health. Everything is achieved in terms of real-time which makes the entire workflow as smooth as possible. As everything is checked in real-time & some of the things which can be analyzed are:

  • Walking habits
  • Temperature shifts
  • Rumination Pattern

Everything is checked minutely which is the reason if there is any issue then it will be analyzed on time.

  • Cattle trading getting the attention

Well! This is one area where efforts are still needed. The cattle price is determined once a proper agreement is made between the buyer & seller. Additionally, there is the use of a machine learning model which makes it easier to analyze the live cattle market exchange.

Final word!

This is true that AI is changing the dairy industry dynamics for the better. It’s like a combination of effectiveness, feasible approach, increased productivity & much more. Feel free to reach out to the team to get all the necessary information.

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