Dairy Information

Which Type Of Milk Is Better For Your Health?

Milk is the only food item which can be given to little babies. After they grow up, Milk can be made more interesting and fun by adding a variety of things like, chocolate, Strawberry, Colored Ice cubes can also be added in the months of summer, besides that some dry fruits can also be added to milk to not only make it interesting but also to enrich the food value of Milk.

But, how do you know which Milk is good? Which Milk to have for being Healthy? The market is filled with so many varieties of Milk, that one doesn’t know which one to choose for themselves.

This article will guide you in knowing all about Milk, read on to enhance your knowledge.

Firstly get to know about the nutritional value which Milk provides.


It helps in the formation of strong bones and also healthy teeth.


Fat is required for many functions like the production of hormones.


Give the body energy which is needed for doing most of the daily stuff.


It helps in building immunity by creating antibodies,and also by strengthening muscle and bones.

Since you are aware of some of the nutrients which milk gives us, let us know to see which the different types of Milk.

Full cream milk: Is also known as Whole Milk. This is given to children, Adolescents and also to bodybuilders. The milk has all the fat, nothing is added or removed from it. It is taken out form dairy herd and it has to go through different processing methods like pasteurization to destroy harmful bacteria before it is made ready for people to drink. All the process takes place in a dairy where all the milk is collected in Dairy Equipment.

Double toned milk: This is obtained by adding skimmed milk powder to the whole Milk and has about 2% fat content. Double toned milk is very good for all those who try to maintain low weight as it keeps the calorie intake under control and is ideal for weight loss.

Skimmed milk: It has all nutrients found in whole milk like Vitamins and Minerals. It gives the half calories of full cream. It also has more calcium than what is found in Whole Milk.

Now let us get to know how healthy drinking Milk can be:

  • Milk is a rich source of calcium and maintains bone density.
  • Milk is an essential ingredient for keeping nerve healthy.
  • Milk is also vital in brain development and growth of tissues in the body.
  • Very important for people who are dealing with depression.

Now, that you know much about Milk and also about different milk types, choose one which suits your needs.