cream separator

What are the topmost things for selecting the quality cream separator?

Given below are the top things which can help you select the premium quality cream separator along with other dairy equipment:

●     Cream separator capacity is not the actual amount you can process

When you get to know that it can perform at 100 liters per hour, this does not mean it can separate 100 liters of milk with this machine. Over time, the cream separator can get clogged with milk fat, solid elements, and particles of grass which can be found in milk. So, keep in mind after 30 minutes of work it needs to be stopped completely, unwind the drum, and then wash it.

The entire process is going to take 15 minutes. So, with 100 liters per hour of capacity, you can separate around 75 liters of milk because 15 minutes are for cleaning the cream separator’s drum.

●     Plastic is not the bad thing always

Many people worry about the quality of the end product when they see that some parts are being made of plastic. No doubt, plastic can be broken easily and they do not even smell good. So, many people prefer to buy a separator which is made of metal.

Plastic is different. Polycarbonate is one material that is used in expensive models. Additionally, it is not oxidized like aluminum and it is cheaper. Buying a plastic cream separator is the best choice you can make.

●     Consider the materials which will come in contact with food

While looking for a cream separator, you need to pay attention to the parts which will come in contact with milk. The following parts can be there like a float chamber, a milk container, a flota drum, skimmed milk outlets, and cream. So, the ideal choice of material for all these parts in stainless steel 304.

Another choice for the quality is anodized aluminum. After that comes the food polycarbonate and aluminum. Plain aluminum is not the best choice because it can not come in contact with milk which is not healthy.

●     What type of engine is present inside?

2 types of engines are there which are brushless one and a collector. Brushless motors are engines that have the electronics present inside it and they regulate the engine speed and then it can adapt the voltage surges.

Collector engines are simple because there is not any type of electronics in it and they have carbon brushes which can change the operating speed depending on the voltage change.

Brushless motors are a preferred choice as their resource is much greater as compared to the collectors. Collector motors are considered safe because there is less use of electronics inside which can be broken down and affect the working of machinery.

●     Selecting the right voltage

Mainly there are 2 voltage standards: 115V and 230V. You need to be extremely curious about it and find about the standards used in your area. Otherwise, connecting 230V to 115V is extremely slow, and if 115 V to 230V it is not safe at all. So, make sure the right voltage is selected while buying the separator.

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