Butter churner

What is a butter churner and how does it work to make butter with it?

What is a butter churner?

A butter churner device makes butter from cream. Churning allows the cream to reach the point where it gets divided into butter and buttermilk.

How does it work?

The device is simple to use. During the churning process, the cream is stirred up. The agitation will break the membrane of fat molecules, and it gets clumped together. With a large amount of fat, it starts forming a network. Everything which is clumped together is butter, and the separated liquid is buttermilk. Before you want to make butter you must get quality cream. To do this effectively you should get a milk separator.


What are the types of butter churns?

Plunger churn

The plunger churn is one of the best types. It contains a stick and wooden barrel which contains a disc attached to it. The milk needs to be poured into the barrel and the stick needs to be moved up & down for around 60 minutes to 90 minutes. However, this churner is not used that often but some people like to enjoy this process.


Barrel churn

Barrel Churn is another option which is popular due to its mechanism. The barrel needs to be filled with cream or milk. The barrel has a handle that can either turn the paddle inside it or the whole barrel will be turned around. This option is popular and it is used in factories.


Paddle churn

The paddle churn is used to make homemade butter. The machine rotates which helps to churn cream and then it converts into butter. This machine can come with electric or mechanical working.

With mechanical options, there is a hand crank that needs to be rotated manually. Another option is powdered and it operates with electricity. With this option, the container should be filled with milk or cream.


What is the ideal temperature for churning?

Ideally, the churning temperature should be between 13 to 15℃. You can even do this at room temperature. Make sure before you do anything cream should be at room temperature, otherwise, churning will take a lot of time.


Cream ripening

Cream ripening for butter-making takes around 5 to 7 hours. To do this process correctly, you need to keep the milk in a container that is kept in the fridge so that it does not get spoiled.


Churning time

Churning time is 30 minutes to get the delicious & smooth spread.


Fat presence in the cream

The cream present on the whole milk is best for making butter. If you are buying it from the store then find the one which contains 25% fat to get it done correctly.



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