Dairy Plants

Why is planning & outlining the principles of dairy plant design important?

As we all know, the predominant function of dairy plants is to process the milk and manufacturer variegated products from the milk. But it is quintessential to outline an efficient plan for a dairy plant. The planning of dairy principles majorly depends on the following indispensable factors:

Which dairy products are to be manufactured in a particular plant?

  • What is the actual capacity of the dairy plant?
  • What is the average supply of raw milk?
  • Is there an easier availability of the following:
  • Manpower
  • Transportation
  • Source of water
  • Disposal of effluent

Categories of processing plants

The dairy plants which carry out the function of the processing of milk are divided into the following mentioned categories:

  • Fluid milk processing plants

These plants are supposed to involve the following:

  • Pasteurization
  • Flavoured & Buttermilk
  • Dahi & Paneer
  • Composite product plant

Composite product plant are customarily involved in the processing of milk and they are supposed to manufacture variegated dairy products like the following:

  • Cheese
  • Milk powders
  • Butter
  • Frozen Products

Important Facets of dairy industry

The sundry aspects of dairy processing are transforming or modified at a high pace. With the introduction of new and advanced technologies, the dairy industry is getting revolutionised because of the subsequent:

  • With the invention of new techniques and machines, the dairy industry is approaching full automation.
  • It is an evident and obvious fact that machines are supposed to obtain more productivity as compared to manual labour.
  • The manufacturing of products that contain a significant value in the market.
  • The technologies which are being used are highly cost-efficient, energy-efficient & this helps to conserve energy.

Bonus points

Advantages of the effective planning along with the principles of dairy plant designing are as mentioned below:

  • Hygiene

We cannot ignore the indispensability of hygiene in dairy plants because hygiene is the preponderant aspect that determines the health factor of the milk.

  • Minimum losses

If an effective planning strategy will have been laid out, then it would help the dairy owners to cope up with even the minor loss. So efficient planning is required to escalate the levels of profit and build up the plans to minimise the losses if they are encountered owing to any situation.

  • Future Goals

The dairy industry is an evolving industry that keeps on ameliorating each day. So it becomes vital to keep in mind that there would arise a strong need in the future to get equipped with modern technological advancements. So the role of planning is aggravated at this point because it does not only assist you to cope up with the present condition, but it also helps you to be prepared for the future.

  • Allayed Production Cost

If we make use of the techniques which are not only advanced in nature but are built with the motive to generate quintessentially higher output, then the revenue generated will be much more than the cost incurred and the owner will experience higher profitable rates


Efficient utilization & movement, High energy saving, Ameliorated space utilization and ensured the safety of the employees working in the dairy plant are some of the other benefits of the dairy plants.

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