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What all you need to know about the milk and dairy product’s production costs?

The milk and dairy business is on the rise. In case, you are looking for ways to boost the business then you must set up the milk plant by focusing on all important things.

What are the services included in the dairy plant?

  • Cold production
  • Steam production
  • Power transformer station.

Wastewater treatment

  • Site development
  • Staff areas

These sections are going to be considered by the people who are in charge of the general services. The discharge operations of the auxiliary sections within the main sections are going to take place in the different sections like the one mentioned below:

  • Steam production centre

In many plants, the steam production centre is the single cost centre and there are larger plants in which the plants are divided into the poor-quality water and there are 2 sub-sections.

The workstation is going to have a dual responsibility. The steam is produced and it will be distributed in different stations. It is important to consider the total steam which will be produced.

  • Daily fuel consumption

The specific weight of the fuel and lowest calorific value (LCV) and combustion of 1kg fuel is needed. The specifications are going to be furnished by the supplier and then the dairy plant will be checked.

  • Water consumption

Daily, the water is produced by around 76,500 kg of steam. In the dairy sector, there is a certain amount of water that is recycled, and this way the water consumption is going to reduce. The following methods can be used to understand better the total amount of water which can be recycled like:

  • Measuring the water amount which is present in the condensing tray.
  • Theoretical calculations
  • Check the clock counter with the condensed water pump.

Condensate the recovery along with the water consumption should be reduced and then the condensation is going to be warmer as compared to the generator water intake.


  • Checking the heat balance

Heat balance is going to be checked depending on the theoretical amounts of steam. With every machine, the heat cycle is going to be different and it is going to include the following:

  • The total heat required to make the good heated and total water amount of bringing the pasteurization to the right temperature.
  • The cleaning solution needs to be maintained when the cleaning cycle is maintained in one position.


  • Power transformer

The transformer section is going to be indifferent work areas which helps in producing power. The power which comes through the public centre will not be a part of this. There is going to be installed power and the total number of running hours.

  • Maintenance station

The maintenance station is going to prove helpful in storing the material required for maintenance and necessary equipment. Choosing quality equipment makes sure that all the parts are working correctly.

If you are planning to run the dairy business then proper planning will make it easier to manage everything.

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