Dairy Plants

What are the initial requirements of opening up a profitable dairy plant?

To commence a dairy business or building up a dairy plant is not a cup of tea. Each measure has to be analysed to weigh the variegated pros and cons. For this reason, not even the dairy business, but all the business should follow the SWOT Approach, This approach is an acronym for the:

S – Strength

W – Weakness

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

If a thorough analysis of all the factors is done at the initial stage, then the business will face reduced problems in the future.

  • Consider the basic questions

The basic questions include the following:

  • Will you be carrying out only milking and processing activities?
  • Will you be considering technological assistance?
  • What will be the capacity of your farm per day?
  • How many employees will you need to acquire the determined productivity?
  • How many cows, buffaloes or goats will you be domesticating?
  • How will you feed the cattle?
  • Will you transport the milk or are you taking into account the self-service?
  • Consult the experts

No matter, your father or grandfather have been in this business or the line for years. But time has changed and the era has transformed completely. So many progressions and technological advancements have already affected the milk industry. So sticking to the traditional techniques with the ancient approaches of milking will not be going to become profitable.

  • Feeding programs

The cattle can only benefit you with good quality milk if it is fed with nutritional meals. Here lies the importance of deliberating with the experts. The experts would help you with knowledge of how and when the cattle are to be fed.

  • Waste management plan

The excretion of cattle is considered useful for many purposes. In India, the cow dung is made with that which is customarily used in the traditional chulha. Besides, it can serve as the best substitute for fertilisers. Science has also emphasised the use of cow excretion as manure in place of chemical fertilisers.

It can be used in biogas plants.

  • Consider building the equity

Do you know what we mean by equity? The equity means the cattle which is the basis of your dairy business. More the cattle, more the business. You should gradually focus on purchasing additional cattle to make your business more profitable.

  • It’s more a biological system

Dairy farming is thoroughly dependent on the health of the cow. Because the ability of cows to provide milk determines the profit and success of our business. So keeping in mind that you should be pampering and taking care of your cattle as your children.

  • Every farm is different

You should be knowing that every farm is unique because all the producers do not think alike. So based on the specification and the requirements of the producers, all the dairy farmers are completely different.


Do not give anybody the responsibility of managing the farm as a whole. You should also be knowing of the activities going on on the farm.

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