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How should the milking equipment be cleaned? What is its importance?

The cleaning of the dairy equipment is critical to ensure the hygiene of the product. Different equipment in the dairy plant has different specifications for the cleaning:

How should the milking equipment be cleaned?

By following the subsequent steps, one can efficiently clean the milking equipment:

  • Step 1: Pre Rinsing

First of all, just wash off the utensils with lukewarm.

  • Step 2: Scrubbing

Now, just scrub the utensils with a big brush and the lukewarm water.

  • Step 3: Scrub with the hot water

Now just increase the temperature of the water to 50 degrees celsius and scrub the utensils with this water. Use detergent at this stage.

  • Step 4: Wash with the cold water

To ensure the detergent is properly washed, the utensil is to be washed with cold water.

  • Step 5: Drain off the excess water

To make sure that the excessive water is completely drained, palace the washed utensils in the inverted position ( Put top at the bottom and vice versa).

  • Step 6: Sterilization

This stage is crucial to kill off the germs. At this stage, the water is heated at 85 degrees celsius and in that water, the utensil is immersed for an absolute 2o to 30 minutes.

Which are the variegated cleaning assessment methods?

Following cleaning assessment methods are taken into account:

  • Visual inspection

Visual inspection is that method of assessment by merely having a look at the utensil, the inspector determines whether the equipment is cleaned or not.

  • Rinse/Swab methods

Since the last few decades, the strictness regarding the inclusion of hygiene practices has been considered augmented. And because of this many dairy farmers are following the appropriate cleaning methods. The inspectors after assessing the cleanliness of the milking utensils score the plant.

  • Bioluminescence methods

This is the test that checks the presence of the bacteria in the milking equipment. The technology which is taken into account to check the same has been developing at a huge pace.

What is the importance of keeping the equipment clean?

  • Reputation building

As we know, there are regular visits by the sanitary and the hygiene inspectors who check whether the particular fairy plant is complying with the hygiene practices or not. If not, then the plants are sealed and the newspapers so get filled with such news which significantly affects the reputation of the plant.

  • The health of the consumer’s matters

If you are enjoying the profits in the business. It is because the consumers are appreciating your product and you should respect that. So your predominant aim is to think about the health of the consumers.

  • Long term use

The long term use of the products is only possible if they are cleaned regularly and with good hygiene methods.


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