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Here Are The Things You Need To Know Before Opening A Dairy Farm

Here we share the guide Opening A Dairy Farm From scratch and taking care of cows to clean their cow pies to handling the dairy equipment. It’s a hard working job. But don’t you worry. Here are the things you should know while opening a dairy farm.

  • Knowledge

While entering into a field you should be having enough knowledge about it. If someone is there in your family then go and spend some time on their farm. And if you are new to this, then consult people who work in the dairy farm or having their own and spend time with them. After spending time and watching all the things. Then decide whether you want this or not.

  • Collect Money

You need money to open a farm. Collect funds from people, take a loan from a bank, ask if you’re known to invest, etc. Opening a farm requires land, farm equipment, construction, cows, buffaloes, etc. Then only you can start your business.

  • Location

Finding a location is the biggest task. If you own land. Then you don’t have to worry. But if you don’t then think about the location which will come under your budget. Make sure the location should not be far from town. Otherwise, it will cost more to go to town and sell your products.

  • Electricity

You have to dig a well from where you can get electricity. How you will be able to give water to the grass. What if lights go frequently. You need a generator also for running a motor.

  • Construction

Start construction according to the buffaloes you are going to buy. You need sheds for them as well as a room for your workers and one for yourself. Do the construction accordingly. Consult a contractor who can build for you the way you want.

  • Buy Machinery

You need a sharp cutter, brush cutter, a generator for power cuts and many more things for the farm. Make sure while buying. Go for the best one. This is a long term investment. You are not going to buy it on a daily basis.

  • Make Contacts

Make contacts with the shops, hotels which will buy your milk. Direct selling the milk will help you in earning profit. Tie-up with people who will help you in selling your milk. Tell them to do word of mouth. All these will help you in earning profit.

  • Hire People

You won’t be able to do all the work all alone. You need people who will help you in doing all the stuff. They will take care of animals when you are not around. They will help you in keeping the place clean.

  • Buy Animals

Without animals how will you start your dairy farm? Be careful with the place from where you are buying the animals. Visit different places and then buy. don’t rely on one.

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