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Ultimate Guide: What is a Butter Churner? How does a butter churn work?


Butter is a perfect way to make your food taste even better. What’s even better is that it can be paired with anything to increase the flavors. Homemade butter in India is one of the preferred options. To make your own healthy and tasty butter at home Butter churner India is one of the best options.

What is a butter churn?

A butter churn is a device that allows you to convert cream into butter. Through the device, the cream is churned to the state that buttermilk and butter are separated. It is believed that butter has been in existence since 2000BC and butter churn was created in 600 BC. No doubt, the process took a lot of time to get precise results. Technological advancement has made it possible to use electric butter churns to make delicious products with minimal effort.

How does a butter churn work?

The science behind butter churn is quite simple. During the process, the cream is stirred at a high speed continuously. The rigorous process breaks down the fat molecules and clumps them in one place. Moreover, the process will create air bubbles that take the liquid and generate foam by separating one substance from another. The butter is the one which is clumped fat and buttermilk is the liquid separated in the process. Before making butter, it is essential to have cream. Ideally, it should be done by using the milk separator.

What are the types of butter churns?

Well! There are different types of churns and they have slight differences which are mentioned below:

  • Plunger churn

Plunger churn is one of the most effective types out there. It has a wooden barrel with a stick & a disc with a hole. The person will add milk/cream into the barrel and then the stick is moved up & down for 60 to 90 minutes to produce butter. Because of the time it takes, this method is not that much used. There might be some people who prefer this method at home because of the traditional approach it is.

  • Barrel churn

Barrel churn is also a very old method. Initially, it was used in Europe. It has a barrel in which you need to add cream or milk. The handle is attached to one side of the barrel. Although, this option is still in use in many factories to make tasty butter for consumers.

  • Paddle churn

Paddle churn is the most used method for homemade butter. It is in the shape of a container along with paddles. You need to rotate them to churn cream which will turn into butter. Paddles can be electric or mechanical.

With mechanical one, there is a hand crank that needs to be roasted through the hands. On the other hand, the automatic one is used with the electricity. In this case, you need to pour the milk or cream and then wait for the process to be done.

How much temperature should you keep?

Ideally, the temperature to turn cream into butter is 13 to 15℃. Although, room temperature can also help to do the entire process. If you are using the cold cream just taken out from the fridge then it will take a long time to reach the final stage.

Cream ripening

The cream ripening takes around 5 to 7 hours to make butter. Under this method, you need to leave milk in one container and put it in the fridge so that its taste does not get affected.

Churning time

Usually, it does not take that long to churn butter. Approximately, you need 30 minutes to get a smooth and delectable spread.

How much should be the fat content in the cream?

For whole milk, which is on the top is best to make butter. On the other hand, if you want to use store-bought cream then get the one that has at least 25% fat. This much fat content is necessary to get the best butter.

How much should be the fat content in butter?

On a whole, butter contains around 86% fat and this depends on which type of cream is used. But that does not mean that you should avoid butter consumption if you are trying to opt for healthier options. One of the studies has pointed out that 10 grams of butter daily will benefit your digestive system.

So, if you like to make homemade butter or even buy store-made butter then you should have it with your meal. Moreover, many people love to experiment with it and add different spices. See what will work the best for you as per your taste preference.

Will cow or goat milk make any difference?

Butter is made from cow’s milk and one of the reasons being it is cost-effective. It takes effort to collect cream from goat’s milk because the globules are small. Getting that thick layer of cream on the milk surface will take a lot of time. Although, whether you have goat milk or cow milk, both of the options are extremely good. Most people do not love the taste of goat dairy products and this is the reason they prefer to have cow milk & then butter from it. Moreover, there is not much difference in its nutritional value also.

What is the difference between raw and pasteurized milk?

People do not prefer to make homemade butter with raw milk as there is a presence of bacteria that is not safe for human consumption. On the other hand, with whole milk the pasteurization is done which makes the taste perfect.

Final word

Now you know that butter churning is a very fun and interesting task to do. If you want to open your dairy plant and have a butter churner, then NK Dairy can offer you a wide variety of different dairy equipment. We make sure to provide you quality and cost-effective options. Get in touch with our team to know more about dairy equipment and machinery.

