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What is the process of making butter and what are the reasons to do it?

Butter churner India, Butter is hands down one of the best things which makes the taste of the entire dish better. The rich and smooth texture makes the morning toast or the Indian paratha taste best and fresh. But do you know that you can make it home? Many people think that the process of making butter is stressful and tiresome. In the dairy plant, the dairy business owner uses the modern and latest dairy equipment to make the entire process go smoothly.

What are the reasons you need to make homemade butter?

On the grocery store shelves, you will find different brands and types of butter. You can go with the one which has fat content or pick the option which has flavor.

It is nice when you eat the food which you cook yourself. You know how you made it, what all is added to it, and most importantly you know who made it. If you are going to make it at home then you can do it in very little time.

How do you churn the butter?

To make fresh and delicious butter you need cream. If you want it to be flavored then you can do that as per your liking. You need to make the butter first and then add the other ingredients to it. Some of the additional tips on choosing the best cream are:

  • The fat content should be high.
  • Avoid the use of cream which is thick.
  • The cream should be a few days old.
  • The cream should ripen in the cold. If not, then it will make the butter taste bitter.
  • Buy the cream which comes from the grass-fed cows.

If you do not want to buy something special then you can use a blender or a jar. In a jar, you need to do some effort to do it correctly but with a blender, you need the cream to be ripped before you churn it.

If you want to reduce your burden even more than you can go with an electric butter churn. You need to simply turn it on and you are done.

What are the steps to make butter?

Shallow pan

With this method, you need to buy a shallow pan (6 to 8 inches deep). Gather all the milk which you have collected from the cow and put it in the pan. You should not touch it for 12 to 24 hours. After that, take a spoon & gather the cream from the top.

Fresh butter made with this cream is tender and sweet. If it is too warm, then the cream will get spoiled easily. To do this method, the climate should be warm.

Deep setting

Gather warm milk in the jars and keep them in cold water. Make sure the water level is higher than the milk. For 12 hours, the water needs to be cold and after that gather the cream with the help of a perforated spoon. This method is difficult but it helps you get a lot of creams but the fat content is low.

Once the cream is gathered, you can make the butter. But, for 2 to 3 hours you need to let the cream get ripened and do not cover it.

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