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How are cleaning and sanitization performed for the dairy equipment?

Process Of Cleaning Dairy Equipments

For the dairy processing equipment cleaning is an imperative part. To make sure the dairy production is well-managed and every step is taken with utmost ease for ensuring success in all ways. When a dairy business owner gets the finest of dairy equipment from the top-rated Dairy Plant Manufacturer it needs that extra care all the way along. Additionally, it needs to be followed in the manufacturing & production. All in all, it has to be made sure that regular cleaning of all the dairy equipment is done along with the sanitization part is necessary.

Which are the various objectives included in a cleaning?

Well the cleaning of dairy machinery comes with 4 different things which are:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Physical cleaning
  • Sterile cleaning
  • Bacteriological cleaning

Through cleaning there is the right kind of chemical & bacteriological cleaning which even has the physical & sterile cleaning. Initially, chemical cleaning is performed, and then comes the method of disinfecting. Even if you own a ghee plant there have to be the right measures taken against the cleaning & sanitization.

Which are the types of residue which need cleaning in the dairy equipment?

There are different residue that requires cleaning in the dairy equipment like:

  • Dirt

Dirt is extremely common and with frequent use, it is going to settle down in the bottom. Additionally, it will rise to the bacteria for which cleaning is necessary.

  • Heated areas

If there is a stone that contains calcium, fat, protein, phosphorus & other deposits are formed. As the milk is heated at 60 degrees or above it will create problems. The deposits are whitish & it takes around 8 hours for the same to form brown color.

  • Cold surface

Once the equipment is emptied then cleaning has to be done. If this step is not performed then that white film is going to get dry over time & take a solid-state which takes time to get removed.

What is the method of cleaning dairy equipment?

In the process of cleaning dairy equipment, there has to be a right approach followed & the use of detergent along with scrubbing. It helps in removing all the unnecessary dairy residue which is there.

No doubt manual cleaning takes a lot of time and this is why CIP has been introduced. It means Cleaning-In-Place & it includes the following step

Step 1: Taking out the product residue from the equipment

Residue removal plays an important part and this way the entire loss is minimized. Before the next step begins the residue needs to be scraped off from the surface or properly flushed out.

Step 2: Before cleaning, always rinse with water

Pre-rinse has to be done following the production run. But the temperature for the same should not be more than 55-degree celsius otherwise protein elements will begin to settle in there. Just remember pre-rinsing will remove around 99% of the residue effectively.

Step 3: Detergent cleaning

There is the use of acidic detergent to take out the dirt effectively and afterward, water is flushed over the same. For the best of results the detergent concentration, temperature of the solution, detergent solution, & mechanical effect needs to have the right balance in everything.

Step 4: Again Clean with water

Once done you need to again clean with water so that every bit of detergent is removed. In this step use of softened water is preferred. In this case, there can be the use of citric acid or phosphoric acid to get the best results.

Step 5: Close with disinfecting

Finally, the disinfecting part is done for which you can use the boiling water, hot water, & steam.


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