Butter churner

What is a butter churner and how does it work to make butter with it?

What is a butter churner?

A butter churner device makes butter from cream. Churning allows the cream to reach the point where it gets divided into butter and buttermilk.

How does it work?

The device is simple to use. During the churning process, the cream is stirred up. The agitation will break the membrane of fat molecules, and it gets clumped together. With a large amount of fat, it starts forming a network. Everything which is clumped together is butter, and the separated liquid is buttermilk. Before you want to make butter you must get quality cream. To do this effectively you should get a milk separator.


What are the types of butter churns?

Plunger churn

The plunger churn is one of the best types. It contains a stick and wooden barrel which contains a disc attached to it. The milk needs to be poured into the barrel and the stick needs to be moved up & down for around 60 minutes to 90 minutes. However, this churner is not used that often but some people like to enjoy this process.


Barrel churn

Barrel Churn is another option which is popular due to its mechanism. The barrel needs to be filled with cream or milk. The barrel has a handle that can either turn the paddle inside it or the whole barrel will be turned around. This option is popular and it is used in factories.


Paddle churn

The paddle churn is used to make homemade butter. The machine rotates which helps to churn cream and then it converts into butter. This machine can come with electric or mechanical working.

With mechanical options, there is a hand crank that needs to be rotated manually. Another option is powdered and it operates with electricity. With this option, the container should be filled with milk or cream.


What is the ideal temperature for churning?

Ideally, the churning temperature should be between 13 to 15℃. You can even do this at room temperature. Make sure before you do anything cream should be at room temperature, otherwise, churning will take a lot of time.


Cream ripening

Cream ripening for butter-making takes around 5 to 7 hours. To do this process correctly, you need to keep the milk in a container that is kept in the fridge so that it does not get spoiled.


Churning time

Churning time is 30 minutes to get the delicious & smooth spread.


Fat presence in the cream

The cream present on the whole milk is best for making butter. If you are buying it from the store then find the one which contains 25% fat to get it done correctly.



Butter churner

What is the process of making butter and what are the reasons to do it?

Butter churner India, Butter is hands down one of the best things which makes the taste of the entire dish better. The rich and smooth texture makes the morning toast or the Indian paratha taste best and fresh. But do you know that you can make it home? Many people think that the process of making butter is stressful and tiresome. In the dairy plant, the dairy business owner uses the modern and latest dairy equipment to make the entire process go smoothly.

What are the reasons you need to make homemade butter?

On the grocery store shelves, you will find different brands and types of butter. You can go with the one which has fat content or pick the option which has flavor.

It is nice when you eat the food which you cook yourself. You know how you made it, what all is added to it, and most importantly you know who made it. If you are going to make it at home then you can do it in very little time.

How do you churn the butter?

To make fresh and delicious butter you need cream. If you want it to be flavored then you can do that as per your liking. You need to make the butter first and then add the other ingredients to it. Some of the additional tips on choosing the best cream are:

  • The fat content should be high.
  • Avoid the use of cream which is thick.
  • The cream should be a few days old.
  • The cream should ripen in the cold. If not, then it will make the butter taste bitter.
  • Buy the cream which comes from the grass-fed cows.

If you do not want to buy something special then you can use a blender or a jar. In a jar, you need to do some effort to do it correctly but with a blender, you need the cream to be ripped before you churn it.

If you want to reduce your burden even more than you can go with an electric butter churn. You need to simply turn it on and you are done.

What are the steps to make butter?

Shallow pan

With this method, you need to buy a shallow pan (6 to 8 inches deep). Gather all the milk which you have collected from the cow and put it in the pan. You should not touch it for 12 to 24 hours. After that, take a spoon & gather the cream from the top.

Fresh butter made with this cream is tender and sweet. If it is too warm, then the cream will get spoiled easily. To do this method, the climate should be warm.

Deep setting

Gather warm milk in the jars and keep them in cold water. Make sure the water level is higher than the milk. For 12 hours, the water needs to be cold and after that gather the cream with the help of a perforated spoon. This method is difficult but it helps you get a lot of creams but the fat content is low.

Once the cream is gathered, you can make the butter. But, for 2 to 3 hours you need to let the cream get ripened and do not cover it